Escape Game: “A Odd Rumor”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “An Odd Rumor”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Empty

    Has anyone started yet? How do I get the camcorder on? Thxs.

  2. Empty

    I figured it out and done!!,

  3. anne

    I Empty

    I need help with how to use a night vision.

    1. Empty

      Hi Anne,
      That’s where I had problems. I found some help that stated to use the camcorder with nite vision in the room to the right and see shapes. Go back to desk and open the left drawer and see the names of shapes. Go to tall locker and put in TCSSTSCPC. I never saw any shapes with the camera in the room at all. But, when I did the desk and put in the letters some how,I managed to escape. LOL…

  4. anne


    doesnt work ;(

  5. anne

    Finally escaped! lOL 🙂

  6. Malv

    How did you get the camcorder? I managed to get the night vision thing but that’s where I am stuck. I have the handkerchief, knife and mouse but can’t seem to do/find anything else. I can see something under the grill on the floor but can’t get it. Help!

  7. Empty

    Put battery back in mouse and use on new icon on p/c. See 4719, bl,red,grn,glow.change colors to match poster glow,red,grn,bl=9714. go to grey cabinet see brwn safe use 9714,get red key. Use key to open mddle locker to get crowbar. Use uv lite see behind locker on left and use crowbar to get battery for camcorder. Use bar to open grate. Tap twice to remove the bag attch nite vision and insert battery.

  8. Jakub

    Where I can get night vision and how to fix leader? Thanks

    1. kristy

      I’m stuck on these two also.. did you ever figure it out?

  9. anna

    How do you clean the computer screen? Cant wet handkerchief..

  10. anna

    Okay got that but where is the camcorder battery?

    1. Meredith

      Anna, how do you wet the handkerchief?

  11. Luc

    How you get the mouse battery

  12. Luc

    How do you get the mouse battery?

  13. cheryl

    Ok ive got the rag mouse and peace of metal and now im stump can anyone help me out?

  14. Jojo

    Please, anybody knows where is the mouse battery?

  15. Cyn

    The mouse battery is in the blue open the locker type c t s p on the left most locker.

    1. Brandon Mullins

      I did that,it didnt work.

  16. Smurfette

    An odd rumor solution : Zoom on the right door and the basket ball
    Click on the ball left and get a cloth.
    Turn right and zoom in on the left window and click on the bottom of the window to change the view
    Get a knife.
    Turn right and zoom in on the cardboard on the floor in front
    Use the knife to open it and open it to retrieve a screwdriver.

  17. Smurfette

    Turn left and zoom in on the desktop and on the chair and finally on the ground to change the view
    Use the screwdriver on the screws at the bottom to recover . Turn right 2 times and zoom in on the locker and open the locker room right and get a battery.
    Turn right and open the door right into the other room
    Zoom on the mattress rolled up inside and recovering the L-shaped piece of metal
    Back in the first room and open the door on the left to go to another room
    Open yet another door on the right and go into the bathroom
    Open the shower curtain and zoom inside the tub.

  18. Smurfette

    Get a mouse and zoom in on the picture above to Rate Index
    Yellow – > Red -> Green -> Bleu.zoomer the mouse in the inventory and click on it to go back and click again to open
    Use the stack above and click to close it and then click the button to start .
    Back in the first room and turn left to zoom in on the scale and the broken bar
    Use the piece of metal and L screws and use the screwdriver to tighten the whole.
    Back and zoom in on the bucket on the locker room to climb the ladder
    Click on the bucket to return and retrieve a night vision device .
    Return to the desktop and zoom in on the screen.
    Use the mouse on the desktop icon.
    Back and zoom in on the drawers to the right and open the top drawer to retrieve a UV.zoomer lamp UV lamp in the inventory and click it to turn it over and open the battery cover
    Remove the battery from the mouse and put it in the UV lamp.

  19. Smurfette

    Back in the bathroom and zoom product at the bottom left of the tub
    Use the UV lamp on the dark side and get a spray cleaner .
    Return to the PC and use the spray on the screen, put the battery in the mouse and use the cloth to clean the screen
    Use the mouse on the new icon at the bottom and note the index :
    4 blue , 7 red, 1 green, 9 yellow
    The colors in the order of the index of the bath was the 9714 code is reset .
    Turn right and zoom in on the cabinet and open the cupboard below
    Zoom on the closet and enter the code 9714 .
    Open the box and get a red key.
    Turn right and use the key to the locker room in the middle
    Open it and get a crowbar.
    Turn right and zoom in on the grid at the bottom of the door and use the crowbar on
    Get a camescope.Zoomer it in the inventory and click it to remove the plastic top
    Turn right 2 times zoom and left the cabinet to change vue.Utiliser UV lamp to bring up an object behind the cabinet and use the crowbar to recover batterie.Zoomer the camcorder in the inventory and click on the bottom to change vue.Ouvrir the battery compartment and use the battery over

  20. Smurfette

    Click on the camera to return and click on the left to open the screen and click to zoom .
    Go to the dark room and use the camera on the symbols at the bottom
    Back in the other room and zoom the camera in the inventory and note the index
    Triangle, circle, square, square , triangle, square, circle , pentagon , circle
    Go to your desktop and click on the chair to change the view, click on the drawer to open
    Rate index Circle , Triangle, Square , Pentagon .
    We deduce the TCSSTSCPC code , turn right 2 times and zoom the left locker
    Enter the code and open the locker room to get a key.
    Zoom on the door with the truck over and use the key to open it
    out 🙂

  21. Joshua Minerva

    Really appreciate you sharing this blog.Thanks Again. Will read on…

    1. Smurfette

      With pleasure Joshua 🙂

  22. Atkff

    How to back from an item

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