Escape Game: “Mysterious Hotel”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Mysterious Hotel”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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need help

Need help with the numbers in the statue


You need both notes. one on the table (both sides) and one in the bell on the desk. let me know if you still need help.


What’s the code for the skull box…. Or at least a good hint.please.


You need to make a fire, the 4 metal objects and tenaces…then watch the colour of the fire…


How can I start a fire?


I can’t figure out the code in William’s eyes. Help please!

need help

Thx Maria but I’m talking about the head part with all the numbers can’t figure it out


Look for the clue next to the safe. Then use the actual room #.
Ex. Room 304 use the 4.


I’m sorry I just still don’t get it. It’s probably easier than I’m making it but i still don’t understand the code. Please help.


You need both notes. the one in the drawer (william) and the one next to the safe. forget about the “digit below”. As craig said, calculate with the “room numbers”.

I’m stuck having the pendant and the key shaped thing left. Anybody knows where to find the cross? Thx


Finally got it! Thank you both for the help.


Now stuck again. Have the fish, leaf, and bird. Need the 4th object.


Having trouble with the fire… I have all the metal objects, the knife and the tongs… what to do to open skull box?


First put the objects (right order, see note) in the picture frame to get the matches. the take the objects and burn them (use tongs). Watch colour of flames and press buttons of box in right order (other note, “souls”).
I finally managed to attach the skull to the key shaped thing.
After a few more things to do I escaped.
Hint: the knife is in one of the drawers. it is not the locked one.


Hey Maria, how did you attached the skull to the key? Thanks


Where is the hint for opening the box in the drawer with the red buttons and flame?


Sorry, let me amend mt question. What does the clue about the flame box mean?


Count the shorter firesticks, then press the 2 RIGHT buttons (double meaning).


I am stuck on the box in the drawer with twine, or maybe wire? I tried opening it with the knife…no luck, am I missing something? Thanks 🙂


Yeah I am stuck at the closed box as well. Have the fish, grasshopper and bird. Help please! Have tapped everything in sight to make sure I’m not missing any stuff!


I don’t know how to open the drawer.. I’ve got the key taken in the skull box and I don’t know how to keep on.. Help meee plz


Finally I understand.. I escape to the mysterious hotel.. I had to combine 2 thins….


There is a key hidden near the fireplace next to the statue Williams!


how can I take the note to the side of the box? help please


OK i have the leaf knife fish ruler


The tongs are behind the picture but where are the matches?


I am having trouble opening the safe


i need help with the code in williams eyes, too. i just don’t get it


I need help to figure out the code for the safe,anyone?


U need both clues for that the final clue is on the side of the safe u have to use ruler to get it, then that should help you figure it out, the numbers are in Williams head


I have the leaf fish and bird need the fourth item? Any clues


The grasshopper is in the safe if I recall correctly, have you opened the safe yet?


Also, if you have not opened safe yet, you have to have all clues looked at before code will work, but its 1586, hope this helps you, good luck.

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