Escape Game: “Year Old Promise”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Year Old Promise”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Anka

    Has anyone figured out any of the codes? Ive got the orange juice which i already poured in the glass that i got by using the handle, and I got a damn green key with a 3 that dunno where to use it, cant figure out the rest!

  2. Arthur

    where did you get the handle?

    1. Anka

      Go to the kitchen, in the cupboard below the coffee grinder, in the orange panel write 8398

  3. Mach

    The magazine on the chair and the books on the little shelf give you the code for the safe in the middle drawer. I don’t know what the green key and the coffee powder are for.

    1. Anka

      Isaw the magazine but dunno the code yet! Also, where did u get the coffee powder?

      1. Anka

        Nm, i got the code for the box and got the beans, dunno the math riddle on the box yet….

      2. Mae

        What chair did you find the magazine because I can’t click on any chair?

        1. Mae

          Well I found the magazine lol

  4. Tina

    8398 doesn’t work. Something is missing.

    1. Mach

      8398 works when you’ll see the 2 notes attached at the orange juice sample and the orange juice bottle.

      1. Katusha

        Where is the bottle?

  5. Tina

    Where is the sample?

    1. Katusha

      When you get behind the barstand there is an erraw that will take you to the left of the screen. There you’ll find the sample.

  6. Mach

    The bottle is in the fridge

  7. Tina

    Do you mean the sample in the bottle?

    1. Mach

      You need the bottle AND the glass you find how Katusha said

  8. Troeng

    I got eraser and i use it for note on window
    But i don’t to know use it for?

  9. Troeng

    And I want to get pass of fridge. How to get that

  10. Jenni

    Anyone know the code for the safe in the middle drawer plz? I’ve tried allsorts using the clue in the magazine and nothing works…! Help plz?

    1. Mach

      The books give you 2582, the magazine note says *3; you obtain 7747 which is the code for the safe in the middle drawer

      1. Tazza

        I worked out 7746 but still box won’t open? Have I missed something?

        1. Mae

          U have to look at the magazine and the books or the code wont work. It knows if u skip a step!!

  11. Jenni

    Thank u Mach, ur a legend. That must be the only thin I didn’t try!! 🙂

  12. Jenni

    (it was 7746. But ur still awesome. Ha!)

  13. Jenni

    The coffee beans go in the coffee grinder, then in the empty glass table. You need to get in the “blue” cupboard next to the fridge to get into the table tho. The letter from the boyfriend and the letter in the mug on the shelf will hive you the code. If not, I will! Ha 😉

    1. Revital

      I tried all sorts of combinations from the red orange and green lettered in the note that’s in the mug but couldn’t get anything coherent.
      Can you give a hint ?

    2. Tink

      Ok I give up!! Whats the code for the blue cabinet??

      1. Sonjai


        1. Mae

          MOCA…all caps

    3. Sonjai

      How do you get the coffee?

  14. Revital

    I am trying to open the fridge clicking brazil but it doesn’t work any one knows why ?

    1. Chernobyl

      Exit from the game and then reopen it. It will work.

    2. Tazza

      I’m having the same problem

    3. Sunshine

      Capital letters BRAZIL the other is MOCA

    4. Ashley

      You need to captails BRAZIL like that

    5. Mae

      ALL CAPS

  15. Troeng

    Use capital letter all word.
    Plese help me for pass door

  16. Kirsty

    Working on what is said in the coffee bean box (22,6,4) the answer to the box on the shelf is 12,672, but there are only 4 entries possible? What am I doing wrong? Too much maths in this one! And what does the green key open and what’s the note in the mug all about?! Argh!

    1. Mach

      X=6, Y=2, Z=22 —> 3168

  17. Empty

    I just started,so, I got the glass of juice but when I tapped it I never got the #3 key. What am I missing? Also, I got eraser and supposedly U are to use the spatula to open the table with coffee and then use eraser to see 8008 and then go to window tap note and erase to get just a 3. I can’t find 8008. Anyone to this point yet? I guess u take the 8008 and multiply by 3=24024 that is suppose to open staff door. Need help with my ?s plzz.

    1. Mach

      The 3-key is in the bottle of orange juice, not in the glass.
      You see 8008 in the empty glass table after filling it with coffee powder.
      Has anyone figured out the clue in the top drawer ?

      1. Empty

        Thanks for the hint. I’ve escaped with good ending. Don’t use key on front door,bad ending. Use in the staff room.

        1. Mach

          Thanks Empty !
          I wanted to see the bad end too, so, against your advice, I escaped using the front door. But then I couldn’t open the door in the staff room !
          I’m trying to play again the game and now the code 7746 doesn’t work anymore :/ although I saw the books and the magazine note.

    2. Anka

      Whats the deal with the ieys in the staff room?

  18. Tink

    How do you get into the Blue cabinet??? I can not figure out the code?? I have letter and memo but not sure??

  19. Alisha

    I need help please !! I need to figure out how to get into the blue cupboard!

  20. Lizzy-loo

    I’m having trouble too, I’ve done every combination of the red, orange, and green letters possible. Please help?

  21. Anka

    Where is the spatula? Code for blue cabinet?

    1. Anka

      Its MOCA! Code for blue cabinet is moca!!!

  22. Revital

    Thanks Anka, it’s probably the only combination I didn’t trying it makes so much sense…
    Escaped , it was quite easy after that…

    1. Anka

      Yw! Can u help me with the keys,i got 2654 and tried to place them colors accordings to the numbers but no luck….

  23. Troeng

    Help me! key look like spoon use for what

    1. Anka

      Drawer under the sink

    2. kiri

      where’d you found that?

  24. Mach

    I think I’m near the end but I’m stuck. I got 4 number keys, a mug with LOVE written on it. I can’t open the wooden safe nor place the keys. Please help me …

    1. Empty

      Go and look at the calculator under the sink. Then back to staff room and the keys go in as follows.
      5 key goes in middle left, 3 key middle, 8 middle right, 6 key middle bottom. U get a kettle and go to sink fill with water put on stove. Once it boils put in cup and it changes color with coffee on it. Zoom in on the hatch back in the staff room and unshould input COFFEE and gives u a key. Go back to shelf that had cups and open the box. LOL…

      1. kiri

        where can you find that key that looks like spoon?

      2. Tazza

        Thanks Empty that helped me get out. Curiosity took me to the bad end but now I can’t use key again to see good end.

      3. cheryl

        Where do you find the 8th key

      4. Sunshine

        Where do you get #5 key from? can’t find it.

      5. Person

        How do you get the good end? I. Keep getting the bad end and I don’t know what to do.

  25. Alisha

    I have a spatula and 6&3 keys and I’m stuck my brains not working! Lol

  26. Tink

    Whats the date for the calendar?? Ive tried all the dates in the notebook?

    1. kiri

      clues are scattered everywhere. 6 which is in the first table. 1 which is in the book another 1 on the edge of the table near the magazine and 2 in the floor where the chairs are near the kitchen. Then tap on the top drawer to see the pattern on where to put those numbers

    2. Sonjai

      11/26 then get a key

  27. Tink

    Ok.. I got the calendar.. But now Im looking for the red key?? I need help with the middle table, the top drawer on the little desk??

    1. liz

      What is the date fr the calendar?

    2. cheryl

      Ok ive tried to do the calender what am I doing wrong please help

  28. Revital

    Spoon key is in the staff room look at the upper part of the hatch.
    Clue for the position of the keys is on the table near the staff room (just do the math, the number on the key * the corresponding color number – 10) .
    Open the middle table with the spatula and get the anchor emblem you can use to open the open drawer in the cabinet under the window

    1. jee

      i got 2653, but cant open the safe??

  29. Jenni

    Where is the White #5 key at people? Plz?

  30. Tink

    Crap!! I used the spatula on the first table but now I cant use it for the middle table.. What do I do know??

    1. Sunshine


  31. Lizzy-loo

    Where is the mug that says LOVE ?

  32. Tiger

    How do you open the picture on the wall and where is the mug?

  33. Tink

    Theres a piece of paper behind the white picture that will tell you how to get the mug.

  34. Tiger

    Thanks got the mug boiled the water but cannot put water in the mug. What am I missing?

    1. Revital

      You should be in the the mug screen and than use the kettle on it.

  35. Tink

    How did you get to boil the water.. Im stuck with the middle table, top drawer of little desk.. I think you use the spatula but i already used it on the first table and now its gone I cant use it anymore.. I think I have to start over 🙁

    1. Revital

      It’s very weird , usually objects don’t fade until you used them everywhere you need to. You should try restarting because you won’t be able to open the drawer until you opened middle table first.

  36. Eric

    How do you open the left cupboard under the sink? And where able to find White key? Pls!

    1. Revital

      White key is in the staff room ontop of the door. For the left capboard you need the key in the chest.

  37. J

    I put the 4 coloured keys in according to the calculations under the napkin holder but the door in the staff room still doesn’t open.

    1. Revital

      Make sure you looked at the calculator in the middle capboard

      1. Tazza

        I’ve looked at the calculator and entered the keys and nothing happens. It keeps saying I don’t need the calculator now. Is this a bug or have I missed something? Thanks

  38. Mio

    Can anyone verify if there’s a bug with the Spatula? Supposedly, it’s needed on the left and middle glass table, and behind the white picture frame. I used it on the middle table last, but the spatula becomes unavailable (grayed out) after using it on the other two. Had to start a new game.

  39. Tiger

    This game is extremely buggy. If you use things in the wrong order then they are grayed out, before they are supposed to. I had to restart to new game 4 times to complete this horrible game.

    1. Kiele

      Hey Tiger, can you help me please help me with opening the STAFF door, pretty please

  40. reenie

    where the 4 keys at?

  41. Kiele

    Is anyone able to help me?? I’m stuck, can’t open staff door..plz and Thank You 🙂

  42. Crystal

    Has anyone opened the chest on the shelf? Every walkthrough I see never even mentions it.

  43. Crystal

    Uuuhhg figured it out

    1. cathy

      How do u open the chest

  44. Kristy

    I can’t pour the boiled water into the LOVE mug no matter what I do. Am I missing something? Everything else is done.

  45. shannon murray

    Can someone tell me what i need to put in the cupboard that looks like an orange? im soooooo confused!

  46. kikipoizun


  47. Tony

    Whats the bad and good ending?

  48. Happy

    Hi Crystal,

    How you opened the chest? Where do you found the key?

  49. marta

    1. Whats the code of the calendar? 2.Where did u found white key? PPPPLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSSSEEEE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP……..

  50. omayra

    For the calendar is 1126

  51. omayra

    I’m stuck I have the keys 6, 5, 8, the bottle of orange the mug I can’t open the orange cabinet the password 8398 doesn’t open it I did all the other things

  52. orgy

    Where do you got the #5 key ? Cant find it 🙁

  53. anum

    Someone please help me with the staff door, how to open it?

  54. Rose

    8008×3= 24024
    That’s the code for the staff room.
    I can’t find the white key.
    Where do you find it?

  55. Jeremy

    Where is the white key?

    1. Mae

      At the top of the door inside the staff room

  56. maria

    Use the spoon key under the sink (the spoon key is in the staff room, just tap in the top of the door and you will find it) then you will find the white 5 key. go to the napkins near the staff room and take the code: 6×2-10… now for the keys you ve got the following numbers :6=2, 8=2, 3=5, 5=4. then go to the staff room ender the keys like the numbers on the calculator (2 is on the middle bottom).

  57. Kaley

    How do you pour the tea into the low cup it won’t let me

  58. Audie0629

    I’ve gotten pretty far on my own, but since I’ve not been able to get into the staff room, I came here to find out why. I’ve read all the comments so far and my only question now is where do I find the eraser?

    1. Kandace

      To get the eraser go to the part of the room with the coffee tables. There is a shelf on the wall. There are two boxes…one takes numbers the other takes a key. The eraser is in the box that takes numbers…good luck!

  59. Tamara

    1. How do I open the cabinet with orange panel? 2. Hoe do I open the staff door?

  60. ethil

    how am i supposed to open the chest? and how can i get the mug? please help me. thanks

  61. Chikis

    I need help that code for the orange cabint dont work and which key do you use to open the chest….HELP PLXZZ

  62. Erie Chae

    How do I open the big box? So I have this 4 numbered keys but idk how to use it. It won’t work. What’s the combination? I found a clue on the paper attached on the table’s tissue case but idk how please help me. 🙁

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