Murder Room: Walkthrough

Murder Room
By: Ateam

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See the walkthrough for Murder Room: Another Room here.


Chapter 1:

1. Turn left twice. Tap on the man with the chainsaw. If you want to see one of the “bad” endings, tap on him to zoom in on what he’s doing, and watch.

2. If not (or after that), turn left and take the knife off the table. Look at the engraving:




3. Look at the top of the stove. You can try to press a button, but after that you won’t be able to touch it anymore.


4. Look out the window to see there’s no way out.

5. Go back to the first room and tap on the closet door to see a combination lock. The left two numbers have a red border and the right numbers have a blue border. The clue to solving the puzzle is the knife — “Jack” is red, “King” is blue.
Since Jack is 11 in a deck of cards and King is 13, put 11 on the left and 13 on the right to unlock the door. Take the doll from inside.


6. Go to the room with the radio on the shelf (and the tipped-over chair) and try to open the door. You’ll decide you need to lure the Butcher outside. Go to the kitchen and put the doll through the window, then hide under the table. He’ll leave the room.

7. Read the newspaper clipping on the stove. Then examine the body he was standing over. It’s a little girl. Cut her ropes with the knife to free her. Then you’ll hear a noise. The Butcher is coming back!

Click on the little numbers below to continue to the next page of the walkthrough.

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Natalie watts

Help! Stuck on chapter 3, don’t know how to open the fuse box? How do I find out the code?


the code is 426


The code for the fusebox is 426

Kairi galvan

It’s 426


Following this walkthrough will give you bad end. Walkthrough: Here’s what you gotta do: Follow steps from above up until chapter 1. Once you cut Mel loose and secure the door,cut couch for knife then have Mel check the oven. Oven will close and you have to get her out quick! HINT: SEE NEWS- think of a compass. The directions change every time so you have to try it different ways. Once Mel gets out she gives you an item of a steak. Put the steak in the oven an cook it. The steak comes out burnt. Look at the… Read more »

Plss.Help Me stuck in oven i try many posible ways but nothing happens me!! although game release 3 years ago..


I followed all of the steps but the game won’t allow me to throw the suitcase out of the window.


how can i secure the doorΒΏ?????ΒΏ


How can i get the rope?


Really stuck on the oven…… Any help?


You have to look at the buttons as if it’s a compass, also you have to look at it from the maps view. Turn it 90 degrees to the right


How do you get Melanie to run out of the bathroom for the good ending? I keep talking to the guy but she won’t come out.

Natalie watts

Thank you! That was difficult wouldn’t of thought to go back to chapter 1!! Good game!


Still stuck on Another story,room. Anyone start that room yet?


I have!!!! It was hard for me at first too!
okay, water system code: JASON
Hose on shower tube and water tank
cover up leak with tape from under the sink
grab plunger
unclog toilet
rings on pole
move shower curtain and find body parts


Anyone out there playing another room yet?! I need some help!


Anyone playing Another Story?? Stuck on bathroom panel code.


Don’t pay attention to the letters on the wall,you are correct though it is the days of the week with Friday missing. The panel on the wall instead of the days of the week,think months!! John-January,fritz-febuary fill in the blanks


TOTALY worth a whole weekend to finish this game tips can get hard what i do put the game down go watch T.V. read a book do something else take a swim, shower what ever then come back to the game totaly works fresh mind and all πŸ˜€ Because at time u just want to explode (like i did with oven almost).

Rachel Bazer

The oven isn’t working!! I tried ALL ways it just won’t freakin work!! >.<!!!!!!!

Rachel Bazer

I did the see news it didn’t work!!!!!!! IM GETTING PISSED OFF!!!!!


Try South-Right, East-Down, East-Down, North-Left, East-Down, West-Up, South-Right. It helped for me! If it doesn’t, try changing the directions of the compass! Happy trying!


Sorry, its Right, Up, Up, Left, Up, Down, Right!!!


Sorry, its Right, Up, Up, Left, Up, Down, Right!


thank you


Thank you! I spent like an hour on this oven trying to figure it out, and this finnaly got it! Yaasss

the black flame

it was the best android game I EVER played how many games did Ateam made I’d love to spend another weekend breaking codes in a horror story !


the other ones suck but there is another story

Rachel Bazer

Thank you SO!!!! much it worked but when I try to put the number from the burnt meat nothing happens://


I did exactly what your walk through says going back to chapter 2 listen to radio and get the map exslpore the stove but it WILL NOT shut it off.


I can’t find out my Roman numerals. It looks like IIVI VV. those aren’t real! UGH. πŸ™


Problem with the roman numerals. Looked like 5126 but its not working…been stuck on this forever now…any tip on making out what’s on this dang steak???


Anyone playing closed room?


Okay so I FINNAAALLYYYY figured out the oven using the information on here I did Right, Up, Up, Left, Up, Down, Right. What I had to do was flip the phone so everything was upside down and then do the right, up, up.. Etc. Thing.
Turns out that my roman numerals were the same as this guys and it was 2531.
And my combo for the fuse box was 426.


pleease help me!!
i got nr 850 in the fuse box and i dont know what i can do!
please please help me!!
i tried everything !! please!!

[email protected] my msn ! please!! guyys!!

Suo Na Zheng

I’m still confused though… Was the guy in the pig mask The Butcher? When you reach the True Ending, he seems convinced that he is protecting Melanie and we’re The Butcher. So were we The Butcher all along and we somehow forgot? When he punches us, he says “This is for what you did to me.” So we were the Butcher, but ended up forgetting and assuming the victim’s identity (the victim being the man who Melanie kills?). Is that why the developers wanted us to go through the Bad Ending before reaching the True Ending, so show that we… Read more »


Jaggedtears, that didn’t work πŸ™
The letters are e:w:t.


hey! just on a side note, people have been confused about the oven: on the lower right-hand corner of the map you find in the sofa, there is a doodle of a compass. a + sign with an arrow in one direction. the arrow points out towards NORTH (N) , so the button on the oven that points i the same direction is the letter N. the one in this walkthrough points directly away from the oven on the map, aka the compass on the oven is N=up, S=down etc. however, e.g on mine the arrow on the map points… Read more »


Fuse box????? Soooooo confused!!!!!!!!!


426 your welcome