Escape: Inside of the Mirror: Walkthrough

Escape: Inside of the Mirror
By: WaveA (IDAC)


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Anka

    i need help with the code for the dark green safe and the code on the wooden boards that are stacked (1-5) ….. Where do you use the 0128?

    1. MrsIncredible

      And the code for the stacked wooden boards can be found in the safe in the second room. Escaped! 🙂

  2. MrsIncredible

    You use the mirror image of those numbers (8510) on the green safe.

    1. Anka

      Lol, i feel so stupid! Escaped! Thanks so much!

  3. Karul

    Where did you find the code 0128?

  4. Revital

    Look closely at the mirror it will say something is written in the far wall. You’ll need to find a way to a second room to see it, since obviously there is nothing on the wall in the room you are in.

  5. shana

    I have used everything except for the mirror holder and mirror. It says the mirror won’t stay in. Help!!!!

    1. Revital

      You need to find glue for it. Look behind the wood craters , you need the code that’s in the green safe (2nd room) to open it.

      1. Bo Bo

        Where is the glue?

  6. anne

    Escaped…. Let me know if you need help

    1. Sara

      How do I get to the second room?
      Now I’ve got the basketball, hammer and a locked ladder…

      1. Dolly

        Sara I found a key on the floor beside the red valve thing. The key unlocks the ladder. Use it to reach the high up box. You get duct tape. Tape mirror then hit with hammer and you get into other room

        1. Dolly

          Sorry maybe not into other room. Still trying to figure it out

          1. Sara

            Dolly, I think I know what’s the problem, it’s that I couldn’t find the key on the floor near the red valve…Maybe I got bugs in this app hahaha Anyway, thanks!!!

  7. Jenni

    Can’t find this glue anywhere…..a clue plz?!

  8. Jenni

    And what are the red an green badges used for?

  9. Jenni

    Nevermind. I’m onnit.

  10. Dolly

    I’m stuck. Got the hammer, ball, ladder (padlocked). Had name tag but it faded. What do I do next?

    1. Sara

      Me too! What should we do next?

  11. Alice


  12. Dolly

    How do I open green safe on second room?

  13. Jing

    What does the card key use for? 😮 and the mirror also. I used the panel with the card key but it didn’t work. 🙁

  14. alritez

    someone mentioned there is glue… can anyone find it?

  15. Trina

    I can’t find the key either. I’m tapped out. 🙁

  16. D

    The glue is in the vaulthorse in the other room, took a few taps for me to find the lock

  17. D

    The glue is in the vaulthorse in the other room, took a few taps for me to find the lock 🙂

  18. Stephani

    I have a locked ladder, dustpan, hammer & basketball w/ 4-3 on it. What do I do next? Please help!!

  19. Stephani

    Nevermind I escaped finally!!

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