Escape Game: “A Trap of Revenge”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “A Trap of Revenge”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Arthur

    Anyone got a hint for the lock which is marked AM x PM?

  2. Revital

    No. I got as far as opening the brief case . I now have a gear, yellow and green cards and that’s about it.

  3. Noosy

    Not yet I tried 1126*2326 but its not working , did u figured the 8463 on the back of the back of red card, I tried the right ,second left ,left ,second right but Aloso not working any idea?

  4. Noosy

    I got its 6843 for the box above the desk

  5. Revital

    But I think it has something to do with the note on the drawer because you can look at the numbers as: 3×39, 6×30, 9×30, 12×30. That looks like times doesn’t it ? I tried multiplying each number with its PM equivalent and adding them but it didn’t work . Tell me if you think I’m totally off base…

    1. Dolly

      Revital do the math on the 3×30 set of numbers and use the results to set the dials above the dolls.

  6. Revital

    Where did you find the red card ?

  7. Noosy

    No that equations r for the safe above the doll it’s digree 90 180 360 270

  8. Revital

    Thanks, still couldn’t find the red card. What’s with the curtain in the bathroom ? I closed and opened it several times but nOthing happens

  9. Noosy

    Am*Pm =406

  10. Revital

    It’s not working for me , I guess I need to find more clues for it to work , did you find a blue card too ? Where is the red one ? Please ?

  11. Noosy

    Escaped ,that curtains r useless

  12. Noosy

    Do u have the Old clock

  13. Revital

    No, I have the yellow and green card , the card with holes in it , the card with pluses and minuses and the gear. I had the cotton stick that I used already .

    1. Empty

      Where did u find a cotton stick? What is the left code for the case under the desk(I got the right side)???????I’ve had no luck finding a clock or opening the box inside the cabinet with the wooden doll. Any help I appreciate.

  14. Noosy

    The card with the pluses is for the balcony the pluses r for the white color

    1. Revital

      I know that I found a coin and opened the bathroom where I found the card with holes but no clock or red / blue cards

      1. fiona

        where did u find the coin??

  15. Lizzy-loo

    Were is the blue and red card? I have the old watch the yellow green and cards with the wholes, I’m stuck, help please?

    1. Dolly

      Where did you find the watch?

  16. Dolly

    The cards slide into the card with holes. Not sure yet what it’s for.

  17. Revital

    Finally found the clock. Use the colors card as an image for the phone dial and combine with clue on the drawer to open the phone and get a key.

    1. Dolly

      Revital where did you find the clOck please?

  18. Revital

    I escaped but got the bad end. I had the bomb and I saw the shirts in the drawer but couldn’t pick them up. How do I get the good end ?

  19. Revital

    Forget it, figured it out. If anyone needs help let me know

    1. Dolly

      Hi Revital. How can I get good end with gunpowder?Thank you

  20. Naddles

    Also got the bad end. How do you get the good end?

  21. Naddles

    It’s ok, I also figured it out.

  22. 406

    Y AM X PM = 406?

  23. RollingK

    When u find the watch is has an am time on it, then add the gear and it changes to a pm time. But multiplying the times do not open the drawer for me.

  24. Revital

    I don’t know how they got it but 406 worked for me

  25. Nura

    I dont know how to use the cards with the i have red,blue,green and yellow to use them

    1. Arthur

      Take the number in the yellow ring from the yellow card, the number in the red ring from the red card, .. Then do the math

  26. Christo

    Where are the codes for box in the shelf and lock on the wall?

  27. Noosy

    The shirt says girls= 65 count the number of the letter in alafbe , g =7 + I=9 , now u have am*pm , 1+13* 21+16. = 406

    1. Lizzy-loo

      Where is the shirt?

    2. Katusha

      How can I find the shirt? And where the red and the blue cards? Thank you!

      1. Dolly

        I would like those answers too please.

    3. Arthur

      In fact it’s (1+13)*(16*13) = 406

  28. Katusha

    The red card is in the little green box next to the doll. The password is 2326

    1. Dolly

      Thank you Katusha. It doesn’t open. I guess I have to click on something else first. How did you figure out the password?

      1. Katusha

        There is a note: “the time is the key.” Look at the clock. It shows 11;26 or 2326 in military time.

  29. Katusha

    On the back of the red card there is a clue, the correct order is 6843. Use it on the box on the desk and you’ll get the blue card. Insert all the cards into the card with holes, you should get the password to the closet, 1458. Inside of the closet there are drawers. Inside you’ll find a piece of yarn and the shirt. Move all the cloths aside and insert the clock into the hole. Then you can enter 406 into AM*PM drawer. There is a lighter.Then you can go to the phone shelf and open the hatch underneath it. You’ll get a bullet.Remove the gunpowder from the bullet. Wrap the note with + and – around the gunpowder, attach the yarn, then insert it into the keyhole of the exit door and light it up. You are out, but with a bad end…

  30. Katusha

    Ok… For the good, go back to the balcony and look at the hide out spot (house to the right). There is a target. Shoot the target and you can get out with a good end…

  31. Dolly

    I am missing something obvious but can’t work out how to get code to open red card box

    1. Katusha

      Did you read the note “the time is the key” and then looked at the clock?

      1. Dolly

        I don’t have a clock.

        1. Katusha

          It’s in the bathroom. Use the coin to open the door.

          1. Katusha

            Then insert the gear into the clock and change the time…

          2. Dolly

            I got something can’t remember what out of bathroom, card with holes I think, but don’t see clOck. Thank you for your patience.

  32. Dolly

    In the bathroom cupboard there is just a towel that moves back and forth. No clock.

    1. Katusha

      Sorry, I think it was for the card with holes. It’s in the desk drawer. To get the key for the drawer you need to enter 3479 on the phone and it will open

      1. Dolly

        That worked! I should be fine, now, thanks so much.

  33. Gloria

    The password for the closet 1458, doesn’t work for me. Am I missing something? Pls help.

  34. Kirsty

    Please help this game is driving me crazy! I have the green and yellow cards, gear? Card w/holes, used ear stick and +/- card. I have looked at everything, all clues etc but cannot get the clock from the bathroom so can’t pe
    Progress. Also not sure what card with all colours on (in cabinet), or clue on back of green card mean?

    1. Dolly

      Kirsty clock not in bathroom. Color code card will help you with phone. Look in pencil drawer in desk for instruction on phone. Combine with color code. To open phone and get key.

  35. Alisha

    What do I need to look at to get the phone code to work? So lost!

    1. Dolly

      Alisha, you need to get the instruction booklet out of the pencil drawer in the desk. Use the info there combined with the color code in the drawers with the AM x PM safe. See note from Kirsty above.

  36. Alisha

    Cool where did u find the key for the draw?

  37. Tinku

    How to open the dials ????

  38. Dolly

    Drawer is not locked. Pencil drawer. Pull out chair

  39. Revital

    Key for locked drawer is inside the phone. Look at the colors card at the dresser, it looks just like the phone dial , take the red , yellow, green and blue positions to get the numbers and than arrange them from long to short according to the chart inside the booklet in the unlocked drawer. The clock is inside the locked drawer.

  40. RollingK

    I hate games where there is no logic to the codes!!! You can’t just make up codes and give stupid clues! How did u get AMxPM = 406?!

  41. RollingK

    Do I have to start all over to get the good ending?

    1. Revital

      No just press continue and go to the balcony to kill the target than get out again

  42. Dolly

    I took gun powder out of bullet. Can I still get good ending and if so, how?

    1. Katusha

      After you blow up the bomb go back to the balcony and shoot the target from the hide out spot (building to the right) after that you can get out with a good ending

  43. Dolly

    Done! Thank you

  44. Gloria

    Dolly, I can’t combine the 3 cards together into the card with holes, I have problems opening the closet, pls help!

    1. Dolly

      Gloria see Arthur’s comment above on what to do with the cards. You need all 4 to get the next code.

    2. Revital

      You need to insert each card separately and take the numbers that correspond to the card’s color and the color of the circle I.e : if you inserted the red card than you take the number in the red circle and so on. Than put the numbers in the equation and solve it , that’s the password

  45. Gertie

    Where is the coin?

  46. Gloria

    But I couldn’t find the yellow card! 🙁

  47. Jakub

    I can’t open left lock on brief case and it drives me crazy. Any idea?

    1. Jakub

      Well I missed that clue in wooden doll mouth. From there it was easy

  48. zeus

    Will someone just write a walkthrough please. I’m losing the will to live with this one.

  49. zeus

    Where is this flipping coin people.have the four

  50. Brooke Hibbert

    Please, please, please, where is the coin?

  51. Mione Maximiano

    Where’s the exit? And how get the gun?

  52. mira

    I m stuc””””

  53. colleen

    We is a ear stick for the doll please help

  54. mizzezz

    Ear stick for doll is n briefcase under desk but u have to get clue from doll on top the shelf and book near phone along with note behind desk by opening curtains.

  55. cat

    Close curtain & read card. Go to shelves & open green book, read note. Go right to drawers & move chair, open drawer & read notebook. Go to dresser & open top middle drawer, read note. Go left to shelves, get phone &enter 3479. Get key, go left to drawers & open top locked drawer, get clock. Open middle drawer & read note. Go to small room with dolls. Turn dial above dolls, 90, 180, 360, 270 degrees and get +&- paper. Press the nose of the doll on left and read tongue. Go to drawer and move chair and get briefcase. Left side is 3&4, right side is 5&7. Open & get earpick. Go to dolls & open left side, use earpick on doll, get gear. Put in watch and watch will move. Read note on right side door, open put 2326 in green box & get red card. Turn over and read. Go to bed & get green card from under pillows. Go to top right drawer in dresser, use earpick. Move to bottom left drawer & open & get yellow card. Go to drawers & enter 6843 in box on top of drawers. Open & get key, go to shelves & use key to open locked box & get blue card. Go to balcony & use +&- paper. Press all the minuses from left to right to open balcony. Go outside & get coin. Go to bathroom, use coin to open. Go inside & open top left side. Move towels & get card with holes in it. Put all cards in card with holes. Go to wardrobe & enter 1458. Open & move clothes to one side, put clock in hole. Get yarn from top drawer in wardrobe. Go to dresser & enter 406 in am*pm drawer. Open & get lighter. Go to hatch, open & get bullet. Open bullet & get gunpowder. Use +&- paper & put gunpowder in it, add yarn. Go to exit door by dolls & put it in keyhole. Open lighter & light, use on keyhole. Go to balcony & shoot target. Go to exit door & leave with good ending.

    1. mevele

      thank u Cat and every1..such difficult game no logic in equation after I figured the desk equation ser in order to open the cabine with dolls..ugh.combo passwords tiresome, had to use hints from here.

  56. gwendina taylor

    I’m stuck at the dials!! I turned then to correspond with the note in the drawer…90,180,380 and 270… But it’s not working! Please help!!

  57. gwendina taylor

    Help! Stuck at the dials.. I’ve Turned them to correspond to the note in the middle drawer.. 90,180,360 and 270…it’s still not working…please help!

  58. Megan

    I’ve done everything exactly in order. And it keeps telling me that 406 is wrong for the AMxPM thing!! Please help!!

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