Escape Game: “70 Years of Love”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “70 (Seventy) Years of Love”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Dolly

    Look forward to your suggestions. Have been wandering around for awhile and haven’t been able to pick up anything.

  2. Arthur

    Hey Dolly, did you already loosen the wall carpet and did you find the signs behind it. They will lead you to the code for the safe on the first screen

    1. Empty

      Where or what room can I find the carpet to rip? I’ve been around all over and can’t seem to find it. Thanks.

    2. vixen

      Please Tell m what to do with the drawing

  3. Dolly

    I did loosen the carpet and saw the signs. Will give it another go. Thanks

  4. d3m1s

    Use flint to light the candle. Get the candle.

    1. Dolly

      If the flInt is the stone and plank in the cupboard beneath the candle game won’t let me pick them up. So far, all I’ve got is a broken brush.

  5. Arthur

    Examine the broken brush until you get a little note. After reading the note you’ll be able to pick up the flint.

  6. Kiri

    What to do with the pillow?

    1. Anka

      Put it on the floor in front of blue pot on the other room the tag the rope around the pot and it will land on the pillow

    2. Empty

      Kiri, where did u get the pillow from? I can’t seem to find. Thanks.

    3. lorri

      Where did you find the pillow

  7. Arthur

    Which pillow? Did anyone figure out zhe code on the back side of the paintin?

    1. lorri

      4312 I believe was the combo to the blue safe

  8. Mahoozi

    I could not figure out any code or find any item!!!!

  9. Anka

    Where did you get the brush? Cant find anything or figure out any codes!

    1. Anka

      Nevermind, i got 27 for blue safe, brush inside, got note from brush, got flint, lit candle, walked around and picked up candle, got note from the other room with names….. Now im stuck….. Any ideas please!

  10. Gigi

    Use candle to burn robe on book and burn lit on pot. Blue tube to drain water in bucket, get code to open drawer.

  11. Gigi

    Any idea what to do with the paper full of numbers?

    1. Anka

      Code from paper 3451 opens drawer in the other room below the pots

    2. lorri

      I’m lost here to did you figure it out

  12. Mahoozi

    Any clue to sart this game. I got nothing so far

  13. Anka

    Stuck again, missing code for gray safe, cant open box next to stove and dunno what to do with yellow triangle below blue pot! Help!

  14. Mahoozi

    Got the mug from drawer, fill it with water, wash the sword, tear cupboard, obtain teapot from box, fill it with water, put on stove, lit with candle, fill mug with hot water, pour on led in small room, open it to get key of other drawer …….

    1. Empty


      1) where and how do I get mug and pillow???
      2) I see the 3 dials in the room with blue,red,yellow on it but what to do?

      I’ve drained the one barrel and see paper with sew on it. Now the only active item to use is a candle. I’m totally lost. Thanks.

  15. Gigi

    What to do with floor cushion?

    1. Anka

      I explained it above 🙂

    2. Mahoozi

      Put it on floor below the blue vase,, tie the vase with rope

    3. lorri

      Where did you find the floor cushions

  16. Mahoozi

    Removed the blue vase , whats next??

    1. Anka

      Im stuck there too, if u figure it out let me know please

  17. Mahoozi

    Got red triangle from puzel box,, opened the little box ner stove got a pencil and the last word of “I Loved Person”

    The pencil stuck in safe box……

    1. Anka

      Thank you! Escaped! Good ending!

    2. Mahoozi

      And the pass “Sakiko”

      Done…. Thankyou all

    3. maha

      What puzzle box and how can I open the box near the stove please tell

  18. Dolly

    I might give up on this game. This morning the game re-downloaded for some reason and I had to start all over again. Now it keeps telling me the entry code of 27 for the blue safe is wrong. Anyone else have technical issues with it?

  19. Arthur

    Yes i had. The same with the code for the blue safe. Aftercrestarting the game, the code was accepted again.

    1. Dolly

      Arthur the safe wd not open second time because I did not tap on clock. I already knew third number was six. After I tapped on clock it opened. Having problem now with mug/water.

      1. lorri

        What are you suppose to do with the clock

  20. Dolly

    Now the game won’t let me dip the mug in the water barrel.

    1. Arthur

      Did you first examine the warer barrel? The game must telll you that there is water in it. Also examine the mug first.

      1. Dolly

        Maybe I need to work on my tapping technique!

  21. anna

    Hmm.. Got the lit candle and burned the rope on the box to see note…I cant find anything to put in the fire!

    1. aprille

      You have to put a kettle of water on top first.

  22. anna

    Figured it out 🙂

  23. dedrie

    Ok man completely stuck can’t figure out the code for the drawer drained narrowly got both notes but after tht I’m stick need some help please

    1. Beth

      Does anyone know where and how to rip thecarpet? Is it on the closet door?

      1. aprille

        The long carpet on the wall, you tack the right tack down. The tear in the closet you tear with the saber.

  24. L

    I think I’m losing my mind. I have read all of your clues and I am so stuck. I have opened the first safe , use the brush,used the Flint, used the hose, bert the rope, opened the lid, only have the candle left. I have read all of your clues and I can’t make any of them work. Please help me. Can’t find the carpet to lift, can’t get a mug, a pillow, or figure out anything else

    1. lorri

      I can’t find the pillow where is that

  25. natasha

    I’ve drained water from bucket but won’t let me get paper still just says nothing important here help!

    1. aprille

      The long carpet on the wall, you tack the right tack down. The tear in the closet you tear with the saber.

      1. aprille

        I meant You have to zoom out and select the barrel.

    2. aprille

      You have to zoom out and select the barrel.

  26. aprille

    Darn this phone.

  27. priya

    i dnt knw wat to do. wanna help. i found only brush, flint nd then candel. thats it. plz help me for further steps asap.

  28. aprille

    I have a pencil. What do I do with it?

    1. lorri

      How did you get the pencil

  29. lorri

    Ok so far I have the brush the flint and the candle I can’t pick up the sa we I haven’t found anything to drain the water I am stuck what to so next

    1. lorri

      Now wondering what to do with this note full of numbers and how do I open the grey vault

      1. lorri

        What’s the combination or the word for the grey safe

  30. lorri

    What’s the combination or the word for the grey safe

  31. laura caryl

    Hi guys…im stuck on what im supposed to use the pencil for? Can anyone help?

    1. Riku

      Put the pencil in the hole at the grey safe. Then type ‘SAKIKO’ to open it.

  32. sonya

    How do I open the small box and the grey safe?

    1. lorri

      I’m stuck here too

  33. Shay Haimovitz

    Can someone please explain how to find the first code for the safe in the second it corresponds to the signs nehind the carpet?

    1. Green

      The sign behind the carpet is for the blue safe. 12 o’clock + 9 + 6= 27

  34. Teri

    Can someone PLZ give us the code to the gray safe, I have tried every number and word in game, I’m starting to believe it may be the game has a bug, please give the code or a hint on how to locate it THX

  35. Charms

    Help pls!! Can anyone pls tell me what the code for the grey safe is!!

    1. Green

      The grey safe is the last one you can open. Read all 3 letters and the pass is “SAKIKO”

  36. Lianne

    Where do i find the pilow and the pencil.
    I have been klicking everywhere but can nor find it anywhere.
    PLZ help!!!!

  37. mel

    By now you have all escaped i hope, but for those who still looking: the pillow is in the right drawer under the vases. Click on the saber to get a toothpick to open that drawer.

  38. sam

    I’ve got no usable items and I’ve just moved the blue vase and saw the yellow triangle,have no idea what to do next,and where and how do you get the pencil?

  39. VAFMAR

    I am stuck with the candle after burning pot and rope on box. Read the code for sakiko, put the hose on both barrels however nothing I click happens from there. Plz help

  40. VAFMAR

    the barrel still cannot be lifted to retrieve the note. What am I doing wrong here?

  41. VAFMAR

    anyone around?

    1. Jojo

      Hey VAFMAR did you need help?

  42. Megan

    I can’t pick up the candle! Help!

  43. maha

    Anyone please post a walkthrough. I read all the posts but im still stuck.

    1. johanna

      I will look at that game again and then I will rememeber how I escaped

  44. johanna

    To pick up the candle u must already have the clue from the clock that will go with the clue that’s behind cloth with the tacks holding it to the wall so you can get the 2-digit code for the blue safe. After you get the brush you can pick up the flint. But before u can light the candle u have to go to the other room and click on the vase to the right, and open the drawer on the cabinet next to the closet. Then u can light the candle.

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