Escape Game: “A Note Left Behind”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “A Note Left Behind”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Maria

    Stuck on star and moon thing. do I need the lense for reading hint on wall? Or is the note enough? Thx

    1. Maria

      Never mind, got out.

      1. Ilaria

        Stars and moon= 85

        1. Charice

          why is 85?

  2. Sally

    Maria, if you’ve got out can you PLEASE tell be how to solve the ‘ZLS’ clue, I cabt’ do anything else, so assume this is the way into the safe. I have logic block!

    1. Ilaria

      Hi Sally, Sorry but I don’t speak english very well..the solution is BBKCCCAG and is the password for the safe

  3. Keri

    What is the password to the cabinet…these games are driving me nuts 😉

  4. MrsIncredible

    Where is the logic block? And what tomdo with the cabinet doorknob with thumbtacks?

  5. mari

    Plzz help why the code BBKCCCAG not working for me???isnt there a walkthrough for thid game!??

  6. danita

    Mari, sorry for my english. You must see the numbers in the pc and the note for put the code. I’m stuck whit the saint’s need help please.
    Tenes que ver los números que están en la parte inferior de la pantalla de la pc y la nota para poder poner el código. Estoy trabada con la impresora

    1. mari

      Thanx danita,i figured out that part,n now im stuck on the printer,it isnt printing the data of computer.n by the way ur english is absoloutely f9,why do u say sorry for it…??

  7. Cris

    The printer needs ink. There’s a cartridge behind one courtain. You need to go to the first table and there, clik con courtain (I think so)

    1. Sara

      If I put ink on the printer, nothing happens..What now? Also, I can’t figure out how did you get BBKCCCAG solution? I found out PC numbers and the ZLS clue under the table, but I can’t see their connection.

      1. Yorugua

        Delete all z,l,s letters. Fill the blanks with a,b or c as per code shown on laptop screen. Enter code: BBKCCCAG using capital letters.

        1. Sara

          That’s it! Now it’s easy! Thanx Yorugua. Out! 🙂

          1. Jay

            Hi. Still can’t get it, will u please explain ?

  8. bogurt

    Got to open door with wheels in shelf. What do I do next?

  9. EscapeGameFan

    Is there a walkthrough available?
    Have camera/lens but am now stuck with what to do… Anyone able to help?

    1. Jay

      Use the camera with the lens then go to the room and click on the upper right of the board and you’ll zoom to an x mark. Use the metal rod on the x mark to find the key

  10. Jay

    Still can’t figure out the connection between the letters on the laptop and the zls note. I deleted the z,l,s letters and tried to fill the a,b,c letters but don’t know how to do that correctly. I’m missing the relationship. Please help

    1. asoliz

      Find the note on the second level on desk. Once you get cord from plane and remote, you can plug in computer and turn on. The hint is a=1, b=2, c=3. The note has TWO circles first so that would be BB then delete the Z ‘s so that leaves you with a K. So BBK. Then THREE circles gives you CCC and so on… Does this help?

  11. asoliz

    I have opened the door to the shelves. I see the wheels but can’t figure out what do do next. I also have not found the camera. Help please.

    1. Jay

      Thank you.. I got it now..
      Use the metal rod on the weels to remove the stoppers an now you can enter the room.. On the top of the cabinet you will find a blue box and inside it you will find an eraser. Use the eraser on the board and you’ll see a moon on the borad and on behind the eraser itself you’ll see a star .. From the note on the same room you will solve the code for the drawer in the cabinet .. From there you get metal tonig which you will use on the shelve with thumbtacks in the outside room .. You will get fork like key .. Use the key on the box right above the shelve with thumbtack to find the camera ..

  12. Astrid

    Okay I’m out but it’s a bad end he said. So there is also an escape with a good end. I don’t know yet where I did wrong. But I don’t really mind now. Maybe another time.

  13. Richard

    This Game is Crap!! I dont find the Camera, i dont can open the shelfdoor with the metaltickles, i dont find the eraser, i dont find the wheels. i dont know what do to with the radio-controlled flying thing, i dont know what do to with the Laptop, slanting frame, Box with diamonds and the Safe in the shelf.

    Help me please!!

  14. mustafa

    Out with bad end!
    I have folder, inside there is paper. How do I get good end?

  15. Jess

    To get a good end place the paper in the file into the printer. Then go to the computer and print the picture.

  16. Jess

    To get a good end place the paper in the file into the printer. Then go to the computer and print the picture.

  17. jessica

    Ive finished this game with a good ending…… Quite hard and very frustrating

  18. jessica

    The fork key opens the safe on the scene with the lens, inside is the camera which connects with the lens…… If you have the tongs then they are what is needed to remove the thumbtack

  19. Eve

    I have got the ink cartridge and the cord i believe plugs into the laptop but for some reason i cannot put the ink into the printer and i can’t put the cord into the laptop, stuck please help

  20. thickie

    use knife on stuffed toy rabbit for good ending

  21. JEAN

    How do you get printer to work? Cant pick up cable.

  22. afroditi

    Can somebody give me some hints for solving the srar and moon code?
    I am stuck! Thanx!!!

  23. heather

    To solve stars and moon: multiply 4 x13 stars and add 3 x 16 moons giving you 100. But then subtract south which is 6 on the clock and west which is 9 giving you total of 85.

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