Escape Game: “Mysterious Hotel”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Mysterious Hotel”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. need help

    Need help with the numbers in the statue

  2. Maria

    You need both notes. one on the table (both sides) and one in the bell on the desk. let me know if you still need help.

  3. craig

    What’s the code for the skull box…. Or at least a good hint.please.

    1. Maria

      You need to make a fire, the 4 metal objects and tenaces…then watch the colour of the fire…

      1. jenn

        How can I start a fire?

  4. Jeff

    I can’t figure out the code in William’s eyes. Help please!

  5. need help

    Thx Maria but I’m talking about the head part with all the numbers can’t figure it out

  6. craig

    Look for the clue next to the safe. Then use the actual room #.
    Ex. Room 304 use the 4.

  7. Jeff

    I’m sorry I just still don’t get it. It’s probably easier than I’m making it but i still don’t understand the code. Please help.

    1. Maria

      You need both notes. the one in the drawer (william) and the one next to the safe. forget about the “digit below”. As craig said, calculate with the “room numbers”.

      I’m stuck having the pendant and the key shaped thing left. Anybody knows where to find the cross? Thx

  8. Jeff

    Finally got it! Thank you both for the help.

  9. Jeff

    Now stuck again. Have the fish, leaf, and bird. Need the 4th object.

  10. amy

    Having trouble with the fire… I have all the metal objects, the knife and the tongs… what to do to open skull box?

    1. Maria

      First put the objects (right order, see note) in the picture frame to get the matches. the take the objects and burn them (use tongs). Watch colour of flames and press buttons of box in right order (other note, “souls”).
      I finally managed to attach the skull to the key shaped thing.
      After a few more things to do I escaped.
      Hint: the knife is in one of the drawers. it is not the locked one.

      1. jen

        Hey Maria, how did you attached the skull to the key? Thanks

  11. Meredith

    Where is the hint for opening the box in the drawer with the red buttons and flame?

  12. Meredith

    Sorry, let me amend mt question. What does the clue about the flame box mean?

    1. Maria

      Count the shorter firesticks, then press the 2 RIGHT buttons (double meaning).

  13. Rebakah

    I am stuck on the box in the drawer with twine, or maybe wire? I tried opening it with the knife…no luck, am I missing something? Thanks 🙂

    1. Malv

      Yeah I am stuck at the closed box as well. Have the fish, grasshopper and bird. Help please! Have tapped everything in sight to make sure I’m not missing any stuff!

  14. Alessia

    I don’t know how to open the drawer.. I’ve got the key taken in the skull box and I don’t know how to keep on.. Help meee plz

    1. Alessia

      Finally I understand.. I escape to the mysterious hotel.. I had to combine 2 thins….

  15. Alessia

    There is a key hidden near the fireplace next to the statue Williams!

  16. ilaria

    how can I take the note to the side of the box? help please

  17. cheryl

    OK i have the leaf knife fish ruler

  18. Sally

    The tongs are behind the picture but where are the matches?

  19. Hyceine

    I am having trouble opening the safe

  20. leiipeii

    i need help with the code in williams eyes, too. i just don’t get it

  21. anna

    I need help to figure out the code for the safe,anyone?

  22. shay

    U need both clues for that the final clue is on the side of the safe u have to use ruler to get it, then that should help you figure it out, the numbers are in Williams head

  23. Alisha

    I have the leaf fish and bird need the fourth item? Any clues

  24. shay

    The grasshopper is in the safe if I recall correctly, have you opened the safe yet?

  25. shay

    Also, if you have not opened safe yet, you have to have all clues looked at before code will work, but its 1586, hope this helps you, good luck.

  26. shay

    Where is the knife? And I have yet to figure out color code on skull box in drawer, help any 1

  27. Alisha

    The bird was in the safe so got that one…the knife is in one of the empty drawes once ur in the draw click again and it should show it.

  28. chloe

    Where I’d leaf

  29. shei

    Need some help 4 finding leaf plz

  30. shei

    Can’t open the white box and i already tried with the knife, need some hint plzzz

  31. skye

    Wheres the grasshooper. Got other metal objects now what

  32. lil*kenek

    Aaaaarrrrrrggghhhh. Spending a lot of time going nowhere. How do you dislodge the brick. I’m in weeblewobble land over here, it wobbles but it won’t fall out and I’m going nowhere fast. Still can’t open head. Can’t read base of statue (assuming this is William). Can’t open skull box OR fire box. Newspaper sits in that fireplace doing nothing, Fish just pops back into my inventory every time I place it in frame …obviously I need the other 3 corners, but I swear it giggled at me the last time I tried in vain. Figured out the tic tac toe puzzle for statue’s back out so long ago that I can’t even remember what the heck was in there!!! Wicked frustrated. Clue before I quit, anyone? I was really enjoying this for a.minute.

    1. heidi

      I’m wicked stuck too but a bit further than you! to open head you must get the right code from William’s “back”. BGCZ…but we know these letters are read right to left from the clue…so “zcgb”. use the tic tac toe numbers clue with the tic tac toe letters clue to get the right numbers for William’s back! that will open the head and frustrate you further with the numbers there…but there have been enough earlier comments to get you through!…now if I could just find a key or two….

      1. heidi

        wait…it’s been a long time…isn’t that how we open the head?

        1. Nat

          You open the head with the ruler, which is on a shelf behind the counter.

  33. Iren

    plz, where is leaf?

    1. giusy

      behind the red door, the key to open it stays behind a stone fireplace next to the statue

      1. Iren

        I would never have found it!

      2. heidi

        I have tried and tried to find this key by the fireplace…to no avail! can you be more specific? do I need a tool to get to it? I’m with Lil*…if I can’t get somewhere soon this is losing it’s fun. i’m totally stuck!

        1. Suz

          Heidi, the key is on the right side of the fireplace. It’s the brick on the third row from below.

  34. lil*kenek

    Thanx Heidi … at least I know I’m not alone. Did my bgcz to open back,but can’t get head still. Tried getting into the code box again on back, but now it’s inert. Huh? I don’t like when it stops being fun. Funny, anyone who won the game has probably moved on to something new…so we newbies are on our own. I will eventually abandon if nothing comes of it, then have disturbing dreams about my lack of progress for seasons to come. =(

  35. skye

    Wheres the grasshooper

  36. heather

    Use the tongs to open the box with the wire.

  37. Jo

    How do I get the cross please?

  38. Jeni

    You need the ruler to open the knight’s helmet

  39. anna smith

    For the back of statue with the letters the code is 5863 you get a fish.

  40. Boli

    Where is the ruler?

  41. Boli

    Got it, thanks. (Under the safe on a shelf)

  42. Boli

    Finally escaped. Any questions you have, just shoot….

    1. btg

      How do I open the skull box?

    2. Cheree Monroe

      What’s the color order for the skull and what’s the cross

  43. kari

    I cant crack the safe or open the flame boxs or figure out the fire place buzz need help please.

  44. Boli

    Pickup ruler under the safe from a self.
    Open William’s head with ruler. There are room numbers there. 1st character indicates the floor. Use only the last digit.
    Open the bottom left drawer, where you have found a note. Use this clue with room numbers (remember, last digit only!)
    Go to the safe. On its right side there is a clue. Use ruler to reach it. Put the calculated numbers to the order this last clue mention. You will have 1586. Use this number to open the safe.

  45. Boli

    Remember, you have to find the clues first. The code will not work without reading all the clues. This is the same for all clues in the game.

  46. jen

    Any idea where to find the cross?

    1. jen

      got it!

  47. Boli

    Box with flame:
    This is in the upper left drawer. Once you have opened the safe, there is a clue what you need to read. You need to push the two buttons on the right of the box. This will open it and you will have the grasshopper.

  48. Greentorn

    How do i get the fish, grasshopper, bird and leaf to put into fire with thong? thanks.

    1. taprgurl

      Double click the item’s icon, click the tongs, then click the item and press the “x” button to close the inventory. To switch to the next item you need to disassemble the previous item by clicking the tongs icon and the tongs first.

      1. nana

        What???…can u explain a lil more? I didn’t reaaly get what u said…

  49. syra mae ibay

    Got a key shaped and pendant skull shaped.. already read about williams eyes..what about the room numbers in head..what to do now?

  50. Jacob

    I need a lot of help and how do you get the clue from the dresser? HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. dayah

    I am stuck. .help me please. .how to opened the safe. I try the code 1586 but its not work.did I miss something.?

    1. ladywiz

      Make sure you get the cl
      ue next to the safe or the code will not work on the safe

  52. Sardonyx

    How to open the skull boc?

  53. ailis

    Stuck. Any hints on how to unlock the drawer or where the cross is?

  54. Emilia

    I’ve put the scull on top of the lamp and seen the “shadow” it makes above…. What now? Do I need some tool i might have missed?

  55. ric

    very very stuck help

  56. Fushia

    Help i dont know th password 2 th safe help the othr 1s wnt wrk help im desperate

  57. dhaia

    i made a fire but it isn’t dancing

  58. Anthony

    I’m trying to figur out the password for the fridge trying the numbers on the paintings and in the bathtub, not working, what’s the password

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