Escape Game: “Give Up”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Give Up”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Iron mule

    Stuck, use the chopsticks and scotch tape to get the lightbulb under the couch.
    The bulb goes in the white box on the coffee table. I also found red cellophane, scissors, and a hard carve tool

  2. Revital

    I didn’t want to “give up” but I am stuck . I have scissors, the cutter, the blue triangle, the red square , the light bulb. Ive cleaned the blue spot on the mirror and got a clue I don’t understand. The fridge door opens but I can’t touch anything inside , I saw a metal box between the fridge and the cabinet but can’t reach it.
    If anyone has ideas please share

    1. Charlie

      I am stuck in the very same place. Tried timetable codes, tried touching the second doll. Nothing works and have no idea what the blue circle means :(. Was hoping some bright spark knew what to do next. It’s going to be a tough day of randomly tapping (in between work of course ;))

    2. Anka

      How did u get the blue triangle? How did u clean the blue spot?

  3. Iron mule

    Where’s the blue triangle and how’d you clean the mirror?

  4. Trish

    Stuck!! I have scribber, scissors, light bulb and celofane paper. Clicked on everything, now what?? Thanks

  5. Empty

    Where did u find the triangles and what did u use to clean the blue spot?
    If u have bulb there a box on top of the table I think in the bedroom that’s where it goes. If u move the red chair there a trap door with some kind of things to move,I’ve not figured it out yet. Thanks.

  6. Tif

    Put the light bulb in the white box then spot the color changed area, then cut the blue paper w scissor into blue triangle to put on top of the noted area.

    1. Anka

      What blue paper? I only have the red cellophane! Help!

  7. Katy89

    Used reamer on the trap door hidden below red chair.

  8. Revital

    Blue paper is in the kitchen , cabinet on the right of the fridge , inside the right upper cupboard ( you need to click a code ). Use the triangle on the right box after you put the light bulb and get a hint that will help you open the drawer under the tv . Inside you finde a block that fits the pattern under the red chair, inside you’ll find a handkerchief you use to clean the mirror

    1. Dolly

      Revital, what is the code you need to open the cabinet on right of fridge to get the blue paper?

      1. Dolly

        Got blue paper. It was to left of fridge and code was 3×13 (I think last number was 13)

  9. Dolly

    cut scissors to cut blue paper into triangle placed over box with light bulb. got code 5 (pink) 2 (blue) 3 (orange) Thought it might open device under TV but did not seem to work.

  10. Noosy

    U need to add it to the numbers on books

  11. Anne

    TThe code is 864 for the drawer under the tv.

  12. anne

    the code is 864 for the drawer under TV

    1. Dolly

      Thanks very much. I tried the books earlier. Makes sense.

  13. Empty

    Has anyone figured the code for cabinet over the sink and for the box under the table? I thought 523 would work for one of them. Thanks….

    1. Dolly

      Empty, Add 523 with the corresponding numbers on the books to get 864 and use this with colour code box under the TV to open it.

  14. Revital

    Does anyone have an idea how to proceed ?
    Kept clicking but Nothing.
    There is a card with 3 kings in the right cabinet in the kitchen
    There is a metal box I can’t reach
    Can’t open the cabinet ontop of the sink nor the safe.
    There is the clue on the mirror I don’t understand.
    Couldn’t find anything else

  15. Arthur

    Hi Revital,
    Use the hint on the mirror together with the timetable in the kitchen. 5 is 2 or 14 is 17 or the other way round…

  16. Arthur

    But it was only a small step ahead. Now im stuck also

  17. Arthur

    Got the second hint from the box wirh the light bulb, but got no clue how to use it

    1. Tazza

      There’s a second clue???? Mmm I thought that may be the case because you an still use the lightbulb again

    2. Charlie

      How? And did you manage to use the mirror clue and timetable? I’m still stuck, randomly clicking. Please help before repetitive strain sets in 🙂

    3. Revital

      Arthur use the clue in the box with the books to open the drawer under the tv.
      Where did you use the timetable clue ?

  18. Tazza

    I can’t work out the code using the clue from the mirror and the timetable? Can someone please help?

  19. Tazza

    That is to open the cupboard above the sink in the kitchen

  20. Arthur

    The clue on the mirror represents a clock. At the position of 5 o’clock there is writen 2. So exchange 14 by 17 on the time table.
    The code for the safe below the box wirh the lamp is 1753. You’ll get a cellphone. After some more steps i received the code ” D ia” but didn’t manage to use it.

  21. Revital

    When you do figure it out let me know…
    I thought to use it on the kitchen cabinet but it didn’t work.
    Maybe it has something to do with the card with the kings ?

  22. anne

    Put the triangular piece
    in Nutcracker after go to the white box, Put bulb, triangular and the red cellophane, some letters arpeardes 🙂

  23. Charlie

    Thank you Arthur. I think the clock meant take the times for 17h and the 2 meant choose the second time. The king card was only to solve the adjacent kitchen cupboard. King is the 13th card in the suit and it was 3 x 13 to open the cupboard. I am now stuck with the letters. Will see what I can think of.

  24. Tazza

    I’m now stuck at the letters too. Thanks to all for the tips.

  25. Tina

    I can’t put the triangular piece in the nutcracker.

    1. Revital

      You need to look at the screen of the cell phone first.
      And make sure you notice the blue triangle on the nutcracker itself

    2. Katusha

      Try putting it back in the white box

  26. anne

    Im suco at the letters too….:(

  27. anne


  28. Katusha

    I tried to connect the letters “D” and “ia” with the picture of the flower and got “Dahlia” but couldn’t use it anywhere? Any ideas?

  29. Tiger

    How do you arrive with Dahlia ?

    1. Katusha

      It starts with a D and ends with ia, plus the flower from the safe looks a lot like dahlia. So I figured there is a connection… But I may be wrong. I couldn’t find any other clues.

  30. anne

    me too! 🙁

  31. Victor

    Where is the nutcracker?

  32. Mahoozi



    Just thinking loudly 🙂

    1. Katusha

      I’ve tried all the letter combinations from this word. I even tried with numbers and nothing. I guess there still something missing. But what?

  33. Mahoozi



    Just thinking 😉

  34. Tiger

    Did anyone open the metal box between the fridge and left cupboards?

    1. Empty

      Tiger, Did u get metal box out between the frig and cabinet and if so HOW??? Seems all of us are having problems on what to do….thanks.

  35. Dolly

    Need help with triangle and nutcracker. Please telle how to do it

    1. Katusha

      Zoom in on the picture in the phone, look at the blue triangle on the nutcracker, put the blue triangle in (it’s not really gonna be in) then go back to the white box, insert the bulb, triangle (which now has two holes) and put the red square on top. Zoom in on the letters and you’ll see the clue…

      1. Dolly

        Thanks Katusha. I tap all the elements, try to put the blue cellophane triangle over the blue triangle on the nutcracker’s chest, but it won’t let me do it. Not sure why.

  36. MrsIncredible

    Katusha is correct about Dahlia. 🙂 From there you can open both drawers in the HALF-FULL cabinet, and eventually cook and get the metal box. I’m stuck at the last password though.

    1. Katusha

      Can you please explain how to open those cabinets and how to use Dahlia. I’ve tried everything

      1. Katusha

        Never mind! I escaped…

    2. Tazza

      Where do you use the word Dhalia please?

      1. Katusha

        It was soooooo confusing. Used “ahl” on the safe with the flower…

        1. Tazza

          Yes ahl works as it is the missing letters from the clue. The half full clue is separate referring to bottle of water

  37. Katusha

    The password for the kitchen cabinet is “BEH”

    1. MrsIncredible

      Oooh, thanks! The letters on top of the note have nothing to do with the clue then. Escaped too. 🙂

    2. Anka

      Where did u get BEH?

      1. Anka

        Nevermind! Escaped! Thank u all!

  38. Meowzer

    The safe with the photo of a flower on it, the password is “AHL”. Once opened, you will obtain an ugly pouch. Try opening but the zip is stuck, bummer. Use the cutter on it and you’ll cut the pouch open in half, too mainstream to just yank it, had to cut it.

    Obtained empty plastic bottle from inside pouch. Fill half of the bottle with water and place it on the HALF-FULL wooden desk. Left side of drawer will be opened. Obtained a string and a note. Read the note and memorise the book number cos it’ll be a crime just to take the note itself for reference.

    Now take the bottle and fill it again till it’s full and place it on wooden desk again, walking around is tiring. Right side of desk door is then opened, shocker. Obtained magnet. Tie the string to magnet then use that to get metal box stuck between fridge. Tried opening the box but was told glued shut, of course! Use champion scissors on it and it’ll open. Now go to cabinet with the books. Book-3 pink
    color, open it. Speed read page 35.

    Move to open fridge. Pick ingredients from there and move to the chopping board. Cook meat and potato stew within 4 seconds. Note from metal box says 2nd, 5th and 8th. 2nd represents the second letter of the alphabet, hence B. So the password for the overhead cabinet in kitchen is BEH. The rest of the random letter don’t matter. Scumbag note.

    Open cabinet, obtained key. Throw key down drain. Kidding. The key’s for the door. And done. Turns out mom locked you in. Next time, we lock her in, see how she likes it.

    1. Revital

      Nice humor. IDAC’s logic really sucks sometimes, I mean couldn’t we just use the chopsticks to get the metal box like we got the light bulb ? I did try it but ofcourse it didn’t work. Using a magnet and a string is much more logical.
      I really thought the matryoshka dolls will have a role, since their picture appears at the prolog but apparently they where there just for fun…

  39. Revital

    Escaped too , would never think of dahlia , I don’t even know how this flower looks like. You saved me ! Thanks

  40. Trish

    Wats th string for

    1. Meowzer

      Trish: Attach to the magnet so that you can fish out the metal
      Box beside the fridge.

  41. anne

    Escaped 🙂

  42. Ali

    What cellphone??

  43. Keyboard839

    I can’t even find the light bulb….. Where is it? Help!!!!

  44. hans

    code for box under cafetable?

  45. hans

    is somewhere here, who could help me by the idac games in japan language?
    about hints about walkthroughs i would be verry Happy! thx

  46. hahahlol

    Yay! I’ve finished the game..with the Good and Bad ending! For those who want to experience the bad end, just simply don’t cook. don’t tap the fridge once u’re done seeing the #3 book(p35) coz it’ll automatically leads u into cooking, so go straight ahead for the door once u obtain ur key.

  47. lawrence

    Hey so I don’t usually comment on these things because I can usually gather enough information to escape, but I’m seriously stuck. Where is the cutter? Because I have the scissors and they’re not helping cut the pouch so I gather they’re different. Pretty sure I’ve clicked everywhere but there are several drawers that won’t open and I’m not certain that they’re meant to. Help?

  48. lawrence

    Nevermind I’m dumb used the wrong thing. Got it.

  49. Anu

    How to take the bulb?? Plz help me!!!

  50. Dora hidalgo

    Cant seem to figure out how to put scotch tape onto chopsticks? Help please

    1. Dora hidalgo

      Duh got it..

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