Murder Room: Another Story: A White Lotus: Walkthrough

Murder Room: Another Story: A White Lotus
By: Ateam


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This is the bonus story that you can purchase once you complete the original Murder Room.

See the walkthrough for the original Murder Room here.


1. You get locked in the bathroom. Pick up the roll of tape from under the sink.

2. Open the locker and take the hose.

3. Turn left and pick up the screwdriver from near the toilet.

4. Use the screwdriver to open the drain cover.

5. Use the screwdriver to unscrew the shower head.

6. Look at the letters on the wall. It looks like the days of the week, with Friday missing:


7. There’s a combination lock on the wall to turn on the water, with a clue on the inside of the lid:


8. Look at the first letter of each of the names on the cover. They stand for the months of the years (January, February, March, etc.). Continue the pattern and then press ENTER to turn on the water:


9. Attach the hose to the shower and then the other end to the water tank. Then turn on the water.


10. The hose is leaking. Tape it up and then turn the water back on.






Click on the little numbers below to continue to the next page of the walkthrough.

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Finally got it?! How far have you got?


My code toq and I cant figure it out please help.


Use hose on shower head,connect to water tank above toilet,secure hose with tape. Flood bathroom. Water puddles on floor revealing numbers,use cards in locker to get 1st code


Don’t pay attention to the letters on the wall,you are correct though it is the days of the week with Friday missing. The panel on the wall instead of the days of the week,think months!! John-January,fritz-febuary fill in the blanks


I can’t get it open is there a certain order to put the code in


Did the water flood the bathroom? If you click the floor it should say water makes puddles on floor or something. If you are facing the door you should be able to see 2 #,same when you face the shower


Did you see the playing cards in the locker? That’s the order you have to put the numbers in. Idk if those are your numbers,mine were 6354


I just checked your screen shot. Your first number (in front of the door) is def. a 6 at first I thought it was a 5 too. But when I checked the cards I realized the number 1 card (1 spade) faced towards the shower then I looked closer and saw that it was connected (the number on the floor)


Cards say show you the order to put the numbers in. 1 spade faces the shower and to the 2nd card (2nd number) 3 spade faces 3rd number and so on


Really? That’s how I figured it out what order to put the numbers in. Facing the door I had upside down 6 on left a 4 on the right the 4 was sideways pointing towards the wall. Facing the shower was a 3 on the right the top of the 3 was pointing towards the 5 on the left which was right side up. So if you look at the cards they all have spades numbering 1-4. How the cards are facing is exactly how my numbers were on the ground. Since 6 was lines up with the card that… Read more »


Lol yeah I think your missing it. So the 6 could of been a 9 but the spade is facing up just like a 6 of spades card. Also when I first saw the numbers on the floor I thought the 3 was a M. But the card with 2 spades on it faces the way you would see a 3 of spades playing card. The 5 on the floor matches the 3 spade card. The 4 spade card is facing towards you just like the number 4 on the floor. The order comes from 1,2,3,4. 6 first (1 spade)… Read more »


I’m sorry I didn’t fully read your comment I didn’t mean to repeat myself. I can’t really tell from your screen shot cause its blurry I’m on a cell phone.


I just checked my cards again because you have me thinking I messed up and just got lucky. But my 4spade card faces down and the number 3 (2spade card face up)
I can’t remember how I did it but you have to checked the thing in the bath tub to get your next item,that will get you the 2nd code.


Let me know when you reached the 3 code part,that’s where I have been stuck for 3 days.


LOL!! Hahaha I said that in one of my comments! I was like yeah plus the drawing too. I was beginning to think how are you not seeing it?

Did you get the thing you need for the rings?


I need help with the third code i usedthe brush in the medicine cabinet on the wall to reveal the word tape ive looked at the hints and they still are not very helpful ive even tried lookin at the word tape through the mirror and i still dont get it can anyone help me?


I’m stuck on the third light! Please help!!


Ok you are at the same place I am now. I broke down and purchased the last hint but its very vague and that’s where I’m stuck


Yeah want me to tell you want the hint says?


P= 3 or 15
e= 6 or 30. A

t P

Minute/seconds= 0-59


Sorry the comment got messed up. It’s the picture of the wall. Not going by the reflection. I have tried so many different combos.
Idk what the drain numbers mean. The order of the numbers? I’ve also tried putting the numbers in order by spelling out tape.
I have no idea what F:V:r mean either.
If you look at the wall though,above the “A” you can see a marking that looks like F5. So I thought maybe 4,5 ???


There are numbets when u hold the grate thing up to the mirror i think the numbers are 51432 i dont know if they pertain to anything and my code box say U:S:g


Any ideas?


Hey sorry guys. I have no idea lol. Did you check to see if there is a marking above the A on the wall that matches the letters on your key pad?
I’ve tried everything from 45,30,15,0- to 9,6,3,12
I can’t figure out the Mirror either.


Also just noticed that my 2nd code was also different then yours. Mine was 2,9,16,23


No luck?


No and its pissin me off lol


Ditto guys. Did the same thing with the 1 also.

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