Cryptic Kingdoms: Walkthrough

Cryptic Kingdoms
By: 3D Methods (Jacob Medina)

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1. Tap the gate. Pick up the rock and take the key.

2. Go back and use the key on the locked gate to open it. Go through the gate.

3. Notice the time on the clock. Tap on the lion to zoom in on it. Pick up the red Bottle of Strength from the water to the right of it.

4. Go back and cross the bridge. Tap on the small shack to the left. Pick up the green Bottle of Spirit. Also pick up the Chain Hook.


5. Go back to the lion and use the chain hook on the lever to the left and the pillars will turn into a bridge. There’s a puzzle here that’s pretty simple. Just press the buttons to rotate each ring, so they match up. Start from the outside one and work your way in. You’ll get a key at the end.


6. Go back to the small shack (Scene 3) where you found the hook and use the key to open the chest. Take the Citrine Crystal from inside.


7. Go up to the cathedral. Take the blue Bottle of Honor from under the right window.

8. Above the door is a slot that fits the Citrine Crystal. Place it in there and press the buttons in this order to solve the puzzle (based on the clock you saw): Upper left, Bottom left, upper left. Now it will mimic the clock hands and unlock the door.



9. Enter the cathedral.

10. Pour the three different liquids by the corresponding colored crystals. Telvonus will wake up.


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I can’t seem to see any of the walkthrough past no.37. I need to know how to open the door to the mausoleum just a little further on. I’ve tried umpteen different colour combinations for the centre of the four pillars but none work! Can’t progress, please help!!

William Cawlfield

This also stopped me for a while. Don’t over-think this. Look at the door and you see a pattern of horizontal and vertical colored symbols. For instance, on the left you see a red square and under that is a red circle and under that is the blue square. You also see a horizontal pattern of red square, yellow circle and a blue square. You see a same type of patterns on the right page. Go back to the pillars and look for a matching pattern. Each pillar is unique in its color pattern. So, the first pillar on the… Read more »

Tom Rune

I feel incredibly stupid here, but I still can’t make it work. If I’ve understood correctly, the top left pillar should have a red flower in the middle, the lower left one a yellow flower, the top right a green flower, and the lower right a blue flower. Correct? Maybe I’ve misunderstood the moving “wheels” on the pillars. They’re supposed to be turned so that the symbol on them (i.e a star) is next to the color that this same symbol has on one of the other pillars? Or am I completely at sea?


I forgot to mention in the above post that Jacob loves patterns and colors. Sometimes together and sometimes not. As you progress, you will see his style. I can certainly give you the exact colors on the pillars, but in other puzzles further in, it is not a simple color walkthrough. A hint. You will see further in two dragons that change colors and a series of dot patterns. You can generate a color dragon by changing the dots. Then you can lock-in that color by clicking on the dragon’s eye and can then change the dots without affecting the… Read more »

Tom Rune

I’m usually not this daft when it comes to puzzle games, but apparently I am at the moment. Are you saying that I’ll need to somehow lock in the combination on each pillar before I move on to the next one? In that case, I can’t find any interactive spots on the screen in question apart from the central flower and the moving “wheel”.


No. The hint on the dragons comes later. The middle colors are as follows 1 is yellow. 2 is red. 3 is green. 4 is blue. Make sure that the white symbol is lined up with the symbol that is fixed in position. I have screen shots, but I am not sure that the symbols are always in the same position.


For example. The white moon symbol should be rotated to line up with the yellow star. But, the rotating symbols that need to line up do not always match the color of the center color. Do not let that fool you.

Tom Rune

I hear you. And I really appreciate the help. But I’ve been doing exactly that, putting the central flowers in the colors you mentioned, and lining up the white symbols. But it still doesn’t work:-( I’m beginning to suspect a bug. Especially since another one threw me off at the very beginning of the game and made me start over.


I rushing through the game again to see what might have changed.

Tom Rune

Wow, that’s incredibly nice of you. Thank you so much.


OK. I have done it twice to make sure. My ASUS has an app backup that functions like ” save game”. When you get to a pillar, look at the position of the fixed symbol. It is adjacent to one of the 4 outside colored “petals”. Rotate your white symbol to be adjacent to that color. The color of the fixed symbol is not important at this time….only the color of the petal it is adjacent to. Then choose the center color. Let me know if that helps.

Tom Rune

Not quite, but your help made me realize what I’ve been doing wrong. The “fixed” symbols aren’t fixed after all:-) They move when you move the corresponding white symbol. Figuring that out, I was able to break it:-) Thank you:-)


Yes, i made a mistake. One points the rotating symbol at the colored symbol’s color of the outside petal. When all is done, the fixed symbol is then lined up with the correct colored petal. My bad. That so-called fixed symbol rotates on its own when all is good and you come back to it. I need more coffee.


The old axiom of reading twice before posting once. I promise in the future to do that.

Tom Rune

Still, it’s very nice of you to go through this trouble for a complete stranger over the internet. Thank you so much:-)


You should be able to get through the portals. The next real tricky one will be the two dragons that I alluded to on an earlier post. I will try to be better next time

Tom Rune

Just finished it. Looks like we might get yet another one:-)


The only that I see that is new is Cryptic Cosmos that is not out yet. Try Cryptic Caverns and Cryptic Keep. Cryptic Caverns is the hardest of these two.


Tom. Are you using Apple or an Android tablet. As a rule an iPad version comes out a few days or weeks later.


Ipad version is earlier. Sigh!………

Tom Rune

I’m playing it on my iPhone. And yes, I realize that no official new game has been announced, I just thought the ending hinted pretty strongly that another sequel will arrive.


Still having trouble with this one, turn wheel first or last ?
On the dragon eye puzzle ?


I see that we are now getting more screen shots. That sure helps! Regarding the dragons. Like the previous puzzles, look at the colors of the dragons. You can change the color by going up to the scroll and taping the scroll to generate dots. On the left scroll it can either be none, one, two, or three in a vertical column. You can go up to the right scroll and tap on it to be another series of combinations. With either scroll, when you back up, you will see that the dragon color has changed. This is the method… Read more »


I finally managed to get past this one and funnily enough I found the dragon puzzle fairly straightforward, after a little trial and error! I am now in the shrine room (with the four figurines, and the scroll on the wall). I think I understand that I am supposed to light a light and then press the corresponding circles on the scroll before pressing the centre of the shrine to lock it in. No matter what combo I do, I can only seem to keep one light lit. Does anyone have any tips? πŸ™‚

Tom Rune

Well, you are correct in what you’re supposed to do, so keep on trying on that track;-)


I have followed the process exactly but cannot light the final light. I have the right circles in red on the scroll but whenever I press the centre light it then turns off my last light. I e tried it a million times now, I can’t see what I am doing wrong on this one when all the others worked. Help!


Which light is your last light that is giving you problems?


The bottom left one as you look at it


It is the top left dot on the scroll that needs to be lit.

The auther has created a You Tube total walkthrough. Do a search.


The trick is to realize that you may need to light up TWO dots on the scroll. You can get the correct dot locations to light by first clicking on the figurines and then go over to the scroll and you will see what that figurine represents in dot position by the star pattern. Take note. There are two figurines that indicate two dots that need to be lit. These are the two right ones. Try that hint.


I’ll give it another try, thanks guys! πŸ˜‰

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