Escape Game: “Closed Cafe”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Closed Cafe”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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Need help with math puzzle on computer screen connected to code in kitchen cupboard. Thanks


I don’t understand what to do with the picture and the blinds.


They spell IHLT which is a code to open a door a
i think


I have the opera glasses, a vase, a blue bottle, a metal hook, the memo and a flashlight. And I’m stuck.


Hi J, If u have opened blinds looked at menu on counter it sorta gives u IHLT,which opens door on right to enter kitchen. Did u get hook like thing off top of menu board? Once in kitchen put vase in sink turn on water,the key is for the register. Once register is open it gives u a creature and u tap on it to get another key which helps in spot on the wall in kitchen. Follow directions on the memo to open the thing on the wall which moves the big stand . Then u can look out… Read more »


I need help with last code, to open last door! Please help!


Hi Anka,
Have u seen like the QR etc on PC ? If so, take the cd back out and go to door on left. Insert cd and if I remember the code comes out to 10334 to open. LOL…


Thank u Empty! U rule! I escaped!


Where to get the cd?


Just curious , how did you figure it out ?


Anyone else having problems getting game to load?


Hi Empty, thank you so much for your help. The “painting” on the wall was my main obstacle, things went so much better after that. Thanks again.

Yes Dolly, I also had problems loading the game but after changing the positions of my iPod a few times, it loaded. The interface/programming doesn’t seem quite optimized.


Where do you find the CD??


I also can not get the scale to work??


You need to put the right amount of red and blue liquids in the beaker, try using the blackboard eraser on the menu board.


The cd is inside the scale


Thanks Revital: took me awhile to find the eraser..


Can someone walk me through with the scale? How do I get it to open? I have the blue and red bottle. Why can’t I pour it inside the beaker?


You need to find the blackboard eraser , it’s in the crack between the refrigerator and the capboard . Than use it on the menu , only than you can use the liquids on the beaker.


Greetings all!

I can’t figure out how to operate the switch in the kitchen. I understand the memo says go and back paired with 2 shape combos, but every time i try to do anything to it it says pressing the switch has no effect. (And I’ve put the key in already.)

Thanks in advance.


I got escaped but thanks to empty’s password for the last door! Still don’t understand how thou…. 10334… Where it comes from??


Help Im stuck. I couldn’t find the code and I can’t use 10334.


Nevermind I got it now. How to get 10334


It comes from the code in the laptop and the decoder in the cabinet


hi everyone, 10334 comes from the puzzle on the computer’s screen, there are some letters, u can find each letter values in the kitchen serving table, the right door
3+7=10 then 1+1+1=3 then 1+2=3 and 6–=4
so we have 10334


Someone tell me how to take the hook off the menu I think I missed something


How do you open the moving table left cabinet. Please help


Never mind I escaped


Never mind I escaped


how do you move the serving tray back so you can use the blue and red bottles in the beaker?


Where can I find the opera glass? The rest i’ve found..


Use the screwdriver to open one of the drawers in the wine cabinet in between the two windows.

Celia Santiago

How do you get the cd into the pc?

kürtçe haber

How do you get the cd into the pc?.


How do i get the cd in the P.C?