Escape Game: “Damsel in Distress”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Damsel in Distress”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Kaka

    Stuck in safebox password, any help? Thanks

    1. courtney

      I’m also stuck here as well. Definitely need help

  2. anna

    I just dont understand the blue circle. I’ve tried 7 (continents and seas) , the number of lettets in Antarctica, even added all the letters of Antarctica as numerals… Nothing works. Also whats the deal with the two jars of chilis in the fridge? They must fit into the equation too.

  3. Alessia

    I think the red points are 10, the green ones 5, but the blu ones I don’t know…

  4. HookahToke

    Safe code = 7 3 2

  5. Kaka

    I guess the red is 44, green is 4 but can’t figure out the blue. I firstly guess bluislas 90 (degree of south pole) but it was wrong.

  6. Kaka

    I guess the red is 44, green is 4 but can’t figure out the blue. I firstly guess blue was 90 (degree of south pole) but it was wrong.

  7. stuck

    Still stuck but i just noticed australia and south america are missing from that map with the blue dot. Could that mean the blue dot is 5? Or…maybe two??? Still confused as to what it has to do with the equation :/

  8. Jeff

    I figured it out with your continent clue. The code I got to work is 3714. I looked at how many were missing from each set. For example, there are 8 peppers on the page but two are “missing” since two are shown on the jars in the fridge. There are 4 green balls on the picture but one is separate on the shelf. So, I used 6 for the red ball # and 3 for the green ball. I then used 2 for the blue ball value since there are 2 continents missing. I then plugged those numbers into hint 2 and got 18+66*56 to get 3714. Not sure if this is the correct way but it worked!

    1. Jakub

      Nicely done!

  9. cheryl

    I’ve the doll however i cannot keep the door open what am i doing wrong

  10. L

    Help. I have the pipes and that’s it. Can’t figure out what to do next pipes don’t go on to anything.

  11. Pineapple

    Hello L. You use the clay with the iron bars to make it longer. You may have got the iron bars sooner than you needed to, like I did. Have you opened the safe with the dials yet? The code is 732. This will lead to a few more steps which leads to the clay!

  12. cheryl

    Ok now i got the clay. and pipes so now what?

  13. Christine

    Have crowbar on lever and try to put doll on it. Every way I can think and the door still won’t stay up????

    1. Christine

      Nevermind, forgot about the hook I couldn’t reach.

    2. anna smith

      Put crowbar on lever, plus the s shaped hook, then the doll

  14. dan

    Thank for the help!!!!!! I finished!!!!!!!!!

    1. newbii

      How? Need help, stucked after open the lock where the wet thing is located at. Cant keep it open and get the wet thing

      1. Jodie

        I’m stuck here too newbii! Did you figure it out?

  15. aprille

    I need more details on how to make it thru the game. I can’t hang the doll either. How are you coming up with red being 44?

  16. nisr34

    I have melted the ice already. So, where do I get the dirt to make the clay?

  17. aprille

    I’m stuck. I’ve used the pole I made with the poles and clay to take down the box on the shelf but once I try to use the key from the floor trap door, I can’t get the bottle. What else do I need to do?

    1. Confused Cheryl

      Remove clay from long iron bar.
      Use the 2 short iron bars to hold up the ‘trap’ door.
      Retrieve lubriant to use on table in front of sofa (you will find a small jewellery box) and also the cupboard with the green ball.
      Use rubber gloves on the tied up box in wardrobe.
      Retrieve red key to be used on small box in the drawer where u will find a ransom note and then use red key on the last locked door.

  18. mustafa

    I have iron bar and water. How do you make clay?

    1. Lynn

      If you already have the coin use it on the disk and you will find the clay inside because that is how I just got the clay

  19. Lynn

    Where do I get the dirt at

  20. laura caryl

    This might sound dumb but I can’t find where the rope is that I have to untie at the very beginning of the game?

    1. Kenzou

      Open the box (on your left), using clue from a letter at top of the cupboard (on your right). take the knife and double tap on the knife.

  21. paul

    where did you get the poles? and I can’t figure out this calender clue, any ideas?

  22. mm

    I cannot start. Keeps saying untie the rope and there is no rope..

  23. shay

    Paul and mm: Look at clue on desk, its letters then click on chest a couple times it will come open then using letters from clue on desk place the colors in the blocks and retrieve knife click on knife a couple times in view box it will cut the so called rope you can’t find that had you tired up

  24. elmina

    Where can i found a clay ???

  25. Kevin Mcwilliams

    Can’t find the clay help please

  26. Kevin Mcwilliams

    I’ve got to poles and a blue pipe and a doll. Now what do I have to do ?

  27. RJ

    how to find the clay…and how to get the coin…

  28. RJ

    i know now to get the coin get the melted water from the oven then pour it to the hole

  29. RJ

    to get the clay put the coin to the hole in the blue table

  30. RJ

    to assemble the iron rod click first the iron rod until it is a big picture then click once the clay and click it to the rod
    then use the long pole to get the box in the top of the case then get the key. go back to the first area put the key to the hole in the blue safe. disassemble the pole first click the pole until a big picture appears then click the clay. use the 2 iron rods int the blue safe before u get the lubricant. get the lubricant . use the lubricant in the table and open you’ll see a small box. then go to the cabinet use the lubricant again.. get the gloves. use the gloves to untie the wardrobe and get the red key. use the red key to the small box in the table and get the ransom letter and use again the red key to the front door and then TARAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN.. FIN

  31. Anne

    I have the blue pole, and the two white iron bars and the chunk of ice, along with the knife and key from the first room. (In order to cut the rope, I just clicked on the knife, then kept tapping the words until something happened. i don’t really know how I untied the rope.)
    I cannot find the door, or an extension cord to plug in the microwave oven to melt the ice, or clay,or gloves or lubricant, etc.

    1. Joeey

      The clay you may search the comments above,they might help,the plug I think it was in the basement sort of room,and the plug is hide behind a metal roller shutter thingy which beside the drawer.To open the shutter,you need to find the crowbar,s shape hook and a doll to put on the lever so the shutter won’t shut by itself.

  32. Andrew

    All I have managed to do is untie myself. I can’t find anything else at all to get started. If anyone can give so!e hints on where things are to start that would be great

    1. Joeey

      After you untie yourself ,go ahead for the drawer,you will find something that could open the door 🙂

  33. Joeey

    Would like to know how you guys know the safe code was 732?! Does it related with the calendar ,the date book and the phone picture book? Please…Im confused….

    1. Joeey

      Ok,I think I figured it out.But still not sure wether it’s true….

  34. txthang

    I know why the pass is 732. You see in the book 20C>future>past.
    Also you see date 20-5-1965,it is in 20century,so you see 7 is 22-9-2012,so future is at year 2035,3 trees,and past is in 2003,2 trees. But i don’t know how to melt the ice.pls help me. Now i have a blue pole, an iron bar

  35. ammyyyy

    Where’s the s shape hook?

  36. Tylee

    how do I untie myself?

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