Escape Game: “The Maiden’s Prayer”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Maiden’s Prayer”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Jahzsky

    What is the password of the chest beside the bookshelf?

  2. Krissy

    Anyone playing? All I have is the screwdriver thing, don’t know what to do next…

    1. Jakub

      Same here

  3. Jakub

    Passwords for first door is FROG. Take bone and give it to dog. Get crystal. Take bone and break it. Use that wire to open box in trophy shelf. Take wire back. Use moon like key to open fireplace. Take crystal. Zoom both notes. The one on right turn around. That gives u hint for painting on the wall. Take painting down. There is safe.
    Now I’m stuck. There is star like key next to trophy shelf but I can’t reach it yet so if u get further let me know

    1. ditte

      Stick the wire in the hole on the wall by the picture, then it will make an L shape.

      1. Jakub

        Thanks ditte. I totally missed that key on back of that painting

  4. Brian

    Which painting ditte? Cant manage to place piano wire anywhere other than the box in glass case.

    1. ditte

      In the box behind the picture that were falling down.

  5. Brian

    I have the star moon & sun keys and green red & blue crystals. Stuck on safe in closet

  6. Krissy

    Just bent wire, can’t figure out what to do next

  7. TazCat

    Use bent wire to get key. Go to closet. Zoom in on box atop shelf. Open door of box with star key. Inside is two hollows marked “sea” and “mountains”. Now zoom in on moon key in inventory and tap until moon shaped handle comes off and replaces whole key in inventory. Repeat with sun key and start key. Now place key handles in hollows according to the pattern listed on memo inside pot on fireplace mantle. (star>sea, sun>mountains for fire, etc.) after each combo tap on the appropriate drawer til it opens. If I remember right, fire and water are empty. Wind contains yellow crystal. Earth contains a note… make sure to read both sides.

    That’s as far as I’ve gotten but will update if I figure out more. 🙂

  8. TazCat

    Turn back to look at statue. Tap on right hand column. It now zooms in and there is a little door in side of column with N at top and S at bottom. Remember back side of note in “Earth” drawer? Tap corners accordingly and door opens. A pattern is inside… Zoom in. Make note of location of star! Now back out and tap on the 4 short columns around statue. Put colored crystals atop each column according to “Earth” memo and column diagram making sure to orient correctly (think about the star!)

    If you do it right the star mark will rise up and has two switches. You can turn off infrared beams but “water current” switch is broken. Can now zoom in on water around statue but need to somehow turn off current to get statue.

    1. TazCat

      Forgot to mention you need the info from the blue book on the right end of top shelf of bookcase in closet to combine with info on column and in Earth drawer note!

      Book identifies colors for belief, trust, love, and prayer.
      Note in drawer associates numbers with same
      Column shows where to place each number

    2. Charlie

      Hi there. I’m not sure what I’m doing incorrectly. I’ve placed the crystals in the following order facing the statue. FL- blue, FR- green, BR – red and BL – yellow to correspond with 2,3,1 and 4 in the same order. Nothing happens. Have I misinterpreted the diagram or failed to click on a relevant clue? Would really appreciate some help. Thank you

      1. TazCat

        I can’t remember now what the numbers should be but I know you need to make sure that you orient the placement correctly based on the location of the star mark. The way I have them is: front left=green, front right=red, back right=blue, back left=yellow.

        1. Charlie

          TazCat you are a superstar. Thank you ever so much. Was so frustrated and now I’ve escaped.
          I don’t suppose you’ve cracked Castaway too?
          Thank you again 🙂

          1. TazCat

            Anytime Charlie! I’m just glad I could help you out with this one… I know all too well just how frustrating it can be to be stuck on one of these games and not have a clue what you’re doing wrong or what you’re missing. I have been there MANY times! LOL

            Alas… Castaway is only out on iPhone right now and so, being an Android user, I haven’t had the pleasure of butting my head against the wall on that one yet. 🙁

            Hopefully they will port it over soon! Seems like iPhone always gets these games first and we Android folk get stuck gritting our teeth in IDAC withdrawal until they finally toss us a bone. LOL

  9. TazCat

    Anyone solved the safe in the closet yet? I’m almost positive it has to do with the numbers on the 4 animals and/or the number of dots shown under each animal in the book on the fireplace mantle. I have tried the adding, multiplying, subtracting the dots and the numbers in every possible way I can think of. I’ve tried the dots alone in both the order they appear in the book pages AND the order they are shown on the last page (the page with the dots)… forwards AND backwards. Ditto for the numbers actually on the animals around the room. I’m feeling stupid but I just can’t figure it out! I know with a lot of IDAC games the codes only work if you have actually seen all the clues for that code or performed certain actions so maybe I have missed something but I have gone around and around tapping everything repeatedly and still get nowhere with that safe. The only thing left is can figure is that I need to find a way to use the screwdriver shaft to open the panel inside the closet and/or the time lock panel. Anyone find a handle for the screwdriver or how to use it without one?

    1. TazCat

      DOH! Found the screwdriver handle… on left side of star pillar/column where the switches are. Unscrewed panel in closet. Used panel as a bridge to get across water.

      Back to work!

  10. Brian

    Tap left of the star mark column to get the handle for screwdriver. Still no clue for the safe in closet

    1. TazCat

      Thanks… must have found the screwdriver handle while you were typing!

  11. dee

    So ive turnd off the infrared field…need help figurin out how to stop the current n the water..has anyone gotten that far?

    1. TazCat

      You don’t seem to need to actually turn the current off… just see posts about the screwdriver handle and the panel on the closet wall you can use as a bridge across water.

  12. TazCat

    Haven’t figured out how to get statue yet but I flipped screwdriver tips around in inventory and used flat blade to remove panel on time lock and got glue. No clue what I needed glue for.

    Grinding away at it some more.

  13. dee

    U can also get the diamond from the frogs eye usin scrwdrvr

    1. TazCat

      Thanks Dee! I’m guessing that we need to glue it to something and use it to cut open the glass case around the statue. Maybe the bent wire? Gonna try it and let ya know.

      1. TazCat

        I was half right. LOL
        Flip screwdriver back to Phillips head, add glue, attach diamond.
        Use diamond cutter to cut into glass case.
        Take statue.

  14. dee

    Its the scrdrvr..attach glu n dimnd to scrwdrvr

  15. dee

    N undrneth statu..thrs a smll hole.put wire n made a sound but cant figure out wher it came frm

    1. TazCat

      Me either. I’m tapping on everything in sight.

  16. dee

    Well on the bottm.. side of something opns to sho a ky card…used it xcapd..but it was a bad ndin…has to do wit opnin safe…whats the pw for that?

  17. Brian

    Tap just above the down key at statue case to reveal a circular compartment containing a card

  18. TazCat

    Well we got the bad ending folks. Now we just need to crack that cotton picking safe!

  19. Brian

    Look on back of card for safe passcode

  20. dee

    Already xcapd..but fone wnt dead bfor i could come back n share..but brian did it already..good game

  21. TazCat

    So got the good ending but… anyone know what the animal numbers and dots were all about??? IDAC doesn’t usually have red herrings but I’m lost as to what I might have missed.

    1. Flo

      that was the code to the closet beside the door.
      the circles in the book meant the number of letters in the words

      fox tiger lion dog

      1 is f, 5 is r, 3 is o, and 3 is g

  22. kimmyboop

    Helpppp! I can’t figure out how to take the picture down. I saw the hint in the fireplace zoomed in on it, and I see the 4 corners of the painting, but I cant figure out how to take down the picture. Thanks!!

    1. TazCat

      1)unlock fireplace grate with crescent moon key.
      2)open grate.
      3)get blue crystal (for later).
      4)zoom in on note on left side and note the position of the red dot and the fact that the “E” is backwards in “MAEAM”
      5)tap on note on right side and it will tell you that it is stuck.
      6)use the wire to peel the clue off the inside of the fireplace
      7)make note of the shapes and their corresponding colors.
      8)keep tapping until it shows you the back where it says “green->red->yellow->blue”
      9)turn back to face the statue and click on the left hand painting (the one of the girl)
      10)look carefully at the shapes in the corners and match them up with the note from the fireplace.
      11)tap the corners in the order corresponding to green, red, yellow, blue (bottom left, top left, bottom right, top right)
      12)It will make a noise… Zoom out.
      13)tap just above the arrow at the bottom to open the little door.
      14)note that the “E” is facing the right way in “MAEAM” here (a clue to reverse the diagram in the fireplace where it was backwards)
      15)tap until the red dot is at the bottom right and the picture should come off revealing another small door.
      16)tap on the painting until it turns around and then take the key taped to the back.
      17)use the key to open the door.
      18)take the crystal.
      19)put the wire in the hole beneath where the crystal had been.
      20)keep tapping until you get the wire back (now bent)
      21)turn to face the large cabinet containing the frog and zoom once then click at the very right edge of the screen to see the key behind the cabinet.
      22)use the bent wire to get the key.

      You should be able to follow the rest from the other posts but let me know if you need more help or clarification on anything.

      1. kimmyboop

        Tazcat, thank you!!! I didn’t use the wire to get the note in the fireplace, thats the step I needed!! Thank you so much. I guess sometimes its hard to be so smart!! LOL

        1. TazCat

          LOL well I wish I could say I’ve never been there… but I would. SOOOOO be lying my ass off! I’ve been frustrated by similar things in these games all too often! Thankfully there’s almost always someone out there with the answer!

          1. kimmyboop

            I’m not sure why I continue to buy and play these games, when i cant seem to get through them without a few hints, but alas, I am addicted!! I got thru this one, and started The Targeted Traveler. If you decide to try that one, and leave hints for me on the page that appunwrapper started, I would HATE it. LOL. Been playing just a little while, and I’m stuck. 🙂

  23. Dawn

    Why can I only get the bad ending? I can’t open the safe either. The numbers on the back of the card do not work for the safe. I tried to put the statue back, thinking that’s why I only get bad end. But I can’t put it back. What am I missing and why don’t the numbers on the back of the card work on the safe?

    1. TazCat

      In order to get the good ending you need to open the safe, read the note inside it, and then disable security AS WELL as open the door (the note will explain this).

      As for the safe:
      I’m not sure why you wouldn’t be able to open it unless you have somehow missed a clue to it (in most IDAC games you can’t use a code successfully until you have actually found and examined all the clues for that code even if you know what the code is). So far as I know the only clue to the safe code IS the math problem on the back of the security card… so it SHOULD work if you read the back of the card (3687 – 2238) and did the math right (answer should be 1449). You ought to be able to input the code, hit enter, back up one level of zoom to where you can see the safe handle and door and open it. If you have the right number and it STILL won’t open then we’ll have to figure out what clue you’ve overlooked that is preventing it from working.

      Once you do get it open you will see a note that says:

      Use once to open,
      Use twice to close and remove security,
      Use three times to remove security and open

      This tells you how many times you have to swipe the security card to BOTH open the door AND disable the security alarm in order to get the good ending (3 times in a row)

      Let me know if you still have trouble with the safe and I’ll try to help you figure out what’s been missed. Sometimes it’s as simple as not having tapped enough times on a clue to allow the game to cycle through it’s full dialog about that item… but whatever the case I’ll help any way I can to figure it out!

      1. goodlygrey

        Could you please tell me where to locate this security code card?

        1. goodlygrey

          Got it!

    2. TazCat

      Just occurred to me that you might not have flipped the card over since there are numbers on the front too. For the safe it isn’t the numbers on the front but rather the math problem clue on the BACK (just tap until it flips).

  24. Dawn

    Tazcat, thanks for your help. I did it! Whew.

    1. Ilaria

      Use the card in left of door,were is the time,and ………finish

      1. Ilaria

        Sorry for my english

  25. courtney

    Ok maybe I’m having a brain fart but where do I put the crystals. I still need the screwdriver part too

  26. L

    This 1 was really good. But I could not have done it without all over to help. Thanks all.

  27. natasha

    where is the security card

  28. Jojo

    THANK YOU TAZCAT! Impossible without your help!

  29. Kat

    I can’t flip the statue and look at the bottom of it. I clicked everywhere. Please help.

  30. Kat

    Never mind. I escaped.

  31. Maha

    I can’t find the screwdrivers handle any where I read the comments above and clicked at that spot but nothing then I start clicking randomly but no handle plz help.

  32. Maha

    Ho do you open it need help.

    1. Maha

      Still need help to find the screwdriver handle.

      1. zizie

        Mentioned above:Tap left of the star mark column to get the handle for screwdriver.

  33. Stephani

    Ok I got all 4 crystals but I cannot figure out where to click to place them. I found the N/S clue on the column where the statue is & I’ve tried clicking all over the room & nothing!! Please someone help!!!

    1. zizie

      The N and S is a little door, tap corners according to the note in ΓÇ£EarthΓÇ¥ drawer and door opens.

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