Subway Exits: Walkthrough

Subway Exits
By: Liquid Effect



Level 1. Union Station: Tap one of the red buttons. They will turn green and the gate will open. Press the “GO” button to proceed to the next level.

Level 2. Metro Center: Move the “Wet Floor” sign to find a key. Use the key on the lock. Then tap on the doors to open them.

Level 3. B. Gallery Place: Tap the yellow button over and over quickly until the red line shrinks to nothing.

Level 4. Dupont Circle:

Level 5.

Level 6.

Level 7.

Level 8.

Level 9.

Level 10.

Level 11.

Level 12.

Level 13.

Level 14.

Level 15.

Level 16.

Level 17.

Level 18.

Level 19.

Level 20.

New York:


San Francisco:

Los Angeles:

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  1. Noel

    great game.Finished washington, new york next!

  2. RollingK

    Stuck in New York level 12 City Hall. I selected both tools and repaired the three boxes, but I don’t know how to repair the wires.

  3. Luvbugerr

    RollingK, hold your fingers on all the broken wires at the same time (think you need to use 4 fingers at once). I’m stuck on level 17….anyone?

    1. RollingK

      I had tried that but I can’t get it to work. Do I put my fingers down at the same time? Will the light turn green if I do it right? How long must I hold it? I was hoping to catch up and help with lvl 17.

  4. Daniele

    Please help stuck on level 9 newyork!! :(.

  5. Daniele

    Stuck on level 17 new York. Anyone figure it out yet??

  6. RollingK

    How did u get pass lvl 12?

  7. Daniele

    I used a free pass. I tried everything for that one.

  8. lory

    level 12: select tools, repair boxex, touches all broken wires at once(multitouch) while you press the red button on the traffic light

  9. Daniele

    What about 17?

  10. Luvbugerr

    Ok here goes…for 17…
    Click on the outer safe circle till it clicks into place (80 should be on top).
    Click on the inner safe circle till it clicks into place (58 should be on top).
    The numbers they have given are 32,76,15,49 – use these numbers on the outer circle to read the corresponding inner circle numbers……


    10 53 93 27

    1. Danika

      Just copy the exact color on the other end but up side down… If u get it and pass to level 20 heple me ….

  11. Luvbugerr

    I am so battling to find a connection to all the colors on level 18….any ideas 🙂

  12. Daniele

    I have no clue. But I would just like to tell you how much I love you,because level 17 was killing me and now I feel dumb for not figuring it out myself!! As for level 18 well I too am battleing that shit

  13. RollingK

    I still cannot get lvl 12 to work. Guess I’ll just delete the game.

  14. Daniele

    Rolling rock-you have to hold all 4 wires at the same time and hit the red button,it took me a few attempts just keep moving your fingers (the ones on the wires) and keep hitting the button. It works trust me.
    Now please help with 18 19 and 20

  15. Daniele

    New York level 18 anyone get it yet?

  16. greg

    LEVEL18 – make the top to bottom on the left look like the top to bottom on the right (if you turned the phone over) and vice versa

    1. D

      Ok but is there any particular sequence they need to go in? Is there a pattern?

  17. Fred

    New york Level 20.
    While holding the call button press the other call buttons in this order. L-R
    2-4-6-2-4-2-4-6-2. And exit.

  18. G

    Still stuck in lvl 18.. Made top to bottom the Same both sides (turned the phone over) but nothing happend. Anyone?

  19. Fred

    Look at the tiles on the left side. Write the order down. Do the same for the right side. Now, turn the iPad over and re enter the tiles as they appeared before. Essentially reproducing everything in reverse order. Clear as mud huh? Don’t over think it….

    1. Mad49

      Make a table with 3 columns: 1. What color the tile is, 2. What the word says and 3. What color the letters are. There are multiple combinations. You have to get all three right when you enter them on your upside down device.

  20. Joshua

    Level 20:
    Hold your finger on the far right light (the light on the platform) to turn it green and make the train move left. Then press the lights in this order (from left to right)
    2 2 2 4 4 6 6 2
    Continue holding the light while pressing the hanging lights. Keep it held until the train moves in place and the doors fully open. This is the end of the game until the next update.

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