Escape Game: “Delusional Love”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Delusional Love”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Revital

    Looking for the red sword, still can’t open the upper drawer at the desk and the metal box on the shelf , I guess it’s there because I looked everywhere else so please help !!!

  2. Revital

    Figured it out and escaped, probably needed to beg for help for the idea to pop in my head . Anyway if anyone needs help let me know

    1. Mach

      Hi Revital
      I need help : I can’t figure out the code for the jewelry box nor open the metal box. Thanks

  3. Revital

    Jewlery box password 9437. Metal box you need to use knife on the pencil until its really thin and use it on the metal box .

    1. Mach

      Thanks a lot Revital. How did you obtain this code ?

    2. Keyboard839

      How to get the password 9437 for jewellery box? I can figure out the clue from leg but not the hand’s clue.

      1. Wanderer

        I don’t know how you got the leg clue… but the hand goes with… you see that hand with a piece of paper on top of the shelf… notice the position of the ring… It’s in the third finger.

        In the hint from the blue book, it says… handx2-100… What I did was, 3×2=6 … (because we can’t have a negative numbers so..) 100-6= 94. I dunno if I’m in the right track though.

        1. saiful

          to solve hand clue,the hand have 4 names in it. u need to look another clue in the cream-color-door. that clue have those 4 names and puzzle. solve it n u will get 1843. then add 1 with 8 to make 9, 4 plus 3 to get 7, u will get 97. next, solve the equation, 97×2-100=94. the leg had been explained before, scroll up.

          1. Wanderer

            Thank you. That’s big help!

  4. Mira

    Hello Revital, I’m too stupid for this game….where is the knife?

    1. Revital

      The cutter is inside the box in the dresser near the bed

  5. Gertie

    What do you do with the rope to get the ladder?

    1. tonya

      Where is the rope? Please help..

      1. K

        The rope is in the safe in the closet, on which you use the four swords to open.

    2. K

      Combine it with the hook in the closet to make a grappling hook.

  6. Mach

    I got only the bad end. I can’t attach the rope with hook anywhere …

  7. Gertie

    What hook?

  8. Gertie

    Mach: Put stepladder to right of front door. Look out window on top of front door. Use rope/hook to move the stick that is propped against the door. You can now get down from ladder & exit front door for good ending.

    1. Mach

      Thanks Gertie. I tried to use the stepladder with the front door but I didn’t tap on the right place. Without you I’d be stuck a long time

    2. ha

      I cant put step ladder to right of front door

      1. K

        It will work, you have to find the sweet spot.

  9. Meredith

    I’m curious how you got the jewelry box password. The octopus clue had me stumped

    1. Revital

      Combine it with the people’s names the hand is holding and the paper inside the the cabinet near the door

  10. Gertie

    Is number of legs. Octopus 8, cat 4; octopus ate one, so is 7. Then, 74×3/6=37.

  11. giggia

    I’ve got the blu, yellow and green sword and the pencil.
    i’can’t open the box with stars sby can help me?

    1. d3m1s

      The same for me

    2. Gertie

      Code is 178119. Use pencil on paper on desk reveals LOVE. Use letter grid with number grid to find LOVE numbers; two numbers for each letter. Add each set of numbers to get LOVE code.

      1. isay

        Hi, where to find the pencil?

        1. K

          Under the bed

  12. d3m1s

    I’ve found code 7118 under the bench, but I don’t know how to use it

    1. d3m1s

      Sorry… wrong forum

  13. Tina

    Where is the hook?

    1. Gertie

      Closet. Right side top clothes hanger.

  14. Nicola

    Where do I find the rope and how do I get the steep ladder

    1. K

      In the closet in the safe, on which you use the four swords.

  15. giggia

    The rope is on the left between the library and the plant. You can reach it by the tube. The stepladder is over the window and you can reach it by the rope + the hook.. Sorry for my English

    1. cheryl

      First of all that is not the rope its tape

      1. Chrissy

        How do you get the tube?

        1. Chrissy

          I finally escaped!!!!! Yaaaaay!!! :):)

  16. Nicola

    I still can’t find the rope help

  17. Keyboard839

    How to get key for closet?

    1. Kristy

      The key is above the clock by the bed. You need to make the cone, tape it, find the ball, cut it, attack the two and then put it in the cardboard stick to make a blow dart. Then blow it at the key to knock it down and then you’ll find it behind the end table.

      I can’t find the yellow sword… anybody?

      1. brianna

        Open n close blinds n look up behindssilver dresser

      2. tonya

        In bedroom open and close blinds..will fall behind dresser. Tab beside dresser on ground and will see it laying there 🙂 Hope that helps.

  18. Keyboard839

    I can only find the tape between library and tree, can’t find the rope.

  19. Tazza

    Where is the ball please?

    1. Tazza

      And the rope please!

  20. cheryl

    Ok iv got the tube tape swords and eraser still dont know what to do

  21. sally

    Having trouble making the cone where do you get it from got the tape tube n eraser really stuck now

  22. paul

    I have the 4 swords, eraser and tube. icant for the life of me figure out how to make the cone for the blow dart. PLEASE PLEASE help me! thanks

    1. brianna

      Where is the red sword?

      1. K

        In the locked desk drawer

  23. sally

    Just realised i havent got yellow sword help! This games really got me

    1. paul

      open and close and open the blinds and you hear something falling then look being those drawers and you’ll see the yellow sword

      1. lily

        Were is yhe tube…..?

        1. K

          In the taped box in the closet by the front door.

  24. paul

    I found the paper to make the cone it’s in the second drawer in the desk, it looks empty put when you tap on it you find a sheet of paper which you can use to make the cone with some tape

  25. kris12101

    Where is the rope please? The tape is located beside plant and library. And how do you open the box on the shelf that has small whole? Please.

    1. K

      In a safe in the closet. You need the 4 swords to open it.

      The metal box is opened after you sharpen the pencil. Double tap on the pencil to open it up in its own frame, the tap on the cutter to highlight it then tap on the pencil. The lead will get really long, and you use that to open the box.

  26. Penny D

    I cant find the ball so I cant make the blowdart. Stuck! Help please

  27. Karen

    Ball is in the drawers to the left of the bed, in the tied up box. Cut the string with the knife, then cut the ball with the knife and attach the cone. How do i open the metal box on the shelf?

    1. Kenzou

      use pencil combine with cutter.
      how to get the red sword?

      1. isay

        I cant combine the pencil and cutter. Im trying to use the sharpener but it says that its off

        1. K

          Tap to the right of the sharpener to get it to move to the side, then tap on the power cord to plug it in. Then sharpen the pencil.

  28. Kenzou

    Where is the Red Sword?

    1. K

      In the locked desk drawer

  29. Tulus

    I have 4 sword red,green,blue,yellow….. & cutter & ball ….. And then what??? Help please…. Thanks B4

  30. ALIN

    I have four swords, but I do not have the tube or the eraser and tape or rope. Please some help … what is on the top of the hanger?

    sorry for my terrible English!
    Thank you

  31. priscilla

    I can not find the ball… someone said were the ball was at but that was the eraser…

  32. priscilla

    Found my ball….

  33. kitty

    how i can open de metal hole

  34. isay

    Whew.. just finish the game..

  35. zaair

    I can’t reach the tape 🙁

  36. jenny jak

    Move sharpener to plug it in. Use pencil with sharpener then knife with pencil. Use pencil in hole in metal box

  37. jenny jak

    How do i get the prop?

    1. jenny jak

      Oh..i leave it and open the door! Haha

  38. Miriana

    Where is the Red Sword??

    1. K

      In the locked desk drawer

  39. amboro

    please where is the tube……

    1. K

      In the taped box in the closet near the front door.

  40. mack

    Just escaped. Phew
    The tube is in the box near the shelf/storage area next to the door
    Also to clear the confusion…
    There is a tape AND a rope involved. Good luck guys. .

    1. brianna

      I can’t get pencil to go onto metal box n I sharpened pencil it down or find red key

      1. K

        Use the cutter on it.

        1. ShadowTheif

          It still won’t go in

    2. tonya

      Where is the rope?

  41. Snow Lockheart

    Where is the cardboard thing? >ΓòÉΓòí<

    1. Abbi

      If u move the sharpener on the shelf u can plug it in and use to sharpen pencil

  42. Snow Lockheart

    Also how do I turn on the pencil sharpener ?

  43. Abbi

    Please someone tell me where to find the rope x

  44. Riku

    Where can I find the cardboard stick? Help!

  45. brianna

    Where is red sword and rope and I made sharpened pencil but won’t open metal box I need help

  46. maria

    So what exactly do we need to do with the sharpened pencil it wont open the gray box and its already been cut with the blade

  47. kmax

    Having problems opening the grey box with pencil. I have used the sharpener and knife but it still won’t open the box. Hammer anyone?

    1. K

      Have you dealt with the letter on the desk first?

  48. Lelizer

    Hi guys can I have some help? I found a lock in the closet and I cant figure out which order the swords go in the slots. Please help

    1. shei

      Red, green, blue, yellow

      1. Lelizer

        Thank you Shei

  49. Paula

    Well Ive found everything to make the blow dart except the ball. Found what I thought to be it, turned out to be an eraser. Would appreciate a hint or a nudge in the right direction please. Thank you. 🙂

  50. Q.

    Iam stuck dont kno wat 2 do wit the ladder. Can sum1 help, pleez.

    1. K

      Put it to the right of the front door so you can look out the transom window to dislodge the prop the stalker put against the door.

      1. jess

        How do I get the prop

  51. pokeninejh

    red sword?

    1. K

      Locked desk drawer

  52. Mallory Shelton

    The eraser is the ball. Start by clicking on the sheet of paper it looks silver, you need to click on till it pops up on the screen. Then just click it and it will fold into a cone. It will tell u that u need something to keep it shaped. Click on the tape. U will see the tape on the cone. Then combine soccer ball (eraser) with cone. Then combine tube with that. Then u can use this to obtain the key above the clock. There is a diagram that shows you how to make the dart in the library side. I hope this helps everyone.

    1. Paula

      Ah ha! Thank you so much! 🙂

    2. nishne

      When I am on the soccerball trying to combine the cone, it days it won’t work.

      1. K

        Use the cutter on the ball first.

    3. Sandra Marcroft

      Please help, I used the dart to shoot at the key at the top of the clock and it disappeared, help, where did it go?

      1. K

        Tap to the side if the table to see behind it. That’s where the key fell.

  53. Mallory Shelton

    The metal box contains the key for the top drawer. There you will find the red sword. You must use all four swords to obtain the rope. You need to combine the hook with the rope to obtain the ladder. Which is located outside the window. The metal box can be opened with the pencil. First you need to do something to the pencil. The hook and the rope is located in the closet. The rope is in the safe in the left side of closet. Use the clues all around the room to put ghee swords in the correct order to open the safe to get the rope. Once you have the ladder you can use that to get out the door. I hope that helps.

    1. Colby Vasile

      where is the hook in the closet

      1. K

        Upper right hanging clothes

  54. Isha

    messed up with the metal box I have a sharpened pencil and I have used d cutter on it,still it won’t work…..please help what to do

    1. Katie Chung

      You have to use the pencil on the letter on the desk in frony of the big leather chair. Using it will make the word lova appear which will make the pencil “thinner”. Then use the pencil on the metal box and it will open.

      1. K

        No, using the cutter does that. The lead has to be very long to jimmy it open..

    2. K

      Have you dealt with the letter on the desk first?

  55. Rod Rivera

    how can i open the gray box? The sharpened pencil doesn’t work.

  56. Escaper

    Hello could you help me?
    Where is the sheet to make the come?

  57. Jennifer

    Can’t get tape, can’t get pencil to open box even after I used it to spell love. Don’t know how to unlock closet.

    1. Jennifer

      Got the box open. Now how do I get tape?

      1. Jennifer

        And the sheet of paper

        1. K

          Paper is in the second desk drawer. Looks empty, but tap on it and tap the back of the drawer. You’ll get the paper.

      2. K

        Use the tube to reach it.

    2. K

      Use cutter on sharpened pencil to make the lead really long. Use that to open the box.

  58. john

    I cannot locate the green sword…. and hints?

    1. K

      In one of the drawers by the bed.

      1. K

        The grey ones. Upper right. Move a towel or shirt–whatever that is–and the sword is in there.

  59. Isabelle

    Tape is at the left of bookshelf, near the plant. Use tube to reach for it.

  60. nishne

    When I try putting the soccerball and cone together says it won’t work.

  61. Colby Vasile

    Where is the hook for the rope?

  62. Homer Thompson

    How do I get the bad ending?

    1. K

      Climb out the window after getting the ladder.

  63. kaylene

    In order to connect the cone and ball together you need to make sure the ball/eraser has cuts in it which you make with the knife.

  64. kaylene

    Where do i find the rope???

  65. kaylene

    Get the pencil put it into the sharpener then run the knife over it and then use it to unlock a box in the shelf next to the cupboard inside the box you will find a silver key which will unlock the top drawer on the desk and there you will find the red key.

  66. kaylene

    To get the bad ending click on the ladder till it opens straight and then take it out the window where you found it and exit that way.

  67. Shanika

    How do u figure out how to put the ghee swords together? Plz help

    1. K


  68. dee

    Thanks guys, i did it!! Thanks a lot for u all \(^_^)/

  69. Dinah

    Where is the blue sword?

  70. jenn

    The pencil was under the bed, already sharpened it. But how do I reach the tape?????

    1. K

      You need to open the taped box in the front closet to get the tube. Use the tube to get the tape.

  71. jenn

    Newvermind got the tape done with that. But I can’t get the pencil to open the metal box?

    1. K

      Use the cutter on the pencil. The lead will get really long and you use that to open the box.

    2. K

      Make sure after you used the sharpener on the pencil to use the pencil on the letter on the desk before taking the cutter to it.

  72. Lelizer

    Hi everyone I have a walkthrough 🙂

    So when you start in the room go to the cabinet next to the bed and open it to get the box with stars on it, take it and put in 178119. It will open and you can take the cutter, then look under the bed for the pencil and take it. Now go to the desk and open the second drawer and the angle will change touch the drawer and take the sheet of plastic. Now go to the storage drawers next to the blinds and click the drawer on the right and click the towels to move them and take the green sword. Stay where you are because under the two the two top drawers there is a big drawer with a box tied with string, use the cutter and take the eraser. While at the windows open and close the blinds until something falls, then go behind the drawers and take the yellow sword. Now go to the shelf and plug in the sharpner and use the pencil in it. Now go to the cream coloured closet and cut the red tape on a big brown box and take the tube. Then go to the shelf with the jewelry box and enter 9437 and take the blue sword. At the same place click on the steel box and tap your pencil and then your cutter to sharpen the pencil, now insert it into the hole in the steel box and open it to take a key. Now go back to the desk and use the key on the locked drawer to get the red sword. Now click on the plant next to the bookcase and use the tube to get the tape. Now click on the sheet to make it into a cone and then select the tape then tap the cone to put the tape on it. Then select the eraser, then tap the cutter and use it on the eraser, then tap the eraser and then the cone, to put it into the eraser then tap the tube and then the bullet to put it into the tube then go to the clock and shoot the key off, then go behind the bedside cabinet and take the key. Then go to the locked closet and open it with the key. When you open the closet you will see the re is a broken coat hanger, take it. Go to the left of the closet and move the clothes until you see a black panel. It’s a lock with slots. Put the red sword in the first slot, green in the second, blue in the third and yellow in the fourth then hit open. Take the rope, then tap it and then tap the coat hanger to attach it to the rope. Then go to the window and open it and use the hook to grab the step ladder, take the step ladder and put it to the right of the front door. Then climb it and open the window, then use the hook on the prop to stop it blocking the door and then use a key or simply tap the door to open it. It gives you the good ending. Hope this helps 🙂

    1. Dez

      Could you explainin detail how to put the swords together?

  73. Dez

    I need to know in VIVID detail how to put the sword together. please help

  74. mariah

    How do i get the tape

  75. Tina

    How come there’s nothing about how to put the swords together or how
    to put R->G->B->Y together? This isn’t a fully put together walkthrough people!

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