Escape Game: “The Giant Chimney”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Giant Chimney”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. HookahToke

    Has anyone figured out how to unlock the drawer with arrows or the pillar drawings code?

    1. Benice

      The giant chimney escape walkthrough:
      1.Zoom in on the left table. Open the left drawer and pick up the hammer.
      2.Turn your view one time to the right (to the view with the Buddha).
      3.Zoom in on Buddha statue and pick up the wire at the right side of the Buddha.
      4.Zoom out of the Buddha view and zoom in on the door left of the Buddha.
      5.Pick up the wooden pole and zoom out.
      6.Zoom in on the mats (view in front of the Buddha).
      7.Tap the bottom right corner of the mats and pick up the batteries using the wooden pole.
      8.Turn your view one time to the right (view with three wooden planks on the left).
      9.Zoom in on the cabinet.
      10.Tap at the bottom left corner of this view, a bit left of the cabinet.
      11.Pick up a block of wood and zoom out as far as you can.
      12.Turn your view one time to the right (view with blue door).
      13.Go to the cabinet.
      14.Zoom in on the right corner of the cabinet.
      15.Remove nail from drawer using the hammer.
      16.Open drawer and take out flash light.
      17.Turn your view one time to the right (view you started with).
      18.Zoom in on the desk with the radio.
      19.Tap the drawer and attach the wooden block (found at point 11) to the drawer.
      20.Fix the drawer handle by using the hammer.
      21.Open the drawer and take out the head of a pickaxe.
      22.Attach the wooden pole to the head of the pickaxe and fix both of them using the wire. You can open the view of the pickaxe head via double tapping it. Secondly tap the pole so a red circle forms around it and then tap the pickaxe head. This is followed by firstly tapping the wire and secondly the pickaxe head. Attaching things is always done like this in this game.
      23.Zoom out and turn your view two times to the left (view with blue door).
      24.Zoom in on the plaster on the wall.
      25.Use the pickaxe to remove the plaster and take out a battery charger.
      26.Zoom in on the cabinet next to where the plaster was.
      27.Tap the left side of the screen (between wall and cabinet).
      28.Put your batteries in the flashlight. (DonΓÇÖt forget to open the lid first).
      29.Turn the flashlight on, pushing the yellow button.
      30.Use your flashlight on the view youΓÇÖre in and pick up the light bulb.
      31.Zoom out one time and zoom in on the lamp.
      32.Open the lampshade by tapping it one time. Push the light bulb in the lamp. Put the shade back and turn the light on. You will see: aTE (on the T is a dot, as this is the letter in the middle , this also counts for the three other light bulb codes). Remember this and take your light bulb out.
      33.Zoom out as far as you can and turn your view one time clockwise (to the right, youΓÇÖll see the view with the two lamps.
      34.First zoom in on the right lamp (lamp on the desk). Put in the light bulb, turn the light on and youΓÇÖll see: Eju. Take out your light bulb and zoom out as far as you can.
      35.Now zoom in on the left lamp (lamp on the cabinet). Put in the light bulb, turn the light on and youΓÇÖll see: uyg. Take out your light bulb and zoom out as far as you can.
      36.Now rotate two times clockwise to the view where you found the drawer handle.
      37.Zoom in on the lamp and put in the light bulb. Turn the light on and youΓÇÖll see: gRQ. Take your light bulb out again. DonΓÇÖt forget to notice that you need an arrow code to open the drawer of this cabinet.
      38.Now rotate your view two times to the right (back to view with the two lamps). Zoom in on the right drawer of the cabinet. The code for this drawer is: TjyR. You can find this code via cracking the code of the lamps. By rotating clockwise you found the right order and by filling in the letters with a dot above them, you complete the code.
      39.Zoom out of the drawer and open it. Take out the cassette.
      40.Zoom complete out and now zoom in on the desk with the cassette recorder.
      41.Put in the cassette and close it.
      42.Tap at middle height of the recorder just left of it on the desk. Your view will change to the back of the recorder.
      43.Zoom in the square at the bottom right of the screen. Put in your batteries.
      44.Zoom out and tap the top left of the cassette recorder.
      45.It will say maybe itΓÇÖs broken. But you just have to recharge your batteries.
      46.Take out the batteries of the recorder and put them in the recharger.
      47.Zoom out completely and rotate your view two times to the right. Now zoom in on the outlet between the cabinet and the bed (on the brown pole). Put the recharger with batteries in the outlet. Leave the batteries so they can recharge.
      48.Go back to the view with the two lamps. In the middle you see a golden pillar. Zoom in on it and youΓÇÖll see three pictures. A man with something shining next to him. A man on an island and a star. Remember this.
      49.Go back and take your batteries. Put them back in the recorder and play by tapping the top left buttons of the recorder.
      50.It will say:
      I heard a voice
      I walked toward the origin of the sun for a whole day.
      Then I turned clockwise and kept walking for 2 days.
      Next, I turned around and walked for 1 day before taking a left turn and walking another whole day.
      And I ended up beyond the sunset. Is this the place IΓÇÖve been looking for?
      (hint: donΓÇÖt forget to take out your batteries)
      51.This text gives you the arrow code mentioned in point 37. So go to this view, open the drawer and take out the blade.
      The origin of the sun is east, which is right (North, East, South, West). Then you turn clockwise, so you turn downwards. This way you walk for two days. So you tap two times down. Next you turned around and walked for one day. So one time up. Then you turn left and walk for one day, so one time left. Which results in: right, down, down, up, left. (hint: donΓÇÖt tap to fast, it first has to say I pressed the button.)
      52.Now go to the view with the mats. Zoom in something thatΓÇÖs covering a whole via tapping the middle end of the wooden table. Open this thing using your axe.
      53.Fix your flash light and shine it in the hole. Take out the electric saw.
      54.Fix the blade to the saw. Zoom out and zoom in on the door in front of it. Use your light to light up the area and zoom in via tapping the white tile. Try to use your pick axe on this tile and it will say that the whole thing will collapse.
      55.Therefore zoom out as far as you can and rotate your view one time to the left.
      56.Zoom in on the three wooden planks and use the electric saw to taken them.
      57.Go back to cave and fix the wooden planks to the right of the white tile via selecting the planks and tapping the white tile.
      58.Now use your pick axe on the bottom right corner of the tile. Take out the phone via cutting the wire with the electric saw.
      59.Open the phone, tap it a few times and read the text messages:
      You have 1 mail
      The seven stars
      Different colors of light
      All of the light shines on the mirrors on each of the four islands
      The light in the mirror was poured into the sea, and used to summon Poseidon.
      60.Now remember the golden pillar mentioned in point 48 and solve the previous clue.
      There are seven starts, so the last number is seven.
      There are four islands, so the third number is four.
      All the light shines (so 7 stars) on the mirrors on each of the 4 islands, so this is 4*7=28.
      61.Now go to the pillar and fill in the code 2847.
      62.Take out the key and use it on the blue door.
      63.You finally escaped!!!

      1. Simon

        Grazie grazie grazie 🙂

  2. Mobes

    No idea on codes, thought it was something with letters from bul in 4 lights but cant crack it. Did you get code for the other drawer?

  3. HookahToke

    Mobes, no I havent opened the desk drawer either. What are we missing?

  4. fiona

    what ro do with torch anf cant figure ouy any codes pls help

  5. paula

    has any1 actually escaped by playing through? i’m quite far through game judging by the items i have but cant crack the pillar, desk draw or other draw codes at all. thought the letters on the wall might hav sumthing to do with it but tried all combos n get nothing. pls sum1 help lol xxx

    1. Empty

      Hi Paula,
      If u have lite bulb u need to insert to each lamp tap white button and it’ll show codes on the walls. Look at each letter that has dots on them.
      The code to open drawer I think is on desk is TjyR.

  6. Empty

    Hi, I just finished this last nite and escaped. The arrows are as follows once open u get saw blade.
    Right once
    Bottom twice
    Top once
    Left once
    Hope this helps.

    1. Ida

      I can’t get the code to work. I have listened to the cassette, is it anything more I have to do?

      1. meh

        How did you get cassette to work?

  7. paula

    thank u empty, i just wasnt sure which order they went 🙂 x

  8. Jenn

    Has anyone figured out what the cell phone clue means? It must be the clue for the pillar but I’m stumped.

  9. fiona

    where do u get the lightbulb???

  10. fiona

    been stuck on this one for ages need to know how to get bulb and what to do with fkash light. woyld really apprexiatr the help

    1. eric morales

      Does your flashlight work? If not there are some batteries on the floor under some dirty matts. If flashlights working, use it to look next to dresser thats between bed and plastered wall. Bulb will be on floor between dresser and wall,left side.

      1. maglawi

        help me please, i tried to put batteries in the flashlight unsuccessfully. do you know how i can do?

      2. maglawi

        help me please, i tried to put batteries in the flashlight unsuccessfully, and when i put it in the charger and then in the wall outlet it says “fully charged”, i tried everything. i don’t know what to do :/

  11. Empty

    Hi, PHONE- 4 times 7= 28 beams of light. Go left to pillar. Mirror is 28, Islands is 4, Stars is 7. Code is 2847.

    Put batteries in flashlight turn it on. Shine it on the left side of the chest of drawers and there’s a light bulb. Input the bulb in each lamp tap white button to turn it on and there’s are codes on wall . Hope this helps…..

    1. triccy

      Hi Empty… do i have something else to do before i insert that code in the pillar?…im trying but nothing happens…

  12. paula

    thanks, empty. opened pillar and theres nothing there?? i still have torch, pickaxe and key?? im very confused now lol. i shouldnt have any unused items left

  13. fiona

    i put that code in pillar and it not working. do i have to do or find something first???

  14. fiona

    where is the cell phone x

    1. Naomi Gordon

      The cell phone is buried in concrete in fireplace. Use flashlight to search in dark then zoom in and use pickaxe to break into concrete. Read msg on phone to get code 2847 for pillar to get key to exit door.

  15. fiona

    where do i get the light bulb. i been doong this game for ages now and think i must be missing something cos still havent figured it out xx

  16. Mach

    I’m just starting the game and I’m already stuck !
    Where did you get the battery ?

  17. calie

    Why won’t the cassette player work? What needs to be done first?

    1. mustafa

      After getting cassette, Flashlight also does not work anymore.

      1. Gahh

        You need to recharge the batteries. Take them out of the flashlight and plug them into the wall outlet. Zoom out and turn it one side of the room and return. There’ll be a green light above the charger. Take them out and go to cassette tape and click on the back and put batteries in.

        1. calie

          Where is the charger?

  18. zsalia

    I can’t open the drawer with the arrows. I don’t have the cassete tape. I don’t know what the letters mean!!! Please help!

  19. ELY

    Where is the battery? help!

    1. Gahh

      Right side of the mat on the floor.

  20. zehava

    Hi,has anyone know where is the charger for the batteries?

  21. kP

    Hi I can’t find any of the light bulbs, can anyone help.

    1. vongie

      The left side of dresser that’s beside bed

  22. anna

    Please help,can anyone tell me how to recharge the batteries??

  23. Ashley Haines

    Ok i have the hammer stick wire flash light and batteries but i cant put the batteries in the flash light and cant figure out what to do can some one help me please

  24. Ashley Haines

    Ok i figured out how to work the flash light but what is in the plaster on the wall and how do i get to it and where do i found the charger for the batteries and what is up it the cave

    1. isay

      Where to find the flashlight?

  25. Casie

    Anyone know where to find the battery charger? Been looking everywhere for it. Please help!

    1. ayix

      Te charger???? Please

  26. Alisha

    Charger is in plaster in the wall. Get it put with pick axe head.

    1. Casie

      Where can i find the pick axe?

  27. Jessica Franklin

    Whst is code for pilar

  28. Jessica Franklin

    Confused by tape recording

  29. triccy

    Hi everybody, does anyone could open the pillar with the code 2847??? Do i have something else to fo begore insert that code? Why everybody is talking about a phone??? Do i have to find it? mmm


    1. triccy

      How can i get that thing covered with wood? Im sure is with the electrical blade…but…how can i do it 🙁

  30. Tinaclair

    I cant do anything with that wood on the wall either? Also not getting anywhere with the fireplace or buddha statue.
    Where’s the phone and flashlight?? Help needed!!

  31. me7u

    combine pole/pickaxehead/wire

    break plaster with it for charger

  32. anie

    Hi,where is pick axe head?I tried to looked for it everywhere but still nothing 🙁

  33. vongie

    I’ve played the cassette and entered codes on dresser. not working. Help!!!

  34. mattbauer

    I cannot find the pickaxe head. Does any1 know where to find it?

  35. cathy

    where is the pick axe head,have the bottom for it

  36. me7u

    Get the pickaxe head from the draw without the handle by the radio.

    The handle for it is behind the left side of the dresser with arrows handle. Use the hammer to force the handle in properly.

  37. sam

    I’m so stuck! I’ve got the electric saw blade now but have no idea what I have to do with it and I can’t figure out the pillar code,can anyone give me a hand with this plse?

  38. me7u

    The blade fits in the electric saw which is found left of the table where the batteries were on the right side. You need the pickaxe to break the wooden cover.

    Pillar code it’s found on the phone. see earlier posts.

    1. sam

      Thankyou! Escaped finally x

  39. Olivia Umboh

    Where’s the phone and saw blade?? I can’t find it !!

  40. Kelley

    Where is the blade for the electric saw???

  41. brunette

    Lol, everyone so far ahead, and I still haven’t even found out how to move the mats because, “I don’t want to get my hands dirty”. Like seriously!?!? If you’re trapped in a building and trying to escape, I’m pretty sure you would risk getting your hands dirty….

  42. zayb

    Whr the wire i cannt find it plz help me out

    1. Millsy

      Where can I find the wire for the pickaxe?
      What do I do with the electric saw?
      What does the message on the cassette mean?

  43. brunette

    Millsy, to get the wire, just go to the Buddha statue and tap beside/behind it on the right side. And how do I get the cassette??

    1. Millsy

      Been a few weeks as I got really stuck but with your help I finished.thx
      I think the cassette is in one of the drawers.

      Code for the drawer with the arrows is as in the earlier tips.
      The other drawer needs the handle which is left hand side on the floor in the dark. You need a torch, batteries and a hammer first.
      Put batteries in the torch and shine it on the dark bit. Use the hammer to help pull the drawer open.

      It won’t let you cheat with a correct code if you don’t have all the correct stuff or have made the right moves.

  44. brunette

    But where do I get a torch, batteries and a hammer? Like I know the batteries are under the mat but every time I try to get them it says I don’t want to get my hands dirty and idk what to use to move the mats

    1. Millsy

      Use the handle of the pickaxe to pick up the dirty mat

  45. ARA


  46. mark

    How do I find the saw

  47. amboro

    where iis the blade is???

  48. mark

    Where is the saw blade.

    I can’t get the phone till u find the blade which means u can’t unlock the draw with arrows or the pillar or the fire place as it tells me the cassette player is broken. Ill cause a cavein if I pick axe the wall in the fireplace. and i cant use the pick axe on the wood on the wall

  49. KENNY

    How do I get phone without fireplace collapsing?

    1. me

      Use the saw to cut the three boards on the wall then brace inside the fireplace with them before using the pickaxe.

  50. me

    I’m stumped… think I have done everything, checked here to verify what the pillar code should be, but nothing happens when I enter it. I’ve used all the clues I see mentioned here I think. .any ideas?

  51. KENNY

    Thanks , I finally escaped. I think because I put batteries back in cassette and listened to recording again then did arrow code then pillar code and got key.(I think). Got to be a certain order.

  52. bill

    now, i know people have asked this before, so i i’m going to ask any way…does any one know where the saw blade is?

  53. Kenny

    Arrow code for saw blade.

    1. Benice

      push the arrows in the following order: right, down, down, up, left. this code you can get from the text in given when you play the casette. if you haven’t played the casette it won’t work. do notice that every time you push a botton it says ‘I pressed a button’. so don’t tap the bottons to quick or else it won’t notice your order

  54. alex

    does anybody know the perfect password of desk drawer

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