Escape Game: “Bride of Death”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Bride of Death”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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I’m stuck


Me too.


Me too. Stuck. But with hope. I’m trying to figure out the equation on the chest using all the number,letters,and colors….


The chest combo is 3584. Im stuck on the card box now…


Yes, I got the chest math eventually. Took me time to get what it meant by “absorb”…By the card box, you mean the one with the four dials with numbers?
Weird thing is, in the box on the shelf where the bottles are, I swear that there was something inside before (looked like a nail or something), but it’s not there anymore. Trying to figure out the cards thing now…


It’s a screwdiver.. I can’t go on with the card box.. What’s the meaninng of the picture in tv and pc?? I found 7154.. But the box doesn’t work..


The tv picture means to skip add two spaces. So add two to the code you got from the pc.


Thank you.. Finally I escape!


you can help me?


Escaped. Let me know if u need hints.


Hints please! I have the tweezers, the hook, and the USB hard disk. I can’t figure out the card box. Any hints will help, thank you.


I need a hint chickensoup, pls help…


Escaped! 🙂


I’m stuck. I have the tweezers the disc and the S hook. I have opened 1 box but I can’t figure out the card box or anything else.


Okay I guess I will have to give up all I have is the SS get it doesn’t have anything.


I’m so stuck I have the hard disk tweesers and s hook where do i go from here


Has anyone figured out the clue on the tv and laptop?


You have to just add 2 to each number and put it in the order on the laptop


I keep getting the bad ending.. supposedly there’s a dressing room escape but I can’t find it


i cant start, i dont know how to get a key or screw driver in a basket, pls. help me to find the code number in the box.


Go to the book case move the boosk n u will get a card go to the sink clean card with towel then go to the box buy the cat use the card u will get a grip then go to the shelf with the basket with bottles in it. U move the papers n the rest of the screw driver is there


thanks erg85, how to open the laptop, and how to know the code of the chest.. thanks


I try to connect the usb to the laptop it doesn’t let me. Why?


what is the password for chest…


How do I get 3rd key to open heart box?


use the silver key to open the box above the computer. then use hammer tobreak the glass of the shelf near TV.
you will see the golden key. use it to open the box in the same.shelf.


I got everything… Just got the doll down, now wht? I know the answer is right in front of me


How do I get the good ending?


i’ve got the usb with hard disk but it won’t let me connect!!!help!!!


please help i’m stuck, need code for card box… why i can’t connect usb to laptop


please help me…


never mind i’m escaped good end 😀


Im stuck at the card box plus I can’t get the laptop to do anything. I’ve got the USB drive, the scissors, & the s hook. I’ve already used the card & the screwdriver. HELP!!!


scissors: cut the pencil case and the box tie with rope.
when u get the tweesers, use it on the pink box above the card box
hood:combine with the pedant for the key in the glass box in the bedroom.
the key can open the drawer in the bedroom and one of the keys of the heart shape box.


i only have the screw driver, and the usb hard disk
now im stuck
i cant enter the room cuz its too dark, the switch doesnt help
i cant connect hard disk to laptop as well
i cant open the safe on the wall ???
i cant open the card box
i dont know where scisssor. , tweezers or hook are.


the chest the bedroom:A is 3*8=24(tripled)
B is 94-56=38(absord)
C is 34/2=17(halved)
D is 73*2=146(second means double)
E is 100*0.25=25(reduce to quarter)
then do the math .


I have been looking everywhere for the place you got the halved, tripled, etc. Also where is the clue to open the card box? Any help on where to find the info would be great.


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