Escape Game: “An Illusion of Bottles”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “An Illusion of Bottles”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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Hi ! I am really stuck at this one . I’ve got all objects till the wooden key . Where am I supposed to use that key? Please help 🙁


Hi! I really cannot figure out where to use the wooden key . I’ve got all objects till the key . Please help. 🙁


Would you please show us the complete walkthrough?


OK I’m stuck. I have harpoon, screwdriver, file, and oil. Can’t open the chest
I’ve tried every way to average the numbers from the board and I have no idea what to do now.


Add the numbers to get 1032. Then divide this number by 6, the number if digits. This gives you the code. I’m having trouble finding the oil. A little help?


Nevermind I got it. Lol. Stupid mistake.


OK got the bad ending. Trying again for the real ending.


OK, I found the good ending. I’ll try to do a detailed write up this evening.


Please can someone tell me how to open the treasure chest the one that says to average the numbers?? Jimmy i need your help


Please help. I am stuck


Help guys pleaseeeeeeee. I can not understand what to do with the average numbers to open the chest


Please someone. Guyyyyysssssss




Finished the game 🙂
For the average box input 172 to open it

And for the good end use hammer to break crack in the wall before u leave the door

The wooden key must b filed by the metal file n then open the drawer


you have to open the box with the lever first, in cupboard, then the 172 code will work on the chest. i just obtained the metal file, and i can’t figure out what to do now :s


Use file with wooden key


Use wooden key with metal file


How to open lid of bottle?


Anybody have a complete walkthrough? I managed to get the bad ending but can’t get the good ending. I can’t figure out what to do with the wrench.


How did u get the wrench? Use wrench with photo on the wall. It has four bolts that needs to be open.


Hi! Pleeeeease help! I’ve still got wrench, lighter, coin don’t know what the silver paper is for and can’t get the bolts off. The red gem’s already in the door but I don’t want to open it yet (bad end). Anyone found out the good end?


For good end if you have the lighter, coin, gem and wrench left go to the cabinet in the main room. Pull out the draw with the note that says break floor. Burn the note with the lighter and read the message. Go to the door in the floor and tap on the sand paper note. Use coin to scratch the note and then read it. Go to picture with bolts and use the wrench…take down pic click on any section of the floor and get the prompt on screen that says small bottles etc(you dont need to pick anything… Read more »


Where is oil and wrench?


Oil in inside the box with a meter. Use 2 crank to open it.


How do you get the wrench and how do you open the red bottle? Please help me! 🙁


im stuck! Got the wooden key and tried to use the file but it doesnt work. Any hints?


Help please. I have the bandana and cleaned off the mirror. Have the lighter filled with oil and the file. Can’t find wooden key,wrench or anything else please help have been stuck for three days.


hii, i need to know how to open the broken zipper, and how to get the wooden key help me please,


Use the harpoon on the pillow and I think the wooden key is in there then use the file to sharpen it.

I can’t figure out how to open the red bottle or where to find the wrench. Help?


Stillllll stuck! I need to open the red bottle and the safe. I have the screwdriver and harpoon but that’s it. I’ve tried every combination! Can someone people help?

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