Haunted Manor: The Secret of the Lost Soul: Walkthrough

Haunted Manor: The Secret of the Lost Soul
By: Redbit Games



***Looking for the Haunted Manor 2: The Horror Behind the Mystery: Walkthrough?***

The full game is finally out, just in time for Halloween! This is a walkthrough for both the demo and the full game. If it’s for the demo, I’ll make note:


If the step-by-step walkthrough isn’t enough, you can also watch this walkthrough video for the first part of the game:

1. Notice the symbols on the wall when the lightning flashes:



Full game:


If you wait a bit, the game should also show you the symbols as a clue in your journal:



Full game:


2. Tap on the door and highlight the symbols you saw on the wall. The doorknob will turn blue if you got it right, and the door will unlock.



Full game:


3. Tap the knob to open the door and enter the manor. After a bit, the lights will go and and you get hit in the head. You wake up in a room with an electric chair:


4. Take the stuffed bear from the chair:



5. Go back one screen and tap on the framed photo on the left.

Demo: Take the coin with the skull on it.

Full game: The coin is stuck. Turn the candleholder to loosen the coin and then take it.



6. Go back a screen and tap on the tile puzzle on the wall. Swap the tiles to solve it:




7. Go back to the electric chair and use the coin to pry open the seat, revealing a key. Take the key.

8. Use the key on the cabinet below the bookshelves and you’ll get a red rod.

9. Put the bear back in the electric chair.

10. Put the rod in the slot on the combination lock on the wall and it becomes a lever. Enter the combination from the tile puzzle and pull the lever. The chair will slide over.


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170 thoughts on “Haunted Manor: The Secret of the Lost Soul: Walkthrough

  1. Kate

    I am not able to fix the fuse under red tile. Don’t have any tools left and I am not sure how to fix the same and move ahead. Totally stuck please helo

    1. RayLinStephens

      You don’t actually do anything to the wires under the tile. You must go to the right-back and find the fuse box and put the wires back in order. I wasn’t able to take the light-bulb until after I fixed the wires in order. It was easier for me to go from the bottom to the top for matching the ends.

  2. Maya

    I am 100% positive that all of the marbles for the planet puzzle are the same as in the picture but still the pillar won’t move and I can’t get the flower. I’ve restarted the game and done everything exactly as it says in this walk through but still it won’t work. Very frustrating please someone help!!

  3. Alice

    I am in the electric chair room and I have the bear, coin and lever, I have entered 4863 but when I pull the lever nothing happens.

    1. Salma

      you have to put the bear on the chair first and then pull the lever and the chair will move, uncovering a trapdoor that you will go through

  4. Angrykitten

    This game is ridiculous. I’ve solved harder games like this so when I kept having problems with it such as it keep crashing, turning black, no audio, puzzles fteezing, and WORST of all is that I’m at the the very frick end, have the correct combo, dial abUT when I try to get bulb he keeps telling me he was able to unscrew the lightbulb but he burnt his hand => no lightbulb. I want to accomplish this this especially because I paid for a faulty app!!!!!!

  5. LeVerta Carroll

    I cannot find the fuse box. You say “zoom out” but is impossible to do. Just move back to room with the piano or go to back of electric chair room facing the door

  6. Me

    Make sure the symbols are correct….I thought I had them all but did not…..look at hedges as well…

    Am in the wire room… Does not matter that I am connecting to the right wires… Nothing works!!


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