Waking Mars: Walkthrough

Waking Mars
By: Tiger Style

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I’ll be sharing hints, tips and cheats for Waking Mars that I thought people might be having trouble with.

“What Will Rise”: If you’re having trouble getting to level 5 Biomass in “What Will Rise,” try this trick. I accidentally caused a Phyta to drop its egg down into this area with a bunch of Halid Zoa (you can’t personally go down there, but seeds do drop). The Halid Zoa kept creating seeds, which the Phyta kept picking up and using to reproduce. You can essentially create a self-sustaining system in there that requires no more work from you. In no time, I reached Biomass 5!


Broken Reservoir:
To heal the broken reservoir, you need to find a Byzania. You can find one at Canyon Vista. Take a sample of it and go back to the broken reservoir to grow a Byzania in front of the hole!


Signal Chamber:
To calibrate the image, look for the spot where it kind of looks like planets in or it around the sun.

Cycot Reproduction:
Areas like Feranmaxes are heard to get maxed Biomass without reproducing Cycots. To do so, keep giving them seeds and they’ll take it back to their breeding ground. You’ll get 40 biomass, but you won’t witness the reproduction unless you can get close to their nest. It should take 4 seeds for them to reproduce, and you’ll see a red sphere (egg) created before you get the 40 points.


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  1. sue

    Thanks for the hint on getting a Phyta to drop an egg down, I was dropping seeds but your trick was the bomb. I have the Broken Reservoir already but in the Signal Chamber I see the spheres and that egg shaped thing on the platform but i’m not getting anything. Not sure what is suppose to happen.
    These are the ones i’m still trying to get max stars on : This Bites 4s, not sure what i was suppose to do in Prax Lair it didn’t give the stars for biomass, The Crossing 4s, The Reservoir 3s, Written in Stone 4s, Missing Pieces 2s, Feranmaxes 2s, Devil Islands 2s, Enrichment 3s. If you have any secrets on getting 5s on any of these it would be much appreciated. This is the only place where i found actual hints or walk throughs I sure hope you keep up with the walk throughs for this game. This App has captivated me. Thanks

  2. Alex

    How do you to the scan things?

  3. Lee

    How do you get the floating seeds to the new terrain for planting?

    Thanks for your help


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