Escape Game: “The Dormant Ruins”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Dormant Ruins”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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I’m stuck with what else to use to open the chest. Ive used the knife,but need something else to completely open it. Now I also have the clay inside the cat mold and don’t know what to do and the snake is lit up. ?????


I read in got mail forum to move knife up,right,right,left and down. Useless,cause if u try it bounties knife back to your inventory. Anyone,help…


Seriously stuck in same place. Also have key with hole, clay in mold, knife in box. Can you give me a hint please? I have no idea where to go next. Thank you


Persevere with the knife and directions required. You just have to tap in the right places!
Managed to make the key fit into the statues wrist, which is now ‘shaky’, but can’t get past a BAD END. 🙁


Im in the end of the game,with puzlle. Let me know if you still need help, ok?


Hi Anne,
I don’t know how.But, I got out. This was one of the strangest ones yet. I still had things in my inventory. Now I’m struggling with ‘Love is not tied’ with the wall puzzle. Bye.


How do you get the good ending?


I escape with bad end! I keep trayng. Ok, good luck


Hi. Where I get clay for mold?


Did you get into the second room? The clay is inside of a black ball/marble thing that you find on the floor.


What does the clue in the snake’s mouth mean? I thought it was for the rope puzzle (combined with the note about snakes saying opposite things) but I just can’t decipher it.


Hopelessly stuck…please help! Ihave the straightened paper clip, the knife, a bowl with water, a locked diary, a locked wooden box. Found the 3 weird symbol notes on wall and statue, the monsterlike thing, the snake, can’t lift/cut the cloth, found the water puddle note, the one on the rock, the spot of sunlight, keyhole on arm of statue, the ropes, the partly covered pattern under the coffin…but can’t do anything with those things…nor can I find any more hints. Please, what’s next?


Hi Maria,
click the paper clip once again to bend it. I’m also stuck like you, but how did you find the diary?


Forgot: i have also seen the axe and the crystal I can’t take…


How do you get to the second room?


Maria, tap on the straighten paper clip again, it will become curved, likes a key. Then use it open diary, read diary and used it for read the symbol. Then you will know how to do in following steps


insert knife into chest box to knife move “up,right,right,left and down” is correct, but you need to use knife to break the lining of suitcase to read the clue first


Where do I get the clay and the key from?


Eu, thanks for help! Now I’m struggling with the bad end. Suppose the snake indicates the order in which to break the glass and the cloth which tiles… but I keep falling…


Please help with rope puzzle?!! Where is the other room?


Snake has indicated the order but it should be opposite…… hint : horizontal mirror 🙂


Rope puzzle is related to the symbol at coffin, stone, mold and water


Symbol at coffin = rope position, symbol at stone, mold and water indicates the order


Ok, the symbols in the puddle don’t match with the ones under the tomb, this bit is driving me mad, is the order something to do with day and night? W


Has anyone played A Love Gone Too Far? I’m totally stuck! I can’t find the red stick or figure out the code for the weird box with the sun and stars on it. I found the note which I suppose is a clue for the code, but I can’t figure it out. HELP PLEASE


Plus I can’t find the handles to the door inside the closet. If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it.


Ok, tell me, do not hint me!!!, how do i break the glass????


What is the rope pattern


Completely stuck on the rope pattern! Help please


HELP!! I’m stuck! I have tried everything I could think of but I can’t figure out how to get into the 3 rd room past the two hallways at the beginning :-/
If anyone knows how to to please let me know thanks! 🙂


Hei,i’m a begginer,and i’m in that room with 3 circles and two doors.i have 2 of those”dishes” which i have to put inside the circles but i don’t know how to find the third..please help me!