Escape Game: “Rendezvous Without an Exit”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Rendezvous Without an Exit”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Empty

    Need help…where is hose for fish tank?

    What is code for the green safe in the drawer? (I’ve tried lots of combos and nil).
    Where is power cord??.
    This is stumped me.

  2. Revital

    Charger is in the box in the middle drawer under the aqwarium the hint for it is under the bed. I have no idea how to use it . I know the green box code is connected to the clean spot on the glass door but I don’t know how to discover it. What do I use the wooden cube and the valve for ?

    1. Empty

      Revital, the value is for the thing out on the patio. I think there is a round orb out on the patio, or something under the blue bowl that fits into the tip of the cube. I’m just so stumped in figuring the green safe code,which I need the charger to plug in the iron in order to use it on the window. I’m ready to give up..

  3. Arthur

    Esacaped, that was not too tricky.
    The note under the bed opens the box in the middle drawer. Take the charger and use it with the socket. Then use the iron with the olugged un charger. Walk around until the iron is charged. Use it in the window. This gives you the code for rhe green box. Now take the rod, use ur in the oatio as well as the steering wheel. The rest is quite easy.

    1. Empty

      Arthur and Revital,
      Thanks bunches for the clues. It helped so much and escaped with good ending.

    2. Keyboard839

      Where can I find the iron?

  4. Tiger

    Where is the iron. What is the code above the bed?

  5. Dolly

    Does phone number open box beside bed? Have tried all combinations

    1. Mach

      Yes Dolly, read “-” as minus.
      I need help to find the socket and the iron, please someone

      1. Dolly

        Nate the socket is to the left of the couch. Duane not found iron

  6. Nate

    Whats the code for next to the bed? I tried the phone number 6984-5533 but it doesn’t work

    1. Dolly

      It does not work for me either. I don’t have a minus sign just a hyphen.

  7. Nate

    Whats the code for next to the bed? I tried the phone number 6984-5533 but it doesn’t work. Oh, it’s 1451, now where does that t shaped key go?

  8. Dolly

    Doh! Now I get it!

  9. Tiger

    Code for the box above the bed is 6984-5533 = “1451”

  10. Mach

    6984 – 5533 = 1451 is the code for the box near the bed

  11. Samson

    where do you find the iron?

  12. Keyboard839

    Where is the iron? I just have the plug, the wooden part with a hole and the wheel.

  13. Nate

    You need the key that’s above the lockbox next to the bed, use that key behind the curtain (above the couch) to open the steam bath area

    1. gooch34

      I’m looking for the key that everyone says it is next to the bed. Is it above the safe you put the numbers in To or the little Red box you need a key for? I can’t seem to find it

  14. Lizzy-loo

    Outside I got this wooden sphere that connected to the wooden block makes a key, it doesn’t fit anywhere, what is it for?

  15. Samson

    The wooden key is for the red box, but you won’t be able to learn how to use it to open it until you open the safe inside the box next to the bed.

  16. Revital

    Cant find the iron either. I think the wooden key is for the box on the shelf but the sticks don’t fit and I tried every combination I can think of. There is probably a hint for it somewhere but I can’t find it.

  17. Revital

    I escaped. Look at the picture on the wall for the clue, it’s pretty easy after that

  18. Lizzy-loo

    I got the key to wor, thanks everyone. But for some reason it won’t let me use the hose in the water tank, what am I missing?

    1. Arthur

      Revital, use the magnifying glass on the painting. It needs some tapping. Then you get a drawing how to set up the wooden key.

  19. Arthur

    Lizzy-loo, when you try to use the hose, the game tells you that it makes no sense using an empty hose.
    Fill the hose with water from the pond. Then try again

  20. 9A

    How to get Good end. I escaped with bad end. Anyone? Please

  21. anne

    Finally! Escaped 🙂 NEXT?

    1. Ruebyn

      How do you escape?

  22. liz

    How to solve the number for the safe inside the box beside the bed?

  23. Jenni

    Stuck on the safe inside the box. Help me out plz, it’s driving me nuts!!

  24. anne

    liz, loock the numbers in the balcony- right , is the code

  25. Tina

    Can someone please tell me the code? I tried a lot of combinations, but it’s always wrong 🙁

  26. Jenni

    It’s 2865 Tina.

  27. Tazza

    Is there meant to be a key above the bed that opens the lock under the tapestry? I can not find this. Can someone please help? Thanks

    1. Tazza

      I found it! The rest flows on from there and I got good and bad end!

  28. 416

    Good end: do not unlock the floorboard next to the lion, use the key with hot spring mark to open the door with rose

  29. Tina

    Thank you jenni

  30. Dolly

    Haven’t found iron. Can anyone help? Thank you

    1. Tazza

      Dolly the iron is in the cupboard above the piraΓö£ΓûÆa tank. The key is in the mouth of the lion fountain

      1. Dolly

        Tazza how do I stop the water flow lion mouth to get the key please?

  31. Tina

    I have only three numbers on the window 937, I can’t open the Safe.

  32. Dolly

    Tina should you multiply x3. See note under pillow

  33. Sticky

    To get the iron u must first open the safe. Look to the right side of the patio for clues. The rest is quite straight forward.

    1. Ruebyn

      How do you open the safe? Please help me

  34. Dolly

    What is password for bath house?

  35. Dolly

    Found bath house password in pool

  36. Raypy

    1. Where should i use the wrench?
    2. Where is the hose? I can’t find it.

  37. anna

    Can someone tell me how to get the stain off the phone number??

    1. mustafa

      You cant. You need to guess last part. Maybe same phone number is written at somewhere else.

  38. Sam

    Where is the magnifying glass so can see the drawing on picture?

  39. gooch34

    I still cannot find the key that is mentioned above the lockbox. Could someone clarify where it is exactly

    1. chloe

      How do u find the window? Theres no window ,help Im stuck.To gooch34: after u unlock the beside the bed, theres another safe inside.And ontop of the safe, theres a key. I think its used to unlock the keyhole behind the tapestry(behind the sofa). That unlocks the balcony.

  40. lilpantherpaw

    Still unable to find magnifying glass.

  41. anna smith

    How do you get the steering wheel of the pedestal.

  42. Anu

    1. Take the cocktail stirrer from flower vase in the door.
    2. Turn on the light in the left of bed and pick the block of wood.
    3. Pick up the pamphlet from the table and look the numbers with strains.
    4. Look inside the trash behind the bed and pick the card. See the last number matches with the pamphlet. Open the locker near bed with code 1451 and take the key.
    5. Insert the cocktail stirrer in the pedestal and removed the steering wheel.
    6. Look the memo in the side of bed. Note the height of dots. Use it in trick box in bottom middle drawer. Take out the battery charger.
    7. Use the key to open the hatch under tapestry. Move the lever up to open the glass door.
    8. Pick the wooden ball under blue bowl.
    9. Read the blue note which is a clue for safe. Use the code 2865 to open the safe. Take the magnifying glass.
    10. Use the magnifying glass over the painting and note the clue for wooden block. Insert the wooden ball in the painting and open the red box in the cupboard. Take the key.
    11. Use the key to open top right cupboard and pick the iron.
    12. Connect the charger in wall outlet then connect with iron. Go around while charging. Now, iron get charged. Remove it from charger.
    13. Open faucet and fill the steam iron with water.
    14. Aim the iron at bottom right corner of glass door to get some numbers.
    15. Read the memo under pillow. Multiply 937 with 3 to get 2811. Use the code to open green box and pick up the tool.
    16. Use the tool to open blue hatch and place the steering wheel in the pipe and stop hot water fall.
    17. Take lion key from lionΓÇÖs mouth. And look into hot water bath.
    18. Use lion key to open the door with lion symbol. Enter the code JAGUAR and pick up the spanner.
    19. Enter the glass door. Move the leaf at left. Use spanner to remove nuts in floorboard.
    20. Dip the hose in the hot water bath and pour hot water into hose.
    Put the hose in the aquarium and connect it to drain. Pick up the key.
    23. To get good ending use the key to open the wooden door.
    24. For a bad ending use the key to open the door under floorboard.

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