Escape Game: “Building of Death”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Building of Death”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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Has anyone got the dial codes for box in desk drawer and how to get second battery out from plastic in 2nd room?


Never mind the help, I’ve finally escaped. On to the next one….


I’m stuck on those.Can ya help me?


Empty,how did ya get the dial codes???


where is the pen at


Empty….what’s the pw for the safe with a pic of a laptop on it….im stuck ty


Hi Melanie, CBAM is password (all caps),enter to get handle. Back to 2nd room attach handle to cabinet with vase to get toy gun. Fill toy with water from vase and use on glass plate small hole to get battery. Back to cabinet open left door to get remote. Back to 1st room go to grey safe in corner put batteries in remote to open safe. U see 4 colored swicthes,book. Open book flip through . Put codes together and it comes out to 1268 tap until u see those and tap the 2 switches.u get compass. Open drawer at… Read more »


Where is the glass plate in room 2


Thanks empty….yeah it did help

vicky miles

put code CBAM in safe didn’t work help please


How did you get that code empty? How do you make the colored dial turn left?


Nevermind, whatever I just did to the dial worked!


Where is the other battery?


How did ya do the dial??


CBAM doesn’t work! Is it the initial letters of the fruit? What is the green one?


Green is melon or water melon I guess


First you need to see password 3124 in computer with AM-> PM. Then you can enter it.


How do u get to see code in computer I cant turn on battery wont fit


See the paper on the table, you will find 3 as Cherry, 1 as Banana, 2 as Peach, 4 as Melon. PM to AM means CBPM to CBAM.


Use thin insert of pen to open black box to get metal part. Second metal part by side of blue vending machine, put these in holes in blue box in drawer. Read green book then turn octagon 7 turns and hexagon 2 turns. Take note out of wallet and put in vending machine. Use coin to remove screws in brown box on desk. Get key from box to open middle drawer and get battery for computer. Then you can turn on and read password.


Where is the pen


Does the game finish with a badend or can you really escape?


You can really escape if you find the right key.

Samantha bland

Help I’m stuck on the dial codes please help


How do I use the computer, It just says “Battery won’t fit”. Thanks


Need help with the keys


What key do I pick