Escape Game: “The Letter That Had to Wait”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Letter That Had to Wait”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Meowzer

    No one’s done this?

  2. Apeksha

    I have completed almost 90% of the game but can anybody help me with the code of desk with the teddy??

  3. mosa

    I’m also stuck.. I’ve found the numbers I,II,III and IV. But dont know what to do with it, maybe something with the colors of the numbers and the order of the colored books? But then there should be a fifth one..

    1. Apeksha

      That’s right… but what about ‘180 180 0’??

  4. sleepy

    i find it onnline but cant follow
    Turn the L 180 degrees, the E 180 degrees add the O to get 730. This is the code for the Teddy bear cabinet.
    Open the middle drawer. Use the key to open the jewelry box.
    Use the lightbulb on the desk lamp.
    Turn off the light and zoom in to the desk. Use the magnifying glass to read whats on the desk. “Lead of Star”. This is a bad translation of what I think is supposed to be “let the stars lead you”.

    1. Apeksha

      From where to find magnifying glass??

  5. Noosy

    Use the hook and combined with the magnet to take it from the jar

  6. Meowzer

    I have a key i found in the drawer and I have no idea where it fits.

  7. Bryan

    “712511” is the password of the door. It comes from the items with I, II, III & IV and “Twelve of the Constellation”. Thus, Aries = 1, Taurus = 2, ……

    1. Keyboard839

      I know the password is 712511 but it show that the controller “not turn on” yet, I don’t know what is the problem. I have everything done but stuck at final step! Anybody please help.

    2. Keyboard839

      Where can I find the phrase ΓÇ£Twelve of the ConstellationΓÇ¥?

  8. Dan

    Hi im stuck!!!
    Ho unscrew the rodd from the wall? Pls help

  9. Jenny

    What is code to drawer with Teddy Bear? So stuck! Can’t get rod off wall either! Please, I really wana move forward!

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