Escape Game: “Approaching Sirens”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Approaching Sirens”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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stuck on the 3 digit code for safe, tried all combinations to do with clue but just cant work it out. any help would be appreciated x


where is the clue for the safe???


The clue for the safe is behind the frame thats slanted to one side.


I need help getting the acrylic box open, and the white box, “safe” on that same table, how to open the red door in the 2nd room, and the 3 part code for the big safe in the other room. 🙂 HELP!! I’m gonna lose hair soon, Haha!


Reverend, I figured it out and escaped!! Woohoo!!


I can’t find the door sensor card. I found it when I first started but I had to restart the game. Now can’t find it. I have the wood doll with the key thumb, tool box w hammer nails, wood Carver,ladder, ruler, silver key and codes from behind the picture. I just need the sensor for te room to get the acryllic cutter, etc. Help please.


how do u move slanted picture frame. i have broken stool vut cant fix it x


@Fiona: You will need the thumb key from the creepy wood doll to repair the ladder. The doll is in the top drawer next to the plant. Use th clues from the suitcase (use ruler) and the picture with the fruit to open the drawer.Hope this helps.
I still need help finding the sensor card.


I forgot to add. You will need to use the doll thumb key to open the silver toolbox. The tools to repair the ladder are in there. Then the ladder can be used to get clues from the tilted picture and the picture above the 3 plants.


I need help on the four digit code. I’ve used the numbers from the suitcase for the fruit math but maybe I’m doing something wrong? I’ve tried different ways but nothing is working!!!


@Danielle: The formula for the 4 digit code is:
23 + 40 x 54 + 31= the code


i also had to restart game amd now cant find sensor card. thanks jojo for help x


You’re welcome:)


How do get thumb off doll


I have the code 37 pink 98 blue 71 purple for the safe but I can’t figure it out. Does anyone know how to open the door the acrylic box the safe box or the locked drawer please


Can someone please help me figure out the 3digit code froth the safe. I have the numbers 98 71and 37. I can’t figure out the clue behind the painting.


I’m stuck… Can’t find sensor key, can’t open three digit safe, acrylic box, white box, don’t know what this paper full of numbers means. Need any hints please


I have 98 70 19 but can’t figure out Why the safe won’t work when I add them. And stuck on everything I mentioned above. Help is much appreciated