Escape Game: “Departure”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Departure”
By: WaveA (IDAC)

(Thanks to Gizmo!)

1. Pick up the towel from the flowerpot on the left
2. Go to the room on the right and pick up the receptor on the shelf on the right
3. Go to the room on the right and examine the tangerine
4. Pick up the candle. Move the tangerines and pick up the note 8341
5. Go to the room with the long painting
6. Use the candle on the top right cupboard that won’t open
7. Pick up the clock spring
8. Go back to the clock (left room). At the clock, examine note 8341 and flip it over by tapping on it. It will show a clock
9. Use clock spring to wind the clock to 8,3,4,1
10. Go back to the cupboard just open. The Combi is reversed ie dark square, white star, white diamond, white triangle pointing up
11. Pick up the matchbox
12. Examine the long hanging paint, use towel on the lever on the left
13. Go to the room with round window, trap door (left) is now opened, pick up the crowbar
14. Go back to clock room, use crowbar to pick up the cutter from the ledge on the top right of the flowerpot window
15. Go to room with round window (left), use crowbar on the ashes to reveal a note
16. Go to the room with tangerines (left), use crowbar on the picture there
17. Behind the picture is the cup and ball
18. Use cutter on the cup and ball
19. Go the room with long painting (left), use the handle of cup and ball on the device in front of the painting
20. Pick up the candle stand on the right
21. Put the candle on the candle stand and light it with the matches
22. Use the light and examine the bottom of the long painting
23. Use cutter on the painting. Use the cutter again on the cut out scroll
24. Go back to the clock room (left), use ball on the bamboo, pick up the bottle
25. Pour out the water into the receptor, wrap the towel around the bottle and break it with crowbar and pick up the key
26. Go to room with round window, use key to unlock the cupboard on the left
27. Use the cut out scroll on the numbers on top of safe to reveal code 492363
28. Open the safe below and pick up tile, wash it in the receptor (now with water from the bottle) to reveal tile 16
29. Go to tangerine room and open the bamboo cupboard
30. Use light (candle stand) to brighten the cupboard, use crowbar on the floorboard
31. Solve the puzzle by moving the tiles in order ie 1,2,3,4 etc. last tile is 16 in your item list
32. Once solved door will open to reveal the staircase
33. Viola: departure/escape

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Anyone playing thisone?


I am stuck with the safe in the cupboard, the one with the numbers above it.


Stuck on the safe as well.


I’m-stuck on the safe in the cupboard it won’t open when I try the right code and it’s doing my nut in lol


Same here. Did u figure out clock on the wall. If yes how?


Finally… have you already used the wax on the door (the one that doesn’t open).


I am stuck on the safe in the clock just like everyone else. I have not done the wax on the door yet either


The clue is the candle wax
Put the wax on the door of the cupboard
.. the rest is self explaining


I am stuck with what to do next after get cup and ball


Split them up with cutter. Use ball on bamboo tube and cup like a lever in niche.


I got the cupboard open, and got the safe open, but how can I safely light the candle so I can see whats in the closet??? LOL thanks!!


I’m stuck with the safe… I got the piece of paper with numbers. I unvailed the symbols that are given by the clock. But correcponding symbols do not open the safe…??? Also, there’s a steel part in the scroll. How to get it? TAL


How did you open the safe in the cupboard? I have the piece of paper with numbers, and i see the clock giving symbols. But the safe doesn’t open using the corresponding symbols….


How did you open the safe in the cupboard? TAL


Separate the cup and ball with the cutter. Drop bball in bamboo pole and use cup in half moon lever.


Where do I find the cutter to separate the ball and cup? Thank you!!


Cutter is found high on a ledge to the top right of the clock


I have piece of scroll with holes cut out and bowl with water in it……don’t know what to do. Any help much appreciated


Thanks, cut holes did trick


Next you need to wrap your jar in the towl and break open the wrapped jar with the crow bar. Use the key to open the locked wardrobe. Use the cut out scroll to figure out the code behind the safe. Collect the tile. Wash it in the water. Go in the closet and click open the hidden trap door.

Solve the puzzle and escape.


Thank you so so much Mert snd jessica!!!


How do I get the scroll?!?!


Did figure out how to get scroll and how to open up lock box in cupboard


I’ve got the tile, washed it, but cannot figure out what to do with it! I’m unsure as to where the closet Jessica mentions is! Can anyone help please?


i got the wash tile with the star and number 16.. closet with the candle but nothing else?? i am stuck…


nvm….. i forgot i still have the crowbar with me… Solved!


HOW DO you get the scroll I’m on the verge of losing my mind!! How do you get into the lock box in the cupboard that has the clock key in it???? Nothing is working for me please HELP my wife is bagging you!


Do u get the cutter already? It’s at the top Left corner of the flower pot, but click it thru the clock side, so top right corner when facing the clock… Then u can cut the scroll after u lit the candle…


I can’t get the cutter, it say the height not enough


I have the cutter but how to cut the scroll? Help pls! Tx!


How do i break the jar? I can’t combine the jar and the towell…j


Empty the water from the jar in to the “receptacle” first


How do i break the jar? I can’t combine the jar and the towell… Howwwww?


I have the scroll and I see the numbers behind the safe in closet. But have tried all the combinations that could fit but nothing works! What’s the code??


Use the cutters on the scroll then put it over the numbers above safe for code.


Hi, I’m stuck, I have the panel with the star and the number 16 on it, I put the candel in the closet, and i don’t know what do to now, is there someone know, thanks for your help


Due to the “brightness” of the game, the crowbar always looks like it’s been greyed out, but it’s actually usable from the moment you get it to the moment you escape.

i.e. You can get the out-of reach cutter with the crowbar and pry open the floorboard in the cupboard.


I have the panel with the 16, have pried open the trap door in the closet, I see the number pad, but it tells me the numbers won’t move. Am I missing something dumb? I’m so close. Help please! 🙂


Never mind… Figured it out. 🙂


ok people im badly stuck and need help. ive gotten past the safe in the press that you get the code for from the clock, and now im stuck. i can’t reach the cutters over the flower pot and it wont let me light the candle. i have a blanket, matches, candle, and bowl…. where do i go from here!?!?


Use the crowbar to reach the cutter


Whats the deal with the 16 and the number square??? how do i solve it?

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