Escape Game: “The Misfortune Teller”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Misfortune Teller”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Mira

    Hi everyone, started game but i’m stuck with the code on the left side of the curtain….got this mad frog with both sandals, flower key, cable and three coins….also don’t know how to use hook or open the safe with the bee. Any help there?

    1. Mira

      Never mind. Got it.

  2. Mira

    Still there is a problem with left cupboard code. Found a new clue in the sofa but can’t match it….

  3. Arthur

    Hi Mira, the code for the cupboard can be derived from the hand written letter (hold it against the window) the puzzle in the book dealing with the siblings and the calculation with the symbols in the same book. The code is 4163

    I’m mussing the third coin and the cable. Where did you find the coins and the cable.

    1. Arthur

      Sorry the code is 3614

  4. Arthur

    The hint in the sofa refers to the safe. Combine the hint to the pattern above the lock. You’ll get a code in digital letters

  5. Arthur

    Well i found out most. I’m just missing one more bead and i cant figuer out the code for the box on the table. Anybody a clue?

    1. Mira

      Hi Arthur, thank you for reply. There is the note under the table right hand. Then count the letters of each word….thats the code for the table… I got the 4 coins but they do not match….Everytime I put them in they will not stay in place….And still I got the problem with the digital numbers for safe in cupboard left…Sometimes I think of timeout problems of these games!?

      1. Mira

        Thank you again Arthur…escaped… game I start is “the end of the intruder”.

        1. Jess

          How do you get the code for the box on the table? I still don’t get it… Can someone please help?

        2. RICaiii!!!

          How did you get the Gemini jewel? What do you do with the power lead? How do you open the sofa patch? What do you do with the sandals? How do you open the remaining 3 cupboards/drawers? What do you dip into the bottle? After re-downloading, there’s still a glitch with the wax key reappearing !?!?!?!?!?

          1. RICaiii!!!

            As if by magic, after 2 days of repeated banal searching and examining, a green leaf key appeared!
            I escaped within 15 mins of opening the wardrobe. Very poor game – come on Idac!… More ones like strange/prank house please?

  6. lala

    and for the white cupboard i opened it and it was emplty?

  7. Arthur

    Is there alteady a blog for this game? Ill start it too

  8. Lilly

    Hi, I can’t find the code for the library.
    Thanks for help.

  9. Cata

    I really need help with the code for the Safe that you get from the couch and above the safe lock.. How can you put them together to make out the code?

    1. Stacann

      Hi not sure if u still need help but the code is 9236.

  10. Andrea

    I have 3 jewels. I don’t know what to do with the lit up crystal ball.

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