Escape Game: “The House of Distress”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The House of Distress”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Lesley

    What is the password for the shed!!

  2. roxanneeee

    so far i only have an iron pin… i need major help!

  3. Rox

    Lesley: it’s GARDEN make sure the letters are capitalized

  4. Lisette

    What do you use the hatchet for?

  5. d3m1s


  6. Teresa

    I need help Wat to do with metal rod and pin

    1. Rachael

      Put the two together which makes the tool to open the manhole

      1. fi

        how to find the pin?

        1. fi

          oh sorry for typo.
          i only got the pin, no rod, where to find?

  7. Roseblade78

    Where is the hatchet? I’m stumped after I opened the manhole cover. Theresa combine the two!

  8. stuck

    Combine metal rod and pin

  9. Wausau

    I’ve tried using all the possible 7, 8 or 9 roses multiplied by 32 combined with 6 lilies but I’m still unable to open the safe for it… Any luck with others? I was able to open the safe at the female statue with VIOLA..

    1. Roseblade78

      I think it has to do with the March 14 comment on the statue. I ‘m still trying too.

    2. Revital

      I did 7*32 and 6*6 and the password is 22418.

      1. d3m1s

        6×6=18???? The password is 22436

  10. Mira

    Only Bad Ending, any help there? Thanks

    1. Revital

      For good ending click 2103 instead of 2203 for last password

  11. Lesley

    Thanks rox that was a great help!! I’m now stuck
    On the flower key pad!

  12. Revital

    I don’t remember a hatchet in this game , there is one in delusional love.
    Here you have garden sheers

  13. Mira

    Thanks to Revital…..but there is a hatchet, use it on the baboo rod

  14. Mira

    The hatchet is in the red safe….need more info?

  15. tine

    Triangle circle quadrangle circle quadrangle circle triangle

    What is the number for the lion?

    1. che

      i tried to do this but nothing happened ..

  16. Roseblade78

    Fountain code? Please!!!

  17. tine

    Need red box code too, please help

    1. d3m1s

      I tried ROAD and it runs! Look at the arrow head symbol on the box. It is the same painted on the stone “road”

  18. Jill

    What is the code for the red box?

  19. Kiss

    Red box code: look at the stone pavement in front of the manhole. The grey tiles are the ones you have to press on the red box.
    What to do with the hatchet? I don’t see/have a bamboo rod. And the code for the lion?

  20. tine

    Red box: road

  21. Roseblade78

    I can’t figure out where to use the hatchet? I’ve tried chopping everything!!!

  22. Jill

    Thanks Kiss and Tine!

  23. Lesley

    I’ve tried everything! Still unable to open flower safe!
    Can anyone help me please!!

  24. Jill

    Flower safe is 22436!

    1. cheryl

      i tried the code for Lillie’s 22436!i its not working?

  25. tine

    What to do whith the hatched?

    1. Revital

      You use the hatchet on the bamboo stick and than combine the stick with the wedge to get the key that is ontop of the tree

  26. Lesley

    I’ve tried putting the block of wood everywhere! Where does it go??? Also how do you get the key out of the tree?!?!

    1. Jill

      Me too, i’ve tried cutting down the tree! HELP ME!!! Please!

    2. Jill

      Code 36024 on lion. Use hatchet twice on bamboo! Combine bsmboo and wedge. Get key!

  27. Ruby

    How do you open the lamp-post next to the locked gate?

    1. Revital

      You need to get the key ontop of the tree near the male statue

  28. Oren

    Where is the blue gem plz?

  29. Lesley

    Oren blue gem is under slab by fountain!

    Ruby the key appears in a green box on fountain when coloured crystals are in place

  30. Nicola

    Where is the bamboo and how do you cut the rope

  31. Wausau

    Nicola.. The bamboo is in the fountain.. You can only find it after draining the water from the fountain.. Then use the hatchet on it until it splits at the top. Then insert the block in between the split bamboo. Use that on the purple key on the the tree..

  32. tine

    Where are the yellow and red gem?

  33. d3m1s

    IΓÇÖve found code 7118 under the bench, but I donΓÇÖt know how to use it

  34. Fire clam

    How do you drain the fountain?

  35. Anne

    Bad ending 🙁

  36. Anne

    finish with good ending 🙂

  37. Nicola

    Arrrrr this one is doing my head in was doing so well. Can’t find 2 gems or how to drain the fountain please help

  38. Dawnmarie

    Where do u put the red valve?!?!

  39. Dawnmarie

    I cant drain the water!!! Help!!!!!!

  40. fi

    i cant find the rod, only have the fin

  41. Emily

    There’s a panel to the left of the lion on the left side…you use the code 22436 (7 roses x 36 from sewer and 6 Lillie’s x 6) that opens the door for the valve to stop the water and that’s where the bamboo is. The bamboo gives you a block which you cut the bamboo to place the block in to reach the key in the tree. That opens the box where the valve is (don’t forget to grab the red gem) then you need to code (time) from the clock which you use at the locked lantern (which is what the other key opens)

    1. Rachel

      I’ve keyed in 22436 and the wall disappeared and revealed a door, but it says “It’s locked.” Any idea how to unlock it? Thank you 🙂

  42. Dawnmarie

    Finally finished!! Bad ending?!

  43. cheryl

    OK i found the red and green gem or crystal however i still need to work the Lillie’s code

  44. Jhonson 75

    What is the code for the slab near the fountain ?

  45. rachel

    Anyone knows where to get the rod? I’m stucked with a pin. Thank you

  46. kelly

    Where do I find the metal road?

  47. redge

    i don’t know how or where should i use the red valve and the pin.. any help?? thanks.

  48. shikan97

    How can stop the water?

  49. ethil

    what is the code for the lamppost? and where can i apply the patter on the leaf and the board? please help me. thanks!

  50. Brooklnsmom

    Does any1 kno the code for the slap with the shapes and the code for the lamp post????? Please ill love u 4ever

  51. JizzAM!

    What does O=X mean?

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