Escape Game: “Lost Future”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Lost Future”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Tif

    Anyone playing the lost future? I had a coin n key that used already n a torch to light the books with the clues in 3 colors but don’t know how to use it…. Pls help….

  2. TazCat

    I’m in the same spot… still playing with the kids.

    1. TazCat

      Sheesh… I hit enter instead of backspace and it posted that typo and all LOL

      I was going to say that I am still playing around with the colored letters trying to make some sense of it. I’ll let you know if I manage to figure it out.

  3. need help

    Use the colors that are the Sandler me know if you need more help

  4. need help

    “All the same” typo good that helps

  5. TazCat

    I must be missing something… or else I’m just being really dense… Cuz I just don’t get it.

    I’ve seen the note on the safe that says:

    “Take out the song
    Pink + orange
    All inferred answers are X”

    I know that there is a cd in the stereo but I can neither play it nor remove it. I see the shelf that has cds on it too but can’t do anything there.

    I’ve used the flashlight on all the books and written down the colored letters, their specific colors, in the order they appear, and which color book they appear in. I’ve tried converting the letters to numbers and adding and/or simply combining them in various ways, paying special attention to the ones in the pink and orange books, but still trying ALL possible combinations I can think of… and I just don’t get anywhere.

    I don’t understand the last line of the safe clue at all.

    HELP! I really HATE having to get help… I prefer figuring these things out on my own but this one is starting to really tick me off. I know it’s probably really simple once you get it, but I just don’t get it! LOL

    Am I missing some essential clue or am I just being dense?!

  6. need help

    Well I must be dense to because IDGI nd I’ve tried all kinds of ways nothing I’m stumped if you get it let me know pls

  7. craig

    Use books for M R Z safe. Put letters in order…. A b c d e etc.
    The pink and orange clue comes later. (which is what I’m stuck on… HELP!)

    1. Lysa

      Pink and orange comes into play when you use the carving knife on the bunny. Don’t remember where I got the knife, though. There are two things in the bunny. One is a chart with pink and orange numbers.

  8. vicky miles

    What’s the 6 digit code ? Help

  9. Maria

    For the pink and orange thing: look for letters of song (you and me) each letter is the sum of pink +orange, then multiply all numbers (x). You shuld get a 6 digit number.
    I am stuck with the safe in the candle and the music box.

  10. Maria

    Ok. got it. but now I am seriously stuck with the last safe, the one with the lever. i have absolutely no clue what is meant…

  11. Maria

    Tried all numbers, a low two digit one worked. for good end you need to read the grey book just before exiting. for whatever reason it worked. strange.

    1. Teresa

      Yes can find the answer through trial and error but how do you figure it out ?

      1. Teresa

        Ok. A bit too cryptic but apparently it’s 26 letters minus 4 red and 4 blue letters minus 3 pink and orange letters .:)

  12. Meredith

    Where is the lever supposed to go?

  13. anne

    Escaped! Code for the lastima safe 15 🙂

  14. anne


  15. Maha

    Can any one tell me the code for the the mrz safe I am so stuck here.

    1. Maha

      Never mind got it but stuck on the candle safe.

      1. cu

        What is the Code for MRZ?

  16. Stephani

    Is anybody else playing this? I am stuck!! I got the coin & key & used them both. Now I got the flashlight & used it on the colored books & cannot figure out what to do with them. PLEASE HELP!

  17. Sebie

    If you put it in an alphabetical order (ABC, DEF, etc.) It is always red- green – blue. Now you can find out what colours M, R Z have. I hope this helps.

    1. Maha

      It’s red blue green that’s the order for the Mrs safe.

  18. Teri

    Is the code 163296 correct I’ve tried it many x it’s not working I went to the CD player to safe to books to bunny chart I total the #’s on chart from song you and me, I get 769336124, then x them what am I doing wrong did I skip a clue how I’m beside myself trying to figure it out HELP!!!

    1. Den

      Multiply each number 7x6x9……..

    2. Maha

      The code is 979776. You need to listen to the song and plus Orange and pink numbers of that alphabet and then multiple the answer of each alphabet.

      1. Maha

        Oh and I forgot to tell you that you have to do it letter wise or it will be wrong.

  19. Lysa

    How do you use the flashlight on the books? I have it and have tried but the books are unchanged- they all have the exact same order of letters and the letters all the same color in each book (pink has blue letters, green has red, orange has orange, and blue has black). What am I doing wrong?

    1. Lara

      Click the flashlight twice then click it again to turn on 🙂

      1. Lysa

        Thanks, that worked!

    2. unknown

      You have to click the flashlight to turn it on then use on books

  20. unknown

    You have to click the flashlight to turn it on then use on books

  21. Lysa

    Second question- I met a “bad end”. Is there more than one ending for this game?

    1. Lysa

      (went through the doggie door)

  22. Lysa

    Never mind, saw the earlier comment of how to win the ending. But I’m bummed it’s just 2 rooms. I’d hoped the other door (or this one, since they seem to lead to the same space) would lead to a new puzzle and it would go on longer. Led me a merry chase, but I’d hoped for a larger world.

  23. scoot

    What do you do with the frozen teddy? I cant thaw it out

  24. Teresa

    Thanks Maria for the clue about multiplying. I just couldn’t figure out about the inferred numbers

  25. cms

    What do I do with the cable cutters?

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