Escape Game: “SOS Whiteout”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “S.O.S. Whiteout”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. stuck

    Got all the keys but stuck at mixing the right colors for the last key

    1. natalie

      Apparently you need to make a purple key with 4 spoons of red and 3 spoons of blue powder which corresponds with the amount of objects in the room with the same colour. However, my problem is finding the 3rd red item. I can only find 2 and because of this i cant make the key. Can anyone help me?! Havent opened the SOS box perhaps its in there but i cant figure out how to open that either. Any hints will be much appreciated!

    2. Melissa

      How do i get the yellow key and what is the kode for the box in the locker with the square? Please help

  2. anne

    Tap around the upper right of the left hand pillar.
    Approximately in the area where I’ve drawn a red circle.
    Tap on the thermometer and get CLUE: “It’s a red thermometer.”
    3 red And 4 blue


    1. colleen

      Where is the red thermometer I have look everywhere please help.

  3. la gringa

    Please post walkthrough. Thank you

  4. mizzezz

    Click floor board bottom of front door get a pen. Inspect pen it becomes pointer tool. Use that to switch on circuit breaker and also reach a key on the side of the brown cabinet. Use key on locker notice symbols on the lockers. There is a second key in second desk drawer. Inside star locker is a book with names initials and blood types. At the end of book is a third key.
    Use clue from note and book to open box in locker ( M.N)

    1. XxsoulkittyxX

      How do you get the axe out of it’s box?? I have the mold and the blue dye all I need is the axe to get the red dye so I can make the purple key. Please help.

  5. mizzezz

    Also notice blue and red items around room. They can’t be picked up but tell you how many spoonfuls to mix for purple key. The key mold Is InsIde locker as well open first desk drawer by using the date from empty can inside locker. When u find map and film put them on table by lantern to get location. With that u can open box with axe inside n get red liquid.

  6. sweety

    Ich hab es endlich geschafft

    1. Carry

      Hey was ist das passwort fΓö£Γò¥r die box mit den initialien? Bitte brauche Hilfe. Lg

  7. Melissa

    Does someone have the code for the sos box please?

  8. Melissa

    The code for the tabel is 0713 the note from the locker has a date that gives a clue for this code but now im stuck with the riddle in the book

  9. imran

    How to make a purple key can any one help me

    1. Sonia

      To make the purple key place the mould on the sink and put 4 spoons of blue liquid and 3 spoons of red liquid. Then open the mould with the axe

  10. mizzezz

    The code for box on table next to radio after u unlock it with purple key is the numbers on the gps location. The sos box in cabinet opens with the axe. make purple key by putting mold in sink use 3 spoons of red liquid and 4 spoons of blue liquid and let it sit for a minute

    1. ilimba

      what do I do after a minute waiting?

  11. kari luke

    How do you get the axe out of its case?

  12. vasso

    Count the red and blue thinks in the room. You have to find also the red thermometer behind the left column on the left of the door. You should find 4 blue thinks and 3 red. So mamy are the spoons with liquide, blue and red, used in the mold. The perple key is also for the sos little box where you use and the last day of the diary. I hope that helps better now.

  13. jennifer

    Where is the red liquid?

  14. shei

    Got the compass and the axe, and now i’m so stuck, don’t know what to do for getti’n out, any help please

    1. Dai Arroz

      Where’s the compass?

      1. Dai Arroz

        Nevermind, I found it.

  15. caz

    Does anyone know what to do when you have found all keys and map entered things into the radio. I now have a SOS flashlight and compass. Somebody help my please.

    1. ailis

      If you click on the radio, it says someone is coming to rescue you. You use the Axe to bust the ice around the door and then you get rescued.

  16. susan

    Got everything except the code for the S.O.S. small box on desk. Need help please

    1. maw

      The so box opens with the gas coordinaonce. Where is the compass please

  17. maw

    I ment to type…the sos code is the GPS COORDENANCE

  18. Idylla

    Where did u get the mold

  19. ailis

    Where do you find the square and triangle keys. I’m stumped.

  20. tomi

    what is the passward for the box ?

    1. ailis

      36137 the coordinates from the GPS right next to the box.

  21. anto

    Where you get the black key?

    1. ailis

      The black key is in the square locker. In the puzzle box with the letters. The note says something about giving if its the right shape. In the locker above is a list of blood types with initials. The O blood type initials are the code.

  22. ailis

    What is the blood type journal clue for?
    How do you open the box to get the ax?

  23. ILIMBA

    I have the colors and the spoon, but can’t make the key in the mold. The answer is always: You discarded the liquid

  24. AG

    @ILIMBA: Try using the spoon to press on the mold.

  25. mae

    Where can I find those things like keys and spoons if I can’t even grab anything to open stuffs. I’m so confused.

  26. ioanna

    Can someone give the walkthrough? I have stuck for months!!!

  27. ioanna

    I got out finally!!

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