Escape Game: “A Crush in a Closed Room”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “A Crush in a Closed Room”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Empty

    I just started.But,this is what Ive been able to do.
    1) there’s a lever in the garbage. On a table u need to attach lever to machine and turn till red is full on both. A door in the middle opens and u get a robot.
    2) use robot on glass table to get knife. Use knife to open the can to get a remote
    3) use knife on peice of wood on the floor to get a soldering iron.
    I tap on the robot and it removes legs,but,I’m not sure where to continue at this point.

    1. Empty

      I’m now in the room beyond the gray door it shows a board with different countries with specific colors which I assume they have something to do with the dolls.BUT, I’ve tried over and over to figure the code to open the box on shelf and it’s always the wrong code.If anyone playing has got it please share. Thanks.

  2. Empty

    I figured out this game and got the good ending. Great game. Thanks.on to the next one.

    1. L

      Could you help me with code for the Safe can’t figure doll code

    2. Monia

      Hi, whic is the code for the dolls?

  3. fiona

    tried all combination from dolls for box cant get code

  4. paula

    how do u get into the room with grey door. i have a circuit board soldering iron and remote but circuit board has bits missing where do u find these or wot do i do nxt

  5. sharlene

    you use the soldering iron on the circut board then put the board in the board in the remote. the remote opens up the red box without a key or code.

  6. sharlene

    Empty: how did u find wat to do with the rubber gloves?

    1. Jakub

      Use those gloves on dark part of the pipe in second room next to the dolls

  7. Christine

    Anyone still checking this one, code for the country dolls would be great and how you came about it. Worked on it and still can’t figure it out.

  8. Colleen

    Doll code, anyone? Let me join the chorus of pleas.

  9. Colleen

    Code for the doll thing is 2269. Order of operations is multiply, THEN add. So — You have to multiple the America and Japan numbers (blue doll x green doll, or 34 x 63 = 2142), then add on to that the total of the France (red) number and the Canada (orange) number put together, or 56 + 71 = 127. 2142 + 127 = 2269!

    1. anyc

      So their math is screwed up, because it literally tells you to MULTIPLY EACH pair and then ADD those totals! How do the developers expect a person to succeed at these puzzles when the clues are incorrectly written?

      1. anyc

        Sorry, meant to say that it tells you to MULTIPLY the totals of each pair – still incorrect clue.

  10. Whitney

    I have the soldering iron, circut board and the remote. But when I try to use thr soldering iron on the broken circut board nothing happens. I’ve been stuck trying to do this for weeks. Anyone out there able to help? I’m going crazy trying to figure this out!

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