Haunted Manor: The Secret of the Lost Soul: Walkthrough

Haunted Manor: The Secret of the Lost Soul
By: Redbit Games


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***Looking for the Haunted Manor 2: The Horror Behind the Mystery: Walkthrough?***

The full game is finally out, just in time for Halloween! This is a walkthrough for both the demo and the full game. If it’s for the demo, I’ll make note:


If the step-by-step walkthrough isn’t enough, you can also watch this walkthrough video for the first part of the game:

1. Notice the symbols on the wall when the lightning flashes:



Full game:


If you wait a bit, the game should also show you the symbols as a clue in your journal:



Full game:


2. Tap on the door and highlight the symbols you saw on the wall. The doorknob will turn blue if you got it right, and the door will unlock.



Full game:


3. Tap the knob to open the door and enter the manor. After a bit, the lights will go and and you get hit in the head. You wake up in a room with an electric chair:


4. Take the stuffed bear from the chair:



5. Go back one screen and tap on the framed photo on the left.

Demo: Take the coin with the skull on it.

Full game: The coin is stuck. Turn the candleholder to loosen the coin and then take it.



6. Go back a screen and tap on the tile puzzle on the wall. Swap the tiles to solve it:




7. Go back to the electric chair and use the coin to pry open the seat, revealing a key. Take the key.

8. Use the key on the cabinet below the bookshelves and you’ll get a red rod.

9. Put the bear back in the electric chair.

10. Put the rod in the slot on the combination lock on the wall and it becomes a lever. Enter the combination from the tile puzzle and pull the lever. The chair will slide over.


Click on the little numbers below to continue to the next page of the walkthrough.

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How do you do the puzzle in the bathroom?


sorry for me english.
Resolve de bathrom puzzle, no find the recipient to full water for the fireplace. Where is the recipent


ie what colour goes with the moon, what goes with sun etc? What colour inside, what outside? I did the planet puzzle but I don’t understand the clue


Did it by trial and error


Thanks tho L good site 🙂

Chris cairney

How do u get back to the original room to put the candlestick beside the painting cheers!!

Chris cairney

Help plz anybody lol


You have to solve the clock puzzle then that releases the door that leads into the first room


These screen shots are WAY too small! Can’t see any of the detail especially on the fuse box level. What is the color sequence for this?


I’m stuck on the stove #25. What order do you turn the dials?


I STILL can’t solve the oven part ! (#25) Someone help me!!


For step 61, how do I match the wires? I tried pushing the buttons on the top then the bottom, according to which they are connected, but nothing happened.


Help needed on fuse box puzzle 61 any idea what the sequence is please anybody ?


follow the wires from the bottom up to the top

Danielle Gam

I have tried tracing the wires from top to bottom and from bottom to top, I have also tried just tapping the top then the corresponding bottom and vica-versa but no luck. How exactly do you get them to link up? It must be something simple I’m not doing!

Danielle Game

Hurrah, I figured it out with a little help from my husband! :0)


How do you get it to connect. What’s the color sequence I can’t get passed it 🙁




Tap the connectors in the top alone. Clicking one and then the other will swap them. For example, if the wire connects green bulb at the bottom to a red connector at the top, click the green and red connectors at the top. They will swap places. Now the green bulb at the bottom is connected to green connector at top!


When I go to the screen with the red tile there are no reflective ones. Do I have to do something to see the reflective ones or is this a glitch?


I had the same problem on my iPad until I downloaded the update. Then all I had to do was press the red tile.


Yea you do wait for the light to flash over the tiles and watch closely and they will reflect in order after you solve the puzzle in the small hidden tunnel


im stuck on step 25. how do i get the red dots on the stove to piont to the red arrows?


I can’t seem to find the axe. Can someone help?


I can’t find the axe!! I have been stuck for 3 days now trying ton figure it out! I have searched everywhere!!! Please help


Did u find the axe? If so can u please tell me how to get it?? Thx

Danielle Game

From memory, the axe is stuck in the kitchen work top. You need the gas mask to get proper access to the kitchen.


I’ve used gas mask and solved the stove puzzle, but I still cannot locate the axe. It’s very frustrating. I’ve tapped all over the kitchen with no luck!


How do you do the stove puzzle?

Danielle Game

It’s very strange that you cannot find the axe. I have played this game through to completion and my daughter has done the same. Both times the axe was clearly in the work top in the kitchen. It sounds as though your game hasn’t loaded correctly.
The stove game, you need to move each one to line up with the arrows but you need to pay attention to how they move each other, it’s a bit tricky but totally possible :0)


I lined the marbles up but mouthing happened


The axe I’s in the cabinet in the kitchen.


I can’t get the candlestick to attach to the wall in the first room. Any ideas?


I can’t get the candlestick to attach to the wall near the painting in the first room. Any ideas? Thanks


Help i cant get the candlestick off the wall. I have all the numbers correct as far as far as i can see on the walkthrough altho its not too clear. what are the numbers in red and blue


Look on the chalkboard!


please help me im stuck on step 45… i did exactly what it says there and i even tried both the red key but it doesnt seem to work:( can someone pls give me the exact order of the music note? thank you:)

Stuck in time

I’m so frustrated… I can not find the larger gear. PLEASE HELP!!!


i got the same problem !!!! do you find it ??


solve the piano puzzle


The gear is inside the piano. You have to solve the piano puzzle first . A little hidden draw opens up on piano and the gear is inside. Good luck.


Where can I find the porcelain flower to solve the bathroom puzzle pls help

Stuck in time

You have to arrange the colored Balls right. Them. You’ll get porcelain flower.
1. find orange Ball in room with clocks
2. take it to the next room
3. Arrange the Balls like you’ve Seen on solarsystem painting

Stuck in time

Sorry! The Ball is in the room next to the kitchen! In the closet.


I could not get porcelain flower


can somebody tell me the correct sequence to the fuse box i cant work it out and these stupid bloody pics are so small that you cant see nothing please somebody help me i have been stuck at this part bloody months somebody please help 🙁


Trace the wires. The top screw should match the bottom .


There are no screws at the top in my game, just wires going into the metals.


what is the code from the box (piano)
please help


No find the recipient to fill. Resolve complete the bath puzze. What is


Only 2 large gears in grandfather clock! Where is the 3rd?!


I have the same problem!!!! Maybe it there is something wrong with the game.


Kiana, I had to reset the game and start from scratch. It was a glitch. But the second time around it was there. Now I’m at the fuse box

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