Escape Game: “Love is Not Tied”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Love is Not Tied”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Ida

    Can’t figure out how to open the chest with the number 219 on the top. Also problems with the box on the table with dolls. Have shaped the star to fit in hole but now I’m stuck.

    1. Mobes

      Hi Ida, memo behind box with dolls tells you which way to turn knobs on star box ….im also stuck on clock box with 219 on top

      1. Ida

        I’ve figure that out so now it’s the clockbox left.

  2. Brian

    Once inside the basement make sure you tap the down arrow key and not the trap door exit

    1. Brian

      Once you get 215g cup add the 4g powder. Then place the cup on the 219 slot on top of clock box. You then add 219 plus 234 for the passcode

      1. Ida

        Thank you, I’ve escaped. 🙂

      2. Mobes

        Thanks brian im out…..dont get why 234 was added though

        1. Ida

          The clocks reversed. 10 looks like 2, 9 as 3, 8 as 4 when you see them in a mirror.

  3. Jakub

    I’m stuck on that clock box too. If anyone figure it out put it here pls.

  4. julie

    I am stuck – have katana and knife. Already solved colored block puzzle and put the screw in the doll for the memo, but I have no idea what to do next! Can someone please help?

    1. Ida

      Use the memo to open box.

    2. alicia

      How the Heck do u solve the colored blocks puz? I found 2 & put them together but now its grated out…how does it correspond to the lamp & the one on the wall?!
      – I found the star but it doesn’t let me pick it up!?
      – for the crack high on the wall how do u get into that? Tried using the stuck….
      – opened the one Dior & it won’t let me pass “the needle holders” …this ones testing my patience….it Linda seems like its not allowing me to do things, combine things ..

      1. Ida

        Move the grey tile on the puzzle on the wall, the

        1. Ida

          Puzzle on lamp tells you how the tiles should be arranged. To crack in the wall you need the ball, the star with number 4 you cant pick up, open door under carpet to get in to the other room.

  5. Tricia

    I am stuck with Julie. I have the memo from putting the screw in the doll and I know the shapes correspond with the numbers but can’t figure the code to the box safe. Help!

    1. Ida

      Code is 33

  6. Maria

    Hi! Have katana blade. Where’s the handle? Wooden katana is stuck and I have only the knife left. What next can I do? Have no idea….arrrgh….. please help..

    1. Ida

      Use the knife to cut the box on table, examine knife, blade is loose

  7. Jade

    Use glue to fix handle on cabinet by selecting glue and tapping handle on the floor. Take star from cabinet and cut in half with knife. Insert in box in front if 3 dolls then use code of dolls (a.left, b. right, c left). Take key groom box. Open key and remove cover. Use key to get into basement room. Go from there

  8. melanie

    Okay.. wheres the ball? And what do you do when your in the basement? I just keep zooming the grey cart.

  9. melanie

    K figured out the cart thing. Have blade. Now what?

    1. Ida

      Use the knife to cut box on table with powder. Examine knife, the blade is loose, put katanablade on handle and cut the box again.

  10. Tess

    When I try to examine katana the game freezes and I have to restart. Should I reinstall it?

  11. zeus

    I can’t manage to remove blade after cutting open the purple bag on the table. What’s the sequence before? I’m missing something

  12. Anastasia

    I’m stucked, can’t open the box with number 219 on it… tried to add 219 to 432 but nothing works(( please help

  13. Anastasia

    I’ve escaped but had a bad end… what to do to have good ending?

  14. gizmo

    cut the ball in half with katana blade and read the letter before escaping for good ending

  15. Winnie

    I got the ball, but what to do with it? Help me…….

  16. Britt

    How do I remove the katana from cart. The knife isn’t opening the box on table

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