Cryptic Kingdoms: Walkthrough

Cryptic Kingdoms
By: 3D Methods (Jacob Medina)



1. Tap the gate. Pick up the rock and take the key.

2. Go back and use the key on the locked gate to open it. Go through the gate.

3. Notice the time on the clock. Tap on the lion to zoom in on it. Pick up the red Bottle of Strength from the water to the right of it.

4. Go back and cross the bridge. Tap on the small shack to the left. Pick up the green Bottle of Spirit. Also pick up the Chain Hook.


5. Go back to the lion and use the chain hook on the lever to the left and the pillars will turn into a bridge. There’s a puzzle here that’s pretty simple. Just press the buttons to rotate each ring, so they match up. Start from the outside one and work your way in. You’ll get a key at the end.


6. Go back to the small shack (Scene 3) where you found the hook and use the key to open the chest. Take the Citrine Crystal from inside.


7. Go up to the cathedral. Take the blue Bottle of Honor from under the right window.

8. Above the door is a slot that fits the Citrine Crystal. Place it in there and press the buttons in this order to solve the puzzle (based on the clock you saw): Upper left, Bottom left, upper left. Now it will mimic the clock hands and unlock the door.



9. Enter the cathedral.

10. Pour the three different liquids by the corresponding colored crystals. Telvonus will wake up.


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61 thoughts on “Cryptic Kingdoms: Walkthrough

  1. Bill

    Use my descriptions if they help………and they are correct….LOL

    A bit of clarity on the figurines/scroll link. The two lights on the left side require only a single dot on the scroll. One for each of the lights of course. You have to repeat the procedure for each of the 4 lights to stay lit. The two lights on the right side require TWO dots to be filled in.

  2. Rebecca

    I finished it!

    I finally realised where I was going wrong with the shrine puzzle. I was leaving all the circles lit on the scroll as I was going along, thinking that I had to eventually have that all lit up aswell as the shrine! As soon as I cottoned on to turn the last circles white before turning new ones red, I had it done in two minutes, Doh!

    Thanks for the help though 😉

  3. Bill

    Good for you! We should make sure that all folks know that with each new light setting that the scroll needs to be cleared of all previous dot or dots.

    1. AppUnwrapper Post author

      After you press the center button and they’re all flashing, you new to press the figurine that’s diagonal to the light you’re trying to light up. Otherwise it won’t work.

  4. jordyn

    Dont know why I keep getting stuck …. any hints on the lantern wall puzzle i cant get the safe to open to reveal the other switch and Im doing just what walkthrough says?

  5. Vspivak

    I am following the instructions for the left side lantern puzzle exactly. The screen shot on this page and my game look identical! The small safe will not open. Is there something I could be missing?

    1. AppUnwrapper Post author

      I played with the left side a bit before I realized the lever was revealed, so it’s possible that i did something else to get it to open.
      The key it to make sure the symbols match the colors that you see when you pull on the lanterns. Other than that, try moving every other one to the opposite side. Those are things I did before realizing it was open.
      Hope that helps!

      1. gypsy

        The 2 left lantern symbols must be on the left and slide the other 2 across to the right. To open the safe for the left side puzzle.

  6. Carolyn

    Im stuck on the scroll puzzle. I’ve tried all the hints. All I can get is one light lit. Im getting so aggravated. I need step by step instructions or something. I’ve done all the other cryptic games and ain’t never had this kind of trouble. Please help.

  7. Laura

    Same as above, the scroll puzzle does not seem to work. I can get two lights lit, the top two, and nothing on the bottom. I have tried many things and nothing is happening. I think we need a step by step with screen shots, like really step by step for each light. Whatever I am doing is not working.

  8. amit

    you guys must to do a video for 64(the board with the red dots)
    it’s impassable for me. just two red dots are light and i don’t know how i did it.
    so please if anyone can upload video on youtube for this i’ll be very happy. i’m stuck there for over two weeks

    i love these kind of games

  9. Mari-jo

    I’m still having difficulties with the scroll puzzle. I can get the two top lights to light up but no matter what I try the bottom two don’t seem to work. Any help would be great love the games. Keep them coming.

  10. stephanie

    I am playing on my Android g2x phone and like many before me I am stuck at the pillars outside the mausoleum. I have read all the posts but the only thing that moves or rotates is the white symbol and the color of the flower.I have tried over and over and am having no luck! Is this perhaps a glitch?

    1. Bill

      I understand the problem. The SPOILER is to simply copy the 4 pictures on post 51. If you count the 4 columns, left to right, then set the 4 flowers to yellow, red, green, blue.

      Point the rotating white symbols to the outside color of yellow, red, blue, green.

      FYI….all of this information is coded into the door panels in either color and/position.

  11. naomi canuto

    Stuck in the zen garden. Put in correct symbols and what looked to me like the right colours. Nothing. Tried colours that with a little imagination might be seen as right colours still nothing. What am i doing wrong. Would you please try and help me?

  12. naomi canuto

    Still stuck. on zen garden. When i first tried a combination i think the floer may have lit up but usually when i tap the flower it just changes the colours of the symbols. Love this game but this is driving me nuts! Plese please help me regain some semblence of sanity.

    1. bill

      The zen garden is not that hard after you do it once……….LOL.
      I have discovered that you do not have to look are the back pillar at all! At least on the latest version.

      First notice that we have three pillars with different shape “flowers” in the globe. Each pillar has a unique color.

      Knowing that, go to the middle shard and you will see at the top a flower shape. Let us start working on the pillar on the left which is blue. In the middle shard, click on the top flower to match the shape of the flower on the top of the left pillar. There are two dots on the middle shard that move up and down depending on what shape flower you have selected. In the case, it is the one at the top. There are three symbols to look at. The middle symbol is a CIRCLE. Tap on that circle until it is blue to match the color of the left pillar. Notice that the symbol above the circle is what I call the “up” symbol. Underneath the circle is what I call the “left” symbol.

      Go back to the pillar on the left. Tap the center ring until you get a CIRCLE. Tap the upper ring until you get an “UP” symbol. Tap on the lower ring until you get a “LEFT” symbol.

      Once that is done, start tapping on the upper globe and you will notice that the colors of these symbols are changing. Keep tapping until the globe really glows blue!

      Then move on the other two pillars on the right.

      1. bill

        I wish for an edit button.

        “I have discovered that you do not have to look are the back pillar at all!”


        I have discovered that you do not have to look AT the back pillar at all!

  13. naomi canuto

    Thank you very much. So that’s what I was doing wrong! Not changing the colour of the shape in the middle pillar. Doh! Sorry, it actually does say that in the above walkthrough. I feel like a doofus for missing it. Thanks again. Do you know if this adventure continues in another game for Android?

    1. bill

      He is working on another “sequel” that will be called Cryptic Cosmos. It should be out sometime in August? Both iPad and Android.

  14. susan kaiser

    Like others, having probs with scroll puzzle. Have 3 lit just need top left. Didn’t want to follow yours or my instructions. Good to know to erase previous efforts. Love this type of game. Do I light top left light first, then scroll top right as starred. Or reversed. Or none of the above. Only one to go to continue game.

    1. bill

      The quick answer is to tap the lower left circle on the scroll making it red. There is a rationale for this, but the quickie answer is just to make the lower left red. You have done all the rest of them.


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