Escape Game: “A Letter From the Dead”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “A Letter From the Dead”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Arthur

    Hi all, It seems im missing one of the last codes.
    All the objects in my inventory are used except a used cloth.
    I cant figure out the code for the box at the fire place. I inserted the heads of the keys but have no clue about the code. Most probably the code is somehow derived from the playing cards.
    Any ideas? Thx

  2. Mira

    Hi Arthur, I will help you…the king is 13, the J is 11, 10 for the club card…but the ace is 01!!!!

  3. Arthur

    Thx it wotked. In what kind of card game fo the cards have these values???

  4. Arthur

    Hi Mira, i cannot get the good ending. I closed the wall desk again using the lever in the ceiling but it seems there is not much more to do.

  5. Arthur

    Never mind. Got it. Thx for your help.

  6. Angie

    I got the images on the camera to appear but dont know what to do next. Help!

    1. tiger

      use the photo to knock on painting, get the key

  7. D

    I’m so stuck in the beginning!!! Help me plz

    1. Lori

      Did u ever get any help?

  8. PMan

    i have completed this game. where are you stuck at the beginning?

    1. Tiger

      Could u tell me what is the password for the fireplace, it’s my last item. Thx

  9. Lori

    Random comments and private emails do not help those of us frustrated beyond belief….what do the cards create a code for? I’ve opened all but the moon box. Does the head if the duck come off somehow? Why won’t the game let us open drawers????

  10. Dan

    Hi just starred the game but no clue i only got the duck

    1. Lori

      I got lots of items – the duck is a curious one. I keep spinning the head to see if it comes off and revels some tool.
      Check the R side of the fireplace, behind the curtain, and on the dek. HINT: The game on the desk contains the code for the box on the fireplace. The book on the desk tells you how to input the code.

      1. Dan

        Thanks thats nice ill try

      2. Dan

        Lori did u managed to escape?

  11. Dan

    Does the duck has something to so with the pic pof landscape where 5 birds r flying

  12. Dan

    Found pendant behind the plant next to the window

  13. Stefania

    Hello. Can someone help me? I can’t open the duck! I think the symbols found on the pear should help me, but I can’t open it! thank you in advance.

    1. Dan

      Did u made it?

    2. tiger

      turn head as/c to direction and times

      1. Stefania

        Sorry, what do you mean exactly. I tried to turn the head as shown on the pear, but nothing happened. Thank you

        1. Tiger

          Turn rt 4 times, turn lt 5 times, turn rt 3 times

          1. Stefania

            Thank you very much for your help!

  14. D

    I I’m at the point where I’m only missing 3 items hElp please

  15. D

    I dunno what the spade key is for

    1. Tiger

      Spade key for opening? I forget but use the towel to clean the fireplace and see the pw

    2. Zava

      Spade key is used to open safe behind painting. You have to knock on painting 7 times according to photo in camera

  16. tiger

    what is the hint of pw for oven

  17. D

    What’s pw

    1. Tiger

      Password,it is the last item not found

  18. D

    I really need help

  19. Stefania

    Had someone solved the table with numbers inside the fireplace??

  20. Zava

    I got the lever from safe behind painting, used it to open the box on the right side of fireplace, inserted the 4 pieces of key into box but can’t figure out code. Anybody know?

  21. Zava

    Could anyone pls tell me how to solve the table inside the fireplace?

  22. Zava

    I’ve just managed to escape with good ending 🙂 Let me know if you’re stuck, I may be able to help!

  23. d

    How do I turn on the cam

  24. C

    Does anyone know the pw for the moon box?

    1. Jess

      PW for the moon box: Use the 4 numbers for the full moon phase to a clear sky

  25. Jess

    How do you get the good ending? I climbed the chair and restored the lever but I don’t know what else to do… Please help!

    1. Jess

      Nvm, figured it out!

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