Escape Game: “Penthouse”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Penthouse”


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133 thoughts on “Escape Game: “Penthouse”: Walkthrough

  1. Christina

    I’m writing up the walkthrough to post in the comments. How did you guys get the 5,4,2 for the wine section?

  2. Christina

    okay, first thing you see: the door.

    Zoom out, swipe right to see the bookshelves. Zoom in on the potted plant. The Phillips screwdriver should be there for the taking. Zoom out, swipe right, go to the balcony. You’ll see 5 lamps. Each is showing the arrangement for the blinds in the bookshelves room. The amount of light shining represents the extent you should adjust your blinds. As you roll the right-most blind up completely (hint hint about the blinds), you should notice a little something in the far corner. You’ll see it later, but tap at it for now. Adjust all the blinds and you’ll have a sound coming from below. Zoom in on that little red box, cos that’s where it came from. Take out the small tray. Zoom out first, then zoom in the middle to find the diet book. Tap on the info given, you’ll need it later.

    Swipe to the balcony and click on the table with 3 wine glasses atop a scale. This is your good ol’ game of pouring things around to obtain a certain volume of liquid in each glass. But the thing is, you don’t know how much to pour in each glass… So tap the rim of the middle glass. You’ll now see 6,4,0, meaning 6dl, 4 dl and 0 dl.
    Here’s how it goes…
    10 0 0
    5 5 0
    5 2 3
    8 2 0
    8 0 2
    3 5 2
    3 4 3
    6 4 0

    Okay, now before you happily zoom out, thinking that the sound came form elsewhere, no. It came from the scales. Don’t believe me? Tap on the right and see! Yay, you’ve got 2 keys. Use one on the 0dl wine glass. You’ll need it.

    Swipe to the place with the bar chairs. Zoom in on the space between the wall and fridge. You’ll find a bottle opener. (or corkscrew). Just take it. Could be useful.

    Now, get back to the bookshelves. Zoom in on the right side of the shelves and tap on the stack of yellow books. You should see a square + triangle + circle.

    Now, remember yourself grumbling that you can’t see anything on that blind? You’ll need a chair. Go to the bar. Feel free to zoom in on the legs of all three chairs, but you can only unscrew one of them with the Phillips screwdriver- the left-most one. Take out all screws and remove the chair. Take the chair to the blinds.. Ah, now you see it. The triangle = 33. Tap on it. Next, look at your chair. Tap on the bottom of it. You’ll see triangle x 2. Well, you now know that 66 is involved somewhere. Now zoom out and go look at that horribly weird picture of the joker. Zoom in on his… erm… just zoom in on him. You’ll see “96”. Tap on that. Note that it is in a circle. Now, get back to the bookshelves and the yellow book. Yes, I know you have not found the square yet, but if you think carefully, you already did. Look at the square on the book again. Where in the room did you encounter something with a shade of red and something square/rectangular? The wine scale! And what was on the wine scale the last time we left it? 6,4,0. So, now follow the book’s instructions and do 640 + 66 + 96 (wine scales + 2xtriangle + circle value of 96). Got 802? Enter it in. Hooray! You got the book! Take out the DVD that is in there.

    Now, to the unknown object beside the balcony of lights. Unravel the rope and take the cloth and you’ll find a rather cute sommelier cat. Note the right paw is empty. Place the tray and glass on top of it. Now you must be wondering why nothing is happening. It’s because it’s still missing something. You’ll find that something.. in the next room. Find that door that you have not explored before. Your keys should be able to be used here. You open the door and… you see a swimming pool. Now, swipe right and look at the table. See a bow tie? That’s what’s missing! Take it and go find Sommelier Cat. Stick the ribbon on his neck and a small door will open out of its chest. Take out the piece of paper in the cat. You should see a piano and a cup of wine and dots. Now, let’s watch a little tv.

    If you explored it earlier, you would realise that it was inaccessible. Now, take that DVD and play it on the TV.
    “Don’t remove the water.” Heed it or not, you decide.
    Tap on and you’ll see “Delicious Wine” . You see those 5 lines there? What do they resemble? Of course, the music staff! Use that piece of paper you took earlier and see what I mean.
    Now, find the bar. According to the paper, there are 3 pink dots. So, put that chair back.
    Now follow that piece of paper and turn up the left-most chair to the highest level. Follow the position of the other 2 pink dots and you’ll unlock the cabinet.

    Now that we’ve come this far, let’s celebrate. Grab the wine bottle and open it! 😀 You’ll need it later anyway.

    Now get to pool. You do notice that only the diamond part of the pool is lit, right? We need to get the rest on. Now, zoom out, and tap on the wooden wall in the far right. You should see a button with a small heart. Tap on it and you’ll see the heart sector lit. Now, go to the cabinet by the pool. Open it to find scales. Obviously, because it’s been kept there for a while it’s dirty, so wet the cloth in the pool and wipe it. Tap on the pool and use your cloth. Step on the scale. Now, obviously you can’t be so overweight to weigh over 100 kilos. It is obviously broken. You can hop off the scale now. Now, remember that diet book I told you to look at earlier on? There is a board, indeed, on the scale. But it weighs 4.0 kilos. So, zoom back on the scale press the 4 buttons on the scale to get a digitised 4.0. It’ll take a while, but once you’ve found out how the mechanisms of the buttons work, you’re fine. Now zoom out and take that board. Now let’s be more efficient, shall we? Go to the bookshelves. Zoom in on the shelves you found that yellow book. Now, bring your eyes to the green books on the shelves above and bring them slowly down until you see something between the shelves. Zoom in…and you found a button! But your screwdriver is apparently unable to be used to poke at it. So, we’ll have to do something else. Back to the bar. Now, we do have something thin to reach that button, but it’s rather flimsy- it’s your rope. Place your rope in the freezer. Meanwhile, let’s switch on another light. Zoom back out to the bar and zoom into the side table at the top left corner of the table. You will see two small buttons. Use your board and press on them. Wait for a while more and your rope will start freezing up. Meanwhile, take that glass from the Sommelier cat. You don’t need him anymore. Is your rope frozen now? Good. Go to that spot I pointed out in the bookshelves and poke at that button. Now, back to the pool. You’ll see 4 spots of light, obviously similar to the framed picture. But we still need something to light the pool up. Go back to the picture of the joker. You see those screws? Remove them.You’ll find a small hole. But your screwdriver is again not enough to poke at it. Go back to the wine scales. This time, it is 5,4,2 you have to attain. But you only have 10 dl, when your required amount is 11dl. That is when your new bottle of wine and cup comes in.

    6 4 0
    5 4 1
    Add in wine into the third cup. TADA. Tap on the left side. An ice pick! 😀
    Go poke that button with the ice pick!

    Now, the pool looks inviting. Go into the water! Your “joker” lies in the black and red checkered pressure plate. Rumble rumble… Something should have moved. Zoom out and tap on the club tile.. IT MOVES. Problem: You don’t know what arrangement to make of them. Go back to the painting. The symbols have changed. Match the pool tiles with the painting. Something will appear… A key!
    Go find that door you first saw in the beginnin-oh wait it doesn’t work. Guess you’ll have to go down 20 floors then.

    So, you are down in the water… you see the screwed cage of keys. Tap it and you’ll find that those keys lead to the bedroom.. which allow you to enter the elevator to the main floor. You figured that you should use your screwdriver. But you can’t exactly screw it well in the water.
    So… drain the water. That is, if you wanna rebel against the “Don’t remove the water.” thing. Swipe left and go to the far corner. You’ll see a blue valve. Turn it to drain the water. Go back to the pool and use your screwdriver on the cage. Get the keys and go to that door you first saw in the beginning.

    1. Ake

      You can pure wine in and out of each containers on the weight scale.
      Arrange seperating to 640 then you will get a key to unlock the last little glass.

  3. Candy

    Help~! I’ve turned all the lights on, and I just need to put the wineglass back to get the ice pick to poke the button behind Joker, but I CAN’T put the wineglass back. D= Pls help~!

  4. Dennis

    For the other ending just arrange the tiles at the bottom of the pool. Back out come back and do it again. I believe I did it about 6 times and the let floated to the top. Then you have to exit down the stairs. Then you get the good ending.

  5. Eyaloos

    I can’t pull up the blinds , I wonder if it’s a bug in the game
    or maybe Im missing something?
    I’ve managed to do almost anything else but I’m stuck because
    I can’t open the red box.
    how do I pull up a blind, do I press it?

  6. Rebecca

    I just wanna say that it sucks moving wine around. It is so frustrating. Fix this so people don’t give up to quickly.

  7. Dea

    Do I have to start over? I didn’t read the rest of your tip on the measuring glasses, after I got the numbers, I left instead of getting the keys, now it won’t open.

    1. Dea

      Ok, I started over and got as far as to put the wine glass back on wine weight, but it will not go back on??? Help please?


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