Escape Game: “The Dark Train Station”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Dark Train Station”
By: WaveA (IDAC)



Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until the walkthrough is completed.

1. Pick up the socket wrench from the table.




2. Turn right. Pick up the scissors from the desk.



3. Turn right. Cut open the box with the scissors to get a USB cable.





4. Zoom in on the blue screen. Then look under the telephones and pick up the socket.




5. Attach the socket to the socket wrench.



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  1. TazCat

    Anyone out there playing this one?

    I’ve been gutting my way through this one and have gotten most of the way done and am more than happy to help anyone who wants some hints and help on it (just tell me where you’re stuck and I’ll help all I can) but I am really hoping that someone else out there has also made it as far as the note for the door with the code involving “greater than” and “less than” signs (with the check marks and circles over some of the values) cuz I am SOOOO hopelessly stuck on it.

    __ __ > __ _ _ < __

    (double underscores denote 2 digit number positions and single underscores denote 1 digit number positions)

    There is a precise "typed" check mark over the first number position, a "hand drawn" check over the first "greater than" symbol, a "hand drawn" circle over the 4th number position, and a precise "typed" circle over the "less than" symbol.

    I have the note with the numbers 7, 5, 20, 23, 5, 20 which doesn't match up with the correct positions for 2 and 1 digit positions in the door code.

    I then soaked the paper in the spilled oil on the table of tools which revealed a clock face where:
    *the hour hand is marked with a precisely typed circle and is pointing to 4 o'clock (or 20 minutes).
    *the second hand is marked with a precisely typed check mark and is pointing to 37 minutes (you can zoom in on either side of the clock face and see the precise minute hash marks for all of these)
    *there is a hand drawn circle over the 5 o'clock (or 25 minutes) position.
    *there is a hand drawn check mark over the 50 minute (or 10 o'clock) position

    I've tried all manner of substituting the clock numbers, or adding them, have tried using the minute values and the hour values and rearranging the other numbers and pretty much have tried everything my brain can think of no matter how simple, complex, or just plain bizarre an idea is and I just can't seem to figure it out! Grrrrrr!

    Oh, I have also tried to use the red key which it says "seems to fit, but…."

    Anybody solve this one?

    1. natalie

      How do I get the power on for the computer? Please help! X

  2. Julie

    Hey I am guessing these numbers correlate with the ones displayed on the computer monitor after you hook up the security camera to it using the USB cord… But where did you find the note?

  3. TazCat

    The #s on the computer stand for letters: a simple substitution where A=1, B=2, C=3, etc. which gives you IANTSOT which then has to be rearranged… there may be some logic to the order that I missed but I just treated it as a random anagram and pretty quickly came up with STATION which will open the top drawer of the desk to the right of the one with the computer. There you will find a screwdriver piece that can be attached to the socket wrench in place of the actual socket and then used in a couple spots.

    I’m trying to remember where I found the particular note that I mentioned above… and for the life of me I can’t recall LOL Anyway I’ve solved all the other codes and puzzles and am now down to needing to solve the door code and finding the key to the large safe (under the smaller lockbox).

    1. Mobes

      I have the pen and put paper in tray in locker room…what the hell is the receipt book for? stuck help tazcat please lol

      1. Mobes

        Ok got note …tapped on receipt book like a loony until mysterious person asked for it, he then leaves note with 7, 5, 20, 23, 5, 20

        1. TazCat

          Okay… So THAT’S how I got the note! LOL

          If you put the note in the little puddle of oil on the tool table it will reveal the clock face image I have been babbling about.

        2. Matthew.B

          the code spells out get wet so dunk it in the oil.

          I’m stuck after that 🙁

    2. Maria

      Got out but never opened big safe or door on its right. nor did i manage to retrieve the nail. anyone succeeded? Didn’t say bad or good end… but I’d like to open thaz last door. anyone found out? For the hands on the clock (if anyone still needs it) you have to read both: hours and minutes. The actaully indicate smaller/bigger.

      1. Andrew

        So what’s the code?

  4. TazCat

    I’ve been wracking my brain for ways to understand the “>” and “<" symbols on the door other than as the mathematical "greater than" and "less than" symbols in the hopes that I would suddenly have an epiphany as to how to combine the numbers 7, 5, 20, 23, 5, 20 with the times indicated on the clock face image by the various circles and check marks but…. I am still hopelessly stuck.

    Maybe I'm making it too hard somehow and it's so easy I just can't see it…
    Or maybe I'm just not bright enough or clever enough to figure it out…

    1. Mobes

      Im in the same boat. I see 10 (fat tick), 37 (skinny tick), 5 (skinny circle), 4 (fat circle) with 7 & 20 on either side once note dipped. Thought maybe the 4 was 16 as is fat circle, and then magically gives 6 digits for door code. Nope still trying. Maybe the 7 & 20 are the numbers on clock eg. 7 is 9 or 21. Ok ok im also over thinking but im baffled. Lol. Also got red key and can see nail

    2. Matthew.B

      try 24 hr time.

  5. TazCat

    For the record:
    At this point I have a red key and the note. The only other item I can see but not yet successfully retrieved is the nail at the top of the window to the right of the coded door.

  6. julie

    Oh man I did originally think the computer numbers stood for letters and then WAY over thought it and didn’t realize that I should just unscramble the letters haha I kept waiting to find another clue to give order of letters!

  7. Rosette

    I have the camera hooked up but can’t turn the monitor on! What am I missing??

  8. Rosette

    Ok, figured that out, I have the red key, put the paper in the machine, now what? Can’t figure out what to do with the key or the ladder. I have a love/hate relationship with these games! Lol

    1. Mobes

      use the ladder to get screw driver ontop of window with nail on it…

  9. anna

    I cant get the computer on! Please someone help here. I have the camera hooked up but have been stuck for days….

    1. Funny haha

      Please read TazCats says on September 23

  10. HookahToke

    The code is 37 50>10 5 4<20

    1. Matthew.B

      thank you

  11. Meredith

    Hrm, got as far as giving the mystery person a receipt. Put paper in machine but can’t do anything else. You say that the mystery person is supposed to give you something? Assuming that it’s a game glitch and I need to start over if I didn’t get anything …

  12. Tink

    Ok.. I have wrench and socket, (combined) and usb cord.. I tap everywhere and cant figure it out.. I know I’m missing that one spot.. So Help please!

  13. Jay

    Find the bolt cutters and use the wrench to free them.

    Anyone find extra clues? I couldnt find a way to remove nail or
    open automatic door.

  14. d3m1s

    I’ve plugged camera to the monitor but i can’t use the monitor…

    1. Sally

      You need to press play on the camera first

  15. Jordan

    I can’t find the red key.!!!

    1. Sally

      Red key is in the wall plate. You need to unscrew the four corners to open.

  16. Nate

    I’m stuck, and don’t know what to do or get next. I have the ratchet, socket, USB cable, and the scissors. Help!

    1. Sally

      Open the box with the scissors. Also put the ratchet and socket together to loosen the bolt where the wire cutters are. Once you get the wire cutters open the chain door and you will find something behind the boxes.

    2. Mitch

      Nobody’s really helping at all. I see a bunch of people asking for help from people who are obviously past them but no response. I have a wrench a socket and USB cable yet I can do nothing with them. I am going through every bit of this room changing items and tapping every spot in the room and nothing will work. I have up on these games a while back and I forgot why but now I remember it’s like you have to hit one damn pixel for it to operate. So would anybody care to throw out some actual help so that we may catch up to you and also help you out

  17. Justice

    How do I get the doorknob

    1. Tif

      U need to get the screw driver socket first from the drawer which needs password. Then combine it w the wrench to install the knob properly to the only door needs it.

  18. Sally

    Going crazy here. What do I need to do to get the note from the mystery man? I feel like I have everything but that. I have black pen, roll of paper and red key but they all seem to do nothing. Please help.

    1. Tif

      Go to write a receipt w pen n paper then u got the note next to the receipt. Take it n decode the number with 1=A, 2=B…. Then u get the hint to deal with the tick n circle on the door n use red key at the end

  19. Mitch

    Now I have a pen but still I’m lost. I see the doorknob I know where the receipt book is. I don’t know how to plug the USB into the computer and am wondering how to power the computer

    1. Tif

      Use the oil pump to suck water at the corner to melt the ice, u will get the door knob from it. After sucking the water on floor u can switch the computer on too.

    2. Dennis

      Mitch have you sucked up the water off the ground with the oil pump or have you went over to the camera click the ladder on the camera the use bolt cutters to cut wires then use wrench on camera or the USB cable to get it down. The combine USB and camera then click that to the computer an if you have the water sucked up click the breaker box and the click camera the click the monitor the numbers up top go to the top draw code which is station

      1. Mitch

        Yeah I’m now stuck with the pen and red key

  20. Damian

    Where do i put the roll of paper :s really stuck its annoying me !

  21. Tif

    Sally, Go to write a receipt w pen n paper then u got the note next to the receipt. Take it n decode the number with 1=A, 2=B…. Then u get the hint to deal with the tick n circle on the door n use red key at the end

  22. la

    I have all the stuffs with me, but I cannot write a receipt with the paper and pen.

    What happen?

  23. Taylor

    So I can’t turn the computer on or open the draw to get this alleged wrench. I can’t contect the USB chord and the camera but I have opened the door with the bolt cutters. I also have no idea what to do with the receipt book. I have no idea what I’m doing, can somebody please help me!?

  24. Mitch

    How do I use the pen and receipt book

    1. rose

      i don’t know how to use the pen.receipt and paper too.

  25. Damian

    How do i use the pen on the reciept book anybody no? Tapping it like a madman witht the pen and no go :/ done everything else have red key and a pen ? …

  26. Maria

    1-On table in front of you, get socket wrench. 2-Right: Scissors, on desk. 3-Right: Cut cardboard, get usb cable. 4-Right, right corner under “window with curtain”(Sorry for my english) get socket. 5-Right use socket&wrench to loosen bolt and get bcw cutter. 6-Right: Use cutter to cut chain on door behind first table. 7-Enter room, move boxes, get oil pump, get ladder. 8-Main room, place oil pump on water on floor, get the pump running a few times. 9-Water is gone, ice melted, get door knob. 10-Activate ladder, climb to camera cut wires, get camera. 11-Climb on ladder to get pen above window with nail. 12-Switch on circuit breaker left of computer. 13-Connect USB to camera (needs a while) 14-Connect camera to computer, press play button. 15-Read numbers on monitor (equal letters of the alphabet)…station. 16-Open desk drawer, get screwdriver socket. 17-With screwdriver socket unscrew plate next to door (the one that had the chain), get red key. 18-Fasten doorknob to door right to the window with the nail. 19-Enter room, in the center locker is a jacket, get the blue key from the pocket. 20-Use blue key to open small safe above big safe, get paper roll. You the should hear footsteps. 21-Enter locker room again and place paper roll on tray behind the center door on your right. 22-Main room, tap on blue curtained window, you should hear a conversation- asking for a receipt. Sign it, hand it out and you´ll get a note. Again, numbers=letters of alphabet. 23-Wet paper on oil stain on table, read hours and minutes. The rest is already posted… If anyone finds out about the automatic door or the big safe, please let me know 

    1. Ash

      Thank you soooooooooooo much.. After your last step i just used to open the same door with red keys and it opened and they story ended.. So nothing else need to do after… By the way, this is the same door that you write 37 50>10 5 4<20

  27. rose

    OOOOOOOH! I Know!!
    small circle can be 4 or 20
    big circle can be 5 or 25

    small tick only can be 37
    big tick can be 10 or50

    so according to the note, the first square is small tick–>37
    between the second and third square is big tick, so u need fill in 50 10 (37 50 >10)
    the forth square is big circle–> u may fill on 5 or 25
    between the fifth and sixth is small circle–>fill in 4 20
    (because “<",the forth can't fill in 25 )
    ( 5 4 < 20 )

  28. Andrew

    I can figure the clock out, what was the sequence?

  29. Justice

    What’s the code for the door

    1. Tink

      37 50>10 5 4<20

  30. Tink

    What a game!! Thanks for the Help!!

  31. Stephanie

    I can’t get the drawer open I got the code turned it into the alphabet letters and it still won’t open help please

    1. Tif

      STATION as the code for drawer

      1. Dommers

        Dude, I put in Station like a million times and it doesn’t work! F*ing glitch I reckon.

  32. Cyc

    How to get the socket? Plz help!!!

  33. Cyc

    How to use the socket wrench to loosen the bolt?

  34. Jon

    Where do you find the pen?

  35. Taylor

    How do you connect the camera and USB chord???

  36. Bjorn

    @Cyc you need to select the socket and then the wrench too put it together.

    @Jon you need to select the ladder en then you need to click the ‘thing’ above the window with the nail in it, its up there

    @Taylor you double tap the camera, then tap the USB-cable, then link it with the computer 🙂

  37. Taylor

    I seriously can’t connect the USB and camera. Please help!? Was I supposed to do something with the camera when I got it down from the roof?

  38. Lushee

    I cant use the screwdriver.. Pls help!

  39. Dan

    Am I the only person who cannot combine socket and wrench?!?!?!?!?!?!

  40. Allibug1230

    Ok I have a red key and the pen and toilet paper I can’t figure out how to write help I can’t figure out how to write the receipt or check in front of blue curtain help:(….

  41. Allexa

    The code on the brown door doesn’t work for me! 🙁 are there any other codes that will work??

  42. William

    How do you open the drawer next to the table with the computer I also can’t get the note you guys are talking about can you help pls 🙂

    1. Kitty

      The sode for the drawer is STATION

  43. Maria

    You always have to tap on the hints first, else the codes don’t work.
    To attach the socket to the wrench you double tap on the wrench and then tap on the socket. I cant remember if this is the game with the two sockets. if so you have to take off the first socket first . then you can attach the second one.

  44. Jess

    I can’t get the socket and the wrench to go together to get the bolt cutters. Someone please help!

  45. Kat

    Jess: Double-tap on the wrench. A separate window should pop up with the wrench in it. Then go in the items list and select the socket. Tap on the wrench in the separate window, and it should combine the two.

    To anyone: What do I do with the paper? I can’t figure it out.

  46. Kellie848

    How do I get the camera? I tried everything I have the ladder…

  47. Zeb

    How do I reach the camera with the ladder? Cant seem to get close to it..

  48. Ste

    Iv entered the code on the door so now where’s the red key plzzzzz some1 helllppppp mmeeeeee

  49. Ste

    Iv got the key and opened the door so he went outside the it takes me bk to the menu is this coz I need to buy the game to proceed??

  50. Ste are you kidding??!!

    That is the game…..

  51. sean

    it goes 37-50>10 and then 5-4<20

  52. Pete

    I can’t get the code to work?!

  53. Collin

    HELP!!! All I have is a USB and the socket thing! I don’t know how to turn on the computer or get into anywhere or find anything!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

  54. Pepsi

    All I have is the red key and the nite with the clock thing so can u just tell me the code

  55. Lynette

    Good evening! I can get the pen but I can’t get the nail. How do I get it out please. Driving me nuts :0)

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