Murder Room: Another Story: A White Lotus: Walkthrough

Murder Room: Another Story: A White Lotus
By: Ateam


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This is the bonus story that you can purchase once you complete the original Murder Room.

See the walkthrough for the original Murder Room here.


1. You get locked in the bathroom. Pick up the roll of tape from under the sink.

2. Open the locker and take the hose.

3. Turn left and pick up the screwdriver from near the toilet.

4. Use the screwdriver to open the drain cover.

5. Use the screwdriver to unscrew the shower head.

6. Look at the letters on the wall. It looks like the days of the week, with Friday missing:


7. There’s a combination lock on the wall to turn on the water, with a clue on the inside of the lid:


8. Look at the first letter of each of the names on the cover. They stand for the months of the years (January, February, March, etc.). Continue the pattern and then press ENTER to turn on the water:


9. Attach the hose to the shower and then the other end to the water tank. Then turn on the water.


10. The hose is leaking. Tape it up and then turn the water back on.






Click on the little numbers below to continue to the next page of the walkthrough.

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  1. Daniele

    Finally got it?! How far have you got?

    1. alice

      My code toq and I cant figure it out please help.

  2. Daniele

    Use hose on shower head,connect to water tank above toilet,secure hose with tape. Flood bathroom. Water puddles on floor revealing numbers,use cards in locker to get 1st code

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I tried using the hose on the shower but it doesn’t work :/

      1. Aoi

        I’ve finished the game, i meant the true story, i want to know and play the another story, if you have the apk file, would you mind to share it to me? Reply me soon please

    2. AppUnwrapper

      Got it, but the puddles don’t show anything for me :/

  3. Daniele

    DonΓÇÖt pay attention to the letters on the wall,you are correct though it is the days of the week with Friday missing. The panel on the wall instead of the days of the week,think months!! John-January,fritz-febuary fill in the blanks

    1. chris

      I can’t get it open is there a certain order to put the code in

  4. Daniele

    Did the water flood the bathroom? If you click the floor it should say water makes puddles on floor or something. If you are facing the door you should be able to see 2 #,same when you face the shower

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I see them, but hard to make out what they are. I tried 5453, 5354. So far nothing’s worked.

  5. Daniele

    Did you see the playing cards in the locker? That’s the order you have to put the numbers in. Idk if those are your numbers,mine were 6354

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I did see the cards, but couldn’t make a connection.
      My numbers look like 5354 to me, but I guess I can try making the first 5 a 6.

      Will play around with it some more.

    2. AppUnwrapper

      I got the vent to start, but I don’t see how the cards related to the numbers on the floor. Or is that for the next code?

  6. Daniele

    I just checked your screen shot. Your first number (in front of the door) is def. a 6 at first I thought it was a 5 too. But when I checked the cards I realized the number 1 card (1 spade) faced towards the shower then I looked closer and saw that it was connected (the number on the floor)

  7. Daniele

    Cards say show you the order to put the numbers in. 1 spade faces the shower and to the 2nd card (2nd number) 3 spade faces 3rd number and so on

    1. AppUnwrapper

      But the numbers were already in the right order on the floor (just needed to know which screen to start with). You sure the cards aren’t used for something else?

    2. AppUnwrapper

      Oh wait… Is the number in front of the door an upside-down 6 and the 5 is on the other screen?
      Trying to make sense of this.

      1. ray

        6453. your welccome

    3. AppUnwrapper

      It’s hurting my head lol.
      The order of the numbers that worked doesn’t match the directions the cards are facing.

  8. Daniele

    Really? That’s how I figured it out what order to put the numbers in. Facing the door I had upside down 6 on left a 4 on the right the 4 was sideways pointing towards the wall.
    Facing the shower was a 3 on the right the top of the 3 was pointing towards the 5 on the left which was right side up.
    So if you look at the cards they all have spades numbering 1-4. How the cards are facing is exactly how my numbers were on the ground. Since 6 was lines up with the card that said 1 spade,3 with the 2 spade card ect.
    Imagine if the cards were on the floor just as you see them in the locker. Plus the drawing in the locker was of the wall and key panel.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I get what you’re saying. But I just posted a photo of my cards. If I match the floor numbers up to the cards, I would get 3546 or 4536. The 1 & 3 (or 3 & 4 on the floor) cards are facing the same direction, so how would you even choose between those if that’s giving the order? Am I missing something here?

      Have you gotten any further? I can’t find a use for the rings (thought maybe the chain in the tub but doesn’t work) and can’t find a way to open the mirror.

  9. Daniele

    Lol yeah I think your missing it. So the 6 could of been a 9 but the spade is facing up just like a 6 of spades card. Also when I first saw the numbers on the floor I thought the 3 was a M. But the card with 2 spades on it faces the way you would see a 3 of spades playing card. The 5 on the floor matches the 3 spade card. The 4 spade card is facing towards you just like the number 4 on the floor. The order comes from 1,2,3,4. 6 first (1 spade) 3, (2 spade) and so on. Yes I’m on the last of the 3 codes from that panel.
    The rings go on the shower rod.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah, still not seeing it. I’ll just move on 🙂

      Thanks for the rings tip!

    2. AppUnwrapper

      Lol I juuuust got it! I wasn’t looking at the cards with the drawing of the door being the actual door. Doh!

  10. Daniele

    I’m sorry I didn’t fully read your comment I didn’t mean to repeat myself. I can’t really tell from your screen shot cause its blurry I’m on a cell phone.

  11. Daniele

    I just checked my cards again because you have me thinking I messed up and just got lucky. But my 4spade card faces down and the number 3 (2spade card face up)
    I can’t remember how I did it but you have to checked the thing in the bath tub to get your next item,that will get you the 2nd code.

  12. Daniele

    Let me know when you reached the 3 code part,that’s where I have been stuck for 3 days.

  13. Daniele

    LOL!! Hahaha I said that in one of my comments! I was like yeah plus the drawing too. I was beginning to think how are you not seeing it?

    Did you get the thing you need for the rings?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah I caught up with you.
      Trying to find a connection between the letters on the keypad and the clue on the cleaned wall. And whether the reflection of it means anything.

  14. Philip

    I need help with the third code i usedthe brush in the medicine cabinet on the wall to reveal the word tape ive looked at the hints and they still are not very helpful ive even tried lookin at the word tape through the mirror and i still dont get it can anyone help me?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      We’re all at the same place right now, so hopefully our three brains can figure it out 🙂

    2. Chelsea

      I’m stuck on the third light! Please help!!

  15. Daniele

    Ok you are at the same place I am now. I broke down and purchased the last hint but its very vague and that’s where I’m stuck

  16. Daniele

    Yeah want me to tell you want the hint says?

  17. Daniele

    P= 3 or 15
    e= 6 or 30. A

    t P

    Minute/seconds= 0-59

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Oh so tAPe is a clock.
      The letters on the keypad are what’s throwing me.

      It’s also annoying to have to redo everything from opening the mirror each time time I leave the game :/

  18. Daniele

    Sorry the comment got messed up. It’s the picture of the wall. Not going by the reflection. I have tried so many different combos.
    Idk what the drain numbers mean. The order of the numbers? I’ve also tried putting the numbers in order by spelling out tape.
    I have no idea what F:V:r mean either.
    If you look at the wall though,above the “A” you can see a marking that looks like F5. So I thought maybe 4,5 ???

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Oh yours is different than mine. My keypad says j:I:L

      Maybe that can help us.

      Any idea what the small mirror on the bottom of the curtain is for? Can’t seem to get it to do anything.

    2. AppUnwrapper

      I thought maybe the clock hint was telling use to put the numbers from the drain cover in order that they would be on a clock, but I tried it so many different ways and doesn’t work.

      Thought maybe the letters on the keypad would make numbers upside-down, but j wouldn’t work :/

  19. Philip

    There are numbets when u hold the grate thing up to the mirror i think the numbers are 51432 i dont know if they pertain to anything and my code box say U:S:g

  20. Philip

    Any ideas?

  21. Daniele

    Hey sorry guys. I have no idea lol. Did you check to see if there is a marking above the A on the wall that matches the letters on your key pad?
    I’ve tried everything from 45,30,15,0- to 9,6,3,12
    I can’t figure out the Mirror either.

  22. Daniele

    Also just noticed that my 2nd code was also different then yours. Mine was 2,9,16,23

  23. Daniele

    No luck?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I’m annoyed that the latest save point is at unlocking the mirror. Tired of scrubbing the walls and grate 😛

      I’ll try again tomorrow. I just don’t see any connection whatsoever between the numbers on the grate/mirror, tAPe and the letters on the keypad.

      Also not sure if that mark on the grate that’s just a line in the corner is supposed to be a 1. I tried combinations with and without it but no luck 🙁

  24. Philip

    No and its pissin me off lol

  25. Daniele

    Ditto guys. Did the same thing with the 1 also.

  26. jaggedtears

    No luck on the 3rd code?? I still haven’t figured out the mirror on the shower curtain either. I managed to figure out the other codes on my own but now I’m stuck on the final code on the door. I have tried everything imaginable. Nothing works. It’s probably something obvious. It’s driving me nuts. Hints are just too expensive and vague to be of any real help.
    Also I’m not sure what the letters on the screen of the door panel mean. Mine are y:N:p

  27. finally

    found the answer!

    1. Daniele

      You found the answer for the 3rd code??!?!? Well tell us what is it?! Pretty sure everyone and their mother are stuck on it!! Please help!! Driving me nuts!!

    2. Jaimie

      Hi the letters on my code pad is P:u:L I can’t seem to figure out the code can anyone help please

    3. Jaimie

      Hi the letters on my code pad is P:u:L can anyone help please

  28. Chelsea

    Any luck on the third light??

  29. Philip

    He dint know it or he would have put it up

  30. Daniele

    Come on!! Wtf not cool dude. Has anyone got an idea??

    These are the 2 hints the game gives. (Yeah I’m so annoyed with this game I bought hints)

    On the wall look at the word tape as if its a clock.
    ACTUAL HINT: P= 3 or 15 e= 6 or 30
    2nd. Cracking code for 3rd light.
    Hour= 1-12
    Minute/seconds= 0-59

    Here are some codes I have tried that have not worked
    9 6 3 0 —– 1 9 6 3 0
    Also tried numbers putting them in order by spelling tape also by the numbers on the drain cover by 2,3,4,5.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      The hour:minute:seconds must refer to be letters on the door panel, but how the hell do those letters relate to the rest of the clues?

  31. jaggedtears

    I tried adding the hint numbers to the numbers on the grate. Nothing. I also tried combos with and without the 1. Nothing. I tried going counterclockwise, and clockwise. Nothing.
    Why is the last puzzle the hardest?

  32. Daniele

    This is seriously driving me crazy

  33. Daniele

    Why are all our key panel letters different? Why are some capital and some not?
    The letters on the wall: the A an P are capital. I thought maybe they were like that to help people get the puzzle AM and PM?

    It’s says P is a 3 or 15 and e is a 6 or 30. Are the letters on the key panel the order they want? Capital letters call for larger number? My panel is FVr so what so my hour is 12? Because that’s the only number I have that is between 1-12. But how is the numbers on the panel related?
    Just thinking out loud.

  34. Daniele

    I mean the numbers on the drain cover

  35. jaggedtears

    I think I’m going to be stuck on this puzzle forever. The answer is probably staring us all in the face.

  36. jaggedtears

    Still no breakthrough. 🙁 This is going to eat away at me until I solve it.

  37. Daniele


  38. finally

    I can’t seem to post the answer..

    I will summarise the whole thing..

    Don’t think too much on drain cover as it is usable only after you have clear the 3rd code.
    TAPE represent a clock.
    Rearrange the letters. A=0, B=1, C=2… Z=25, a=26, b=27, c=28… z=51
    For exmaple, U:K:w = 20:10:48 (Hours:Mins:Secs)
    Digit 20 represents 4 in the clock face. 20mins.
    therefore, key in 41048 to the keypad to clear the code.

    Hope this help.

    1. jessifun

      I may seem stupid but can you help me my code is o:m:k, please help.

  39. jaggedtears

    Yay. I finally figured out the last light! Thanks in part to user “finally’s” instructions.

    My letters were y:N:p So my code was 101341.

    Did anyone else figure theirs out yet?

  40. Philip

    Ni im still confused

  41. Daniele


  42. jaggedtears

    More poison gas! Ugh. Now how to turn it off??

  43. Daniele

    Im stuck.

  44. kazial

    Thanks “finally’s” help, my letters are e:Q:r, so the code is 6 16 43

  45. jaggedtears

    Here r the clues:
    Touch the colors in numerical order corresponding to the items in the medicine cabinet.
    With the shower curtain closed start with red finish in front of the bathtub.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I figured the numbers on the grate give the order for pressing the lights, but nothing I tried worked.
      I’ll see if that clue helps.

  46. jaggedtears

    The last puzzle should be easy. Not turning out that way. The different color blues is throwing me off, not sure which blue to hit.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ahh, the story takes an interesting turn now.
      Not sure we have any choice but to kill him.

  47. finally

    great to help~

    1. Daniele

      And to think we all thought you were lying yesterday when you said you found the answer lol

  48. jaggedtears


    I was confused about the lights. I thought I had to end with the white color cuz the clue said to finish in front of the tub. The clues were misleading at times. Oh well. I guess it was .99 c well worth spending. Does anyone know of any games similar to this?

  49. Daniele

    Just finished Ellie,I played it when it first can out. Now I’m on to Ellie’s another room

  50. Philip

    Can some one tell me the code for mine? I apparently still dont get it lol U:S:g please and thanx lol

  51. jaggedtears

    The clues I bought cost me 200. Good thing getting the coins were free though. I wonder why the clues cost so much.

  52. Daniele

    Yeah I downloaded like 4 apps total. Flurry apps have you 100 coins.
    Just played forever lost,that was a great game. Can’t wait for episode 2. Do you know when it comes out?

  53. sunny

    this story is so sad! so he doesn’t die in the end hopefully? 🙁 Dang..the evil brother!

  54. sunny

    Thank goodness for this blog, I’ve spent at least 5 hours trying to figure out the third code. It bothered me so much that I couldn’t figure it out, I even caved into buying the hints which I never do, and those didn’t even help. Thanks!!! what will I play.. ATEAM COME OUT WITH ANOTHER GAME!!

    1. Daniele

      Try ellie please help me out. Also by ateam. They even came out with a second room with ellie

  55. Eimi

    I need help with the code for the last light >_< Thanks

    1. jaggedtears

      What are your letters on the panel?

  56. Sydney

    My letters are e:w:t which equals 30:48:40. What do I do next to get my door code?

  57. Sydney

    I meant 30:48:44 !

  58. Gaz

    I need help with my third code just dont get it. My letters are t:s:g thanks

  59. leo


  60. ash

    Hey guys, for the 3rd code my letters are K:L:d. Ive typed in 101129 but it doesn’t weem to be the right ans. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks 🙂

  61. kayrene

    My key pad code is o: Q: Q and i can’t figure it out for anything. Can someone please help?

  62. jaggedtears

    I wish Ateam would come out with another horror app.

    For the 3rd code:

    Sydney: Try 64844
    Gaz: 94432
    Leo: 152124 (or try 3 in place of 15)
    Ash: Maybe try 50 instead of 10.
    Kayrene:401616 (or put 8 instead of 40)

    Let me know how it goes for everyone.

    1. Kayrene

      Thank you jaggedtears. I ended up stumbling upon that combo shortly after and it worked with the 8 🙂

  63. Nex


    i must be messing this up somehow…

    52431 is what i keep coming up with and nothing happens 🙁

  64. Desperate

    I’ve been stuck on the third code for hours now… My letters are K W m which i translate into 10 22 39… What am I doing wrong…? Thanks in advance

  65. Desperate

    38 i mean…

  66. Amy-Lynn

    I can’t get pass the second code, someone help! I entered all the second codes on this page and nothing….

  67. laria

    Im really stuck I don’t understand the 3rd code at all please can someone help me my letters are Z,w,P please help I have no clue on this one

  68. laria

    I got 25,48,15 still nothing

  69. marie-pier

    stuck on the 3rd code, i got F X i so i think its 5 23 34 but nothing can anyone help me please

  70. kat

    can som1 please help me i have been stuck for 2 days i need help with the 3rd light i just dont get it please help please 🙁

    1. Dani

      Kat: it’s been a while since I’ve played the game but the walkthrough is self explanatory. But you need to look at a clock. Draw one if you need to. 12oclock=A, then the four lines after that would be BCDE. 1 o’clock is your first letter F. So write down the whole alphabet that way. Once you reach Z,start all over again with the whole alphabet in lower case.

      1. kat

        thanks dani ill give it a go 🙂

      2. kat

        thank u i did get it F:t:O is 1:45:14

  71. kat

    sorry my letters r F:t:O

  72. Ichiro

    I’m stuck at the hose part. I have attached the hose with the tape in hand, but when I turn on the shower, my character mentions the gap, but does nothing afterwards. I try to touch the hose to patch the gap with the tape, but the character just detaches the hose. Any particular reason why it’s doing that? I’m on the iPhone version, by the way (it’s the same thing).

    1. Ichiro

      Okay, nevermind. I managed to patch up the hole. Didn’t realize I had to tap on the shower head instead of the hose itself.

  73. Kenji

    I have F:O:r. I thought it was 1:45:43, but it doesnt work! HELP!!!!! Been stuck for days!!!

    1. Kenji

      Oh I got it now!

  74. AbstractNonsense

    I have F:c:K
    Please help ;3;

  75. Sacha

    HELP!!! I’m stuck on the last part with the beams! Please please help

  76. Sacha

    Oh done it!! hahaha

  77. Vahid

    Hey guys. I don’t understand the ending! Who’s what?!

  78. Hexa

    Hey guys… Sorry I’m being lame here, but the clock thing just makes no sense to me at all. Like I’m so bad at math it makes no sense haha… My letters are F:d:k .. What numbers do I use?

  79. Hexa

    I was pretty sure F d k was 5 29 37 but that didn’t work

  80. Linoo

    My Code In The KayPad Is P:v:m

    Please I Want The Solution

  81. Maggie

    Stuck on third light i got y:m:Y please help

  82. Derp

    I need serious help on the third light, My hint is, ‘K:O:b’…
    I tried to translate it but each time I get it wrong.

  83. angela

    So I have K:m:O I can not get it!!! Driving me insane!!!

  84. zac

    My letters for the last code are F:r:Q. My code should be 54316 but it won’t work. Help please

  85. Dunno -.-"

    My code is F:Y:L
    Umm any help anyone please?

  86. Cassandora

    Hello. Can anyone help me my 3rd pad code is O:L:R. please help-_-!

  87. Petro496

    can any help me my 3rd code is e:x:P stuck for days please help

  88. Alejandro

    Need Help. t:y:O

  89. Adrian

    Can someone help nees door code i got letters UUU

  90. Ryan

    I’m stuck on the 3rd one as well. Please tell me your code and hint. How you came up with it? and I will help the others as a thanks. My hint is obt. THank you!

  91. Jocelyn

    I’m stuck on that thing too! e:y:j !!!! I DON’T GET IT.

  92. Jocelyn

    A- 0
    B- 1
    C- 2
    D- 3
    E- 4
    F- 5
    G- 6
    H- 7
    I- 8
    J- 9
    K- 10
    L- 11
    M- 12
    N- 13
    O- 14
    P- 15
    Q- 16
    R- 17
    S- 18
    T- 19
    U- 20
    V- 21
    W- 22
    X- 23
    Y- 24
    Z- 25
    a- 26
    b- 27
    c- 28
    d- 29
    e- 30
    f- 31
    g- 32
    h- 33
    i- 34
    j- 35
    k- 36
    l- 37
    m- 38
    n- 39
    o- 40
    p- 41
    q- 42
    r- 43
    s- 44
    t- 45
    u- 46
    v- 47
    w- 48
    x- 49
    y- 50
    z- 51

    My code for the 3rd light was e:y:j, and my answer was 6:50:34. I hope this helps someone!

    Hour: 1-12
    Minute: 1-59
    Second: 1-59

    Dunno: 5:24:11
    Cassandora: 14:11:17
    Petro496: 30:49:15
    Alejandro: 45:50:14
    Adrian: 20:20:20

    1. HelpisAppreciated

      I’m still stuck on the third code!!! My code is Z:b:a. Can you help, because I still don’t get the clock thing

      1. HelpisAppreciated

        And yes, I know your comment was a year ago :/

    2. Sara

      My code is y:S:t, what are the numbers? O o

  93. Klason

    Mine is y:o:Q

    I cant figure it out

    Help me!!

  94. Abigail

    Someone help me please my code is j:n:u I can’t figure this out!

  95. Abigail

    Nvm I got it mayself! my door code was j:n:u so the 3rd code for me is 7:39:46 🙂

  96. Jana

    ╬ô├¬ΓîÉ╬ô├▓┬úΓö£┬í╬ô├¬ΓîÉ╬ô├▓┬úΓö£├ª╬ô├¬ΓîÉ╬ô├▓┬óΓò₧├å╬ô├¬ΓîÉ╬ô├▓┬úΓö£├ª(╬ô├¬ΓîÉ╬ô├▓┬óΓö£┬╜╬ô├▓┬┐Γö£Γòó`)╬ô├¬ΓîÉ╬ô├▓┬úΓö£├ª╬ô├¬ΓîÉ╬ô├▓┬óΓò₧├å╬ô├¬ΓîÉ╬ô├▓┬úΓö£├ª╬ô├¬ΓîÉ╬ô├▓┬úΓö£┬í Aaahhh….. Please Help me by my 3rd door


    I cant this Shit..

    1. Jana

      my code is. u:o:i

  97. Unknown

    Code is t:q:d, sorry to ask help, even seeing your guys help, im still trapped with the third light, i require assistance, i might be able to do it myself at some point or i get help from you guys, thanks.

    1. Unknown

      Nevermind i got it
      Itz 9:42:29

  98. Steven

    K:t:r can’t figure it out. I tried 10:45:43 and 10:45:3 50:45:3 nothing is working please help…

    1. Petro

      Steven did u try 50:45:43? soz if it dont work i beat the game a while ago n i dont wanna do all of this codes thing again so just try it n let me know

  99. Kitty13

    I have tried soo many things but I can’t seem to crack the third code! 🙁 mine is: o:S:b SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME! Pretty pleaseee?

  100. kaitlyn

    i have been stuck on the third code for forever, can someone help? my code is e:x:V

  101. Jessica

    I’m still stuck on the third code!!! My code is j:V:a. Please help!!

  102. Jessica

    Ok so my code should be 352126….. I think, but it’s not working (*╬ô├¬ΓîÉ╬ô├▓┬úΓö£├ºΓòº├çΓö£Γò¥╬ô├▓├▓╬ô├╢┬╝╬ô├╢├▒*)

  103. Jessica

    It’s so frustrating!!!! I’ve been stuck on this for 5 DAYS!!!!!!!! I wanna see the end

  104. erika

    I don’t get the whole clock mirror thing. I figured everything else out on my own, but am stuck on that 3rd code. How the hell did you get those numbers?

  105. Melody

    I’ve been so frustrated with mine. The code I have is K:P:R I cannot figure it out. I he been stuck on it for days. Anyone know what it could be?

  106. Melody

    I tried 50:15:17 and 11:15:17

  107. Jess

    My letters for the panel are K;p;O. I can’t figure it out! Any numbers I put in don’t work!

  108. Mew

    i’m still curious…is it all a dream? so there is no ‘The Butcher’? and where is Neil? And the main character in Murder Room is just a stranger?
    or the murder room is a part of Eric’s dream?

  109. Aly

    My game is 94% how can I make it 100%?

  110. Chinga

    I need help my code is ZQm

    1. Paige


  111. Philip edwards

    I have finished with 96% what have I missed to make it 100%

  112. Destiny

    Mine is y M r can’t figure it out help please

    1. Paige


  113. Jaimie

    Can u help me with my code please P:u:L

    1. Paige


  114. Phong Vu

    Can someone help me with my code:P X Q

    1. Paige


  115. Ehhehehe


    1. Paige


  116. Rosefranco

    I nerd help for the third light/: please help my code is t:I:k

    1. Paige



    How can I downloaded this new murder room games? I have tried many time to downloaded it but it seems just pop can’t downloaded it,can you help me….

  118. Adam t

    My third code was Kke but the solution was 2:36:30, K=2 instead of K=10. I think it’s buggy.

    I noticed that A=0, P=15, e=30, t=45 which is clever.

  119. Paige

    Okay, for everyone stuck on the third code here’s the complete key. Keep in mind the upper and lower-case letters.
    A-0 B-1 C-2 D-3 E-4 F-5 (1 if it’s the first letter) G-6 H-7 I-8 J-9 K-10 (2 if it’s the first letter) L-11 M-12 N-13 O-14 P-15 (3 if it’s the first letter) Q-16 R-17 S-18 T-19 U-20 (4 if it’s the first letter) V-21 W-22 X-23 Y-24 Z-25 (5 if it’s the first letter) a-26 b-27 c-28 d-29 e-30 (6 if it’s the first letter) f-31 g-32 h-33 i-34 j-35 (7 if it’s the first letter) k-36 l-37 m-38 n-39 o-40 (8 if it’s the first letter) p-41 q-42 r-43 s-44 t-45 (9 if it’s the first letter) u-46 v-47 w-48 x-49 y-50 (10 if it’s the first letter) z-51. I hope this helps.

  120. Aldrin

    Can anyone help me? Mine is P:Z:X

  121. Nezumi

    I don’t like solving puzzles without understanding the logic behind them, and the third light has me stumped in that regard. I can’t figure out how you’re supposed to get from the drain cover to figuring out that it’s a clock and the lower case versus uppercase positioning.

  122. Nezumi

    Okay, I figured out the logic, but it’s blindingly coutner-intuitive, and the drain cover step being placed wrong relative to what it relates to doesn’t help.

  123. Nezumi

    Also, I’m fairly certain everyone’s reading the ending wrong. The “All just a dream” doesn’t make sense. Why is Eric in a hospital bed? Why is Melanie there? Here’s what makes sense:

    Everything in the True Ending path? It happened, and White Lotus precedes it. The only thing is, Eric didn’t actually die when he posed as The Butcher for Melanie. He passed out, possibly from her attacking him in defense, possibly just from the poison. Once they’re out of there and things become clearer, including the protagonist of the main game likely explaining what actually happened… he was rescued and taken to the hospital, where he recovered. But since everything was so bizarre, and he was sure he died, he interprets the whole thing as having been a dream. That’s the only way this all fits together into some kind of sensible whole.

  124. Alex

    Can anyone help me? Mine is K:G:X

  125. Shafira Nurin Qolbi

    Help me, my code is t:Z:y
    Thank you 🙂

  126. makoyvlography

    y:x:c pls

  127. Toby

    where to download?

  128. Toby

    Where to download it?

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