FLEE! -Lost Memory-: Walkthrough

FLEE! -Lost Memory-
By: U-WORKS Inc.


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Susan

    Anyone playing? maybe we can help each other out

  2. Andrew

    me and my girlfriend were on our android phones but were totally stuck and could get anywhere so we removed the game if you got further then the bridge and the 6 black symboled pillars in a building near the wrecked boat plz let me know thanks for your help if u have

    1. Susan r

      That code for those buttons, the order, is at the bottom of the rope at the broken bridge. A door will open after u enter the correct sequence

      1. Andrew

        walkthrough for flee lost memory

        1. Pswope

          Is there a complete walkthrough for this game? Started playing the game in 2014 stopped starting again hoping to find a a walkthrough. Love the game would love to finish it. Any help would be appreciated.

      2. GuzziPit

        In the modern world with the street, where you can enter the “last command”, then you have 3 minutes to act. Do you know what to do to open the last locked gate there?

        Thanks to all of You so far!!!

  3. susan

    Thats exactly where I am stuck

  4. Taylor

    I have made it to a building in the snow but I am stuck at the building. Have yet to figure out the symbols on the pillars.

  5. GuzziPit

    How to open the trapdoor?

    1. herb

      where is the pick axe and how do I get water for the bucket

  6. GuzziPit

    Can someone tell me how to take away the rock from the Gate?

  7. Taylor

    Where is the trapdoor located?
    Also, which gate?

    1. GuzziPit

      The Trapdoor is in the house (hut) at the beginning of the Game under the Table

  8. GuzziPit

    Just as the beginning og the Game, right of the hut you can go through a Gate, some steps forward and then also right, there is a Gate with Rocks in front of it.

  9. Susan r

    You need the fuse, gasoline and match to blow up the rocks. Trap door has to be removed with crowbar found later in the game. Have you gone down into broken bridge? There is the code to the code (sorry sounds awful) that is in the small building by the boat, meaning at the bottom of broken bridge hit the rocks, gives you the order to the buttons in small building.

    1. GuzziPit

      Okay, the 6 pillars opened a passage where i could stop the gasoline flow. In the pyramid, through the fountaun in a new room, I got a handgun and adhesive, but now I`m stuck again. More hints???
      Repairing the Boat? How to open the gate which is still locked? What are the two levers for? I tried all positions, but nothing happens.

  10. Taylor

    The code I get is 1642?

  11. Taylor

    And which stones go with which numbers?

  12. Andrew

    What is the correct sequence for the pillars in the building where the wrecked boat is; been stuck here for like 4 months desperately want help please and thank you

    1. GuzziPit

      The left one is the first to push, then , in the order of the Numbers under the Bridge, the right one is number Two, below right and left are number three and five, you must test it, above right is number four, below five and then above left is number six!

      1. Craig

        Can you please be more clear on the sequence of the pillars to press?

        1. GuzziPit

          6 4 6 4
          1 2 or 1 2
          3 5 5 3

          1. GuzziPit

            clockwise, number one is the leftmost, then 6,4,2,5,3 or 1,6,4,2,3,5.
            Paint a circle on a sheet of paper with this number sequence and press the pillars in ascending order

          2. Craig

            Got it. thanks!

  13. DJ

    I have the tank with gas, and the fire/branch. Where is the fuse?

    1. GuzziPit

      The fuse is in the Pyramid, where the fountain with gas is. ItΓö¼Γöñs on one of the statues on the right side

  14. GuzziPit

    Now I got a handgun and adhesive, but now I`m stuck again. Do someone have more hints???
    Repairing the Boat? How to open the gate which is still locked? What are the two levers for? I tried all positions, but nothing happens. Is there something to do at the crystals?

  15. Taylor

    You get a piece of wood which repairs the boat and it’s located on top of the small house. You need to put out the fire with the bucket of water. Then you will gain access to the roof. At the crystals hit it with the pick ax and you’ll be able to get behind them.

  16. Taylor

    I am missing only one item and I’m in the building in the snow. If anyone knows how to push the button (in the building in the snow), let me know.

    1. GuzziPit

      Okay, first put the coconut on the button, then shoot on it. Now the gate in the snow-world is open, and in the next world You can enter the “Last command”. Now You have 3 minutes to act. If You find out what to do, please let me know.

  17. GuzziPit

    Is there no one who found out what to do when the “Last Code” was entered?

  18. mommabibi

    There is another room in the city that has a diagram of the in world areas. There are numbers which are a clue to the order in which you need to do the next thing. The number 1 is in the urban area so you must start something there. Then you must activate something in each of the other areas in the correct order. You have a short time but it is doable with time to spare. Be sure to save in the city so you can restart there if needed. I never used the note or adhesive. I would love to know what they’re for. Sorry so cryptic but I don’t want to spoil it for y’all.

    1. GuzziPit

      Finished it, thanx for help!!!

      1. mommabibi

        You are welcome. Just curious, were you able to “flee”? I didn’t quite but not sure if there is only one outcome.

        1. GuzziPit

          After switching the levers in correct order, the middle gate in the urban-area is open. Go inside and go upstairs to the top of the rocket, then “flee”.

          1. mommabibi

            Yep, did that. The result wasn’t what I was hoping for. Well, looking foward to the next one. I forgot about using the adhesive. Duh! How else could I have gone boating?

  19. herb

    what are the 3 switches for and what do I do with the boat … where is the crow bar and the pick ax … I have the small hatchet but can’t get past the crystals

  20. Stephg

    I have a hand axe, but not a pick axe. It doesn’t seem to help me smash the crystals. I have also fixed the boat.. Then nothing happened.. I used the adhesive and wood to fix the boat. Are there different axes? Where is the pick axe?

    1. herb

      stephg… if you find the pick ax and or the crowbar please let me know

    2. herb

      stephg I found the pick … u take the boat out and around to the back side of the bridge then climb down and there it is

  21. herb

    shut the water off then go to the lion and get crowbar for trap door

  22. herb

    can anyone tell me what the code is for under the island

    1. mommabibi

      The clue to the code is found on the dry lake bed. You may need to take a few turns to find it.

  23. Stephg

    Yeah under the island is now confusing. I’m stuck again. I have the ID card. Does that help?

    1. mommabibi

      Yes, you may have already figured it out then. The card has the code.

  24. malbert

    I cut the gas flow off and found the adhesive, but no hand gun, where is the hand gun. How do I cut the water off and where is the bridge on the lake?

  25. malbert

    Got the pick ax and cut the water off, where is the clue to the password for under the island? And, still no hand gun. Any help is appreciated.

    1. Rmud

      Hatchet the mummy to get the gun. The pcode is in the lakebed bones.

      1. Pross104

        I got stuck at the coconut and haven’t played for a year. I have forgotten a lot. I don’t have a hand gun. When I try to hatchet the mummy, nothing happens. It says the blade is tattered. Do I need to sharpen it? Mummy opens and closes. Thanks

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