Escape Game: “Impending Fate”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Impending Fate”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Empty

    Another new and difficult one. Ive not been able to open or pick up and thing yet. Read the books and lots of tapping. Any help when someone starts is much appreciated.

  2. Abdullah

    Nice one. Although Im still stuck in the begining. Would u please give us any hunt.

  3. Ipsum

    Same here. I don’t know how to open the apple box. I thought it’s obvious but none of the combinations I tried get through.

  4. anne

    For the apple code 48936

  5. anne

    Escaped….! 🙂

  6. TazCat

    I’m stuck on the password for the computer. Thought maybe the Cassiopeia and Orion clues went to it but it doesn’t work… unless I’m misinterpreting some aspect of it.

    Haven’t been able to open the big safe yet either as it just says the dial “must be stuck on something.”

  7. TazCat

    Finally got the safe dial moving but haven’t worked out the code yet.

  8. Jeff

    I’m in the same spot. Can’t figure out the safe or computer.I’ve tried numerous things with Orion & Cassiopeia but haven’t figured it out yet

  9. TazCat

    I am beginning to feel like an idiot with this one… It just can’t be this hard. Either I have overlooked a clue somewhere or I am over thinking the clues I have.

    I hate giving in and asking for answers rather than figuring it out for myself but this is really irritating me. What the heck is the password for the computer or the solution for the safe? (whichever code I’m supposed to solve first)

    1. Jeff

      Ok I finally figured it out myself. It is very simple and I was making it way too hard like I’m sure you are too. You add the number values for both stars to get a total of 97 Cassiopeia and 71 for Orion (value is found from order of the alphabet). You then multiply them based on the clue from the book to get 6887. That is the password and it is very easy from there.

      1. TazCat

        Crap. My slight dyslexia got me again… I went over those numbers a dozen times but still managed to get 74 instead of 71 for the Orion value… which OF COURSE means that when I multiplied the error got bigger too. Sheesh. Ok Ok… I’m gonna go lick my mental wounds and try to re-bolster my ego a bit while I finish the game.

  10. led

    Where did you found the fourth piece? i can’t open the door inside the second room

    1. TazCat

      Yep… That was a little anti-climactic after all that frustration… but at least I finally finished… and got both the bad and good endings besides.

      led: Try looking under the safe after you open it (the note inside the safe hints at this) you should find the fourth piece there.

      1. led

        Thank you!!!! I was going mad!!! I was trying to look behind the safe but i didn’t click under!

  11. andrea

    Okay im stuck i dont know how to turn turn the dial or howvto open the box in drawer

  12. Karen

    Where is the power cord for the computer?

    1. irishiz

      Power cord is in the top middle drawer next to safe. I think you need shoe horn to get it out

  13. Jenny

    How to u get thru door near fish tank!???? Metal solder???

  14. Jenny

    Please please please…how do u get thru metal solder near fish tank???

  15. cheryl

    What am I suppose to do with the lighter pliers and shoehorn?

  16. Maha

    What is the password for the safe.

    1. Maha

      Never mind done it and where is the third piece I have 2 pieces from the safe and another one from somewhere plz tell.

      1. Maha

        Oh it was behind the panting where is the third piece

  17. Eagle

    How to open the safe???
    Please help….totally stuck….

  18. Eagle

    I’ve shoehorn, magnet, two square pieces and lighter…don’t know how to open safe and the box in the drawer…..Please please please help!!!!

  19. irishiz

    What do u do with the NS magnet?

  20. Eagle

    Clicked everywhere in the room…can’t figure out what to do with the items….Please help…
    How to turn the dial of the safe?
    How to use shoehorn and magnet?
    How to open the box in the drawer?
    How to open door behind the fish tank?
    What to do with the lighter?

  21. Stephani

    I am stuck too!! Maybe I am missing something but I put the correct code into the computer & it said something about a battery??? I looked & clicked everywhere & can’t find one. I am also wondering about the dial safe & the room behind the fish tank?? Someone help please?!

    1. Sarah Scoble

      How did you get into the second room and the safe?

  22. Stephani

    EAGLE I figured out the answers to some of our questions after I posted my comment for help. Have you gotten into the 2nd room? If so use the attach the magnet to the shoehorn & use it on the left of the cabinet with the shoes in it to get a key. That key will open the box w/ the shoe on it to the right of the computer. Once opened you get a blow torch & that will open the door behind the fish tank. I stopped after that to let you know. Hope it helps.

    1. Eagle

      Bless you…Thanks a lot.
      Finally escaped after nearly becoming mad 😉

    2. zizie

      Finally escaped! I tried shoehorn & magnet everywhere except the cabinet! Thenx!!!!

  23. Stephani

    Escaped! Finally!!! After you find the blow torch its super easy.

  24. karen

    Can you tell me where is the shoehorn? please. I just cant find it… I am stuck and I dont know what to do! Please help me

  25. Fushia

    Umm have the wire and the pliers and hav used the apple key what now

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