Escape Game: “Tears Disappearing in the Night Sky”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Tears Disappearing in the Night Sky”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. stuck

    Ive gotten to the second room. Unlocked both safes. Unlocked drawer. Just left with battery, wire, phone cord, and ruler. Aaaaand I’m stuck. Trying to figure out the color code for the clock. But I’m clueless here. Feel free to comment back for hints, I’ll gladly help.

    1. kristy

      I’m stuck with the screw ruler and lever. Already used lever to open dresser then took it back. I don’t know where to go from here

    2. Emily

      Having trouble figuring out the two safe combinations

      1. kristy

        How’d you get to the second room? I need hints!

        1. Emily

          Ruler can un screw the tv which can be thrown onto the. Cupboard on the ground. The. telephone wire is your. Key to making it across the gap.

          1. Kristy

            I got those already… where do you get the telephone wire?

          2. Kristy

            I got those already… where do you get the telephone wire?

            Also did you figure out the color square puzzle in the clock?

          3. Emily

            Oh I thought that was the place the wire was it might be in the top drawer of the cupboard where it says help. When you get it think of it in terms of a lasso kind of thing The color clue. I have no idea. The hint for it is in the next room and I can’t make heads or tails of it and I still. Don’t know the lock combos for the two locks in the next. Room either

            1. Kristy

              Crap, I think i need a screwdriver or something to get the first drawer open. Any idea where to get that? Right now I just have the lever, ruler and screw.

          4. Emily

            The ruler is the screwdriver

  2. Kristy

    Thank you Emily!

    I assume the safe is some form of 38245 but I don’t know what combination of those numbers it is. I broke a hole in the safe on the bed but can’t figure anything else out with that. Can’t read the color code, don’t know how to make it bigger. Don’t know how to get into the other side of the cabinet in the other room. Let me know if you get any of these!

    1. Emily

      There is another book behind the curtains. You need to check find a way to pull up the bag. From the hole in the ground by the safe. It complicates the number possibilities a lil

      1. Kristy

        Just found that book… crap. Can’t figure out how to get the bag up with all the stuff I have. Stuck!

        1. Emily

          I believe you just bend the wire and combine it with the telephone wire

          1. kristy

            Have you figured out the box with the hole or the code to the other? Or the color puzzle?

          2. dzaifiya

            where did you find the wire? please help me..

  3. Andy

    I am stuck at around the same place as everyone. Entered 2nd room, got ruler, telephone line, u tube, lever, magnifying glasses, mobile phone. Grateful if I can get some tips for opening the safes. I am also stuck at the colour code. Very confusing.

  4. need help

    Ok when you get the bag use one of your tools
    to open the zipper on the bag to get the magnifier
    glass to see the color cold for the clock stuck there

  5. Empty

    Hope this helps. Do u have phone and battery? If yes, put battery in , tap screen until u see color chart. ( I wrote down chart on paper so I didn’t have to keep going back to phone). It took me like a minute to get open,move pendulum I think it’s key or something..LOL

    1. Andy

      Hi Empty thanks. I don’t have battery yet. I presume it is in one of the boxes /safes in the 2nd room? Can I have some hint as to how to open them?

      1. kristy

        Where’s the phone and the battery? I’m stuck on both boxes in the second room. Empty you are a life saver by the way haha

  6. Andy

    Kristy the phone is in the bag. Use the wire to open the outer part of the bag (the compartment with zippers)

  7. Empty

    Hi Kristy, attach phone cord/hook to fish out bag in 2nd room left of bed in floor.(. U also lift out a safe)Use ruler to fish out the phone.attach the lever to flaslite and turn to shine. Shine it on rubble in 1st room to get coin. Back to2nd room use pipe to break box on bed, insert coin to get ashtray.put that on sill and go back to 1st room go right insert lever in hole right of wardrobe turn once open to get screw. Back to 2nd room get ashtray which has water in it. Pour on top of safe u took out of floor by suitcase u see codes. Key in 30939 to get phone battery. Hopefully this all will work for u guys. By the way, have u played wandering memories? I barely remember illusion of bottles. I think either u need a wine opener or hammer to open red bottle. It’s been quite a couple of months on that I dont have in my favorites anymore and don’t want to pay again.LOL…

    1. kristy

      I think wandering memories is just for iphones cus I haven’t seen it. All I can get in illusion of bottles is a harpoon and screwdriver which both do nothing. Been stuck for weeks haha

      Hmmm can’t find flash light.. is it in one of the zippers too?

  8. Andy

    I am also puzzled as to where the flash light is. Thanks.

  9. Empty

    Use wire to open drawer by bedside. Use magnifying glass to see color pattern inside book .The code to open large safe in bedroom is 36686. U should be able to open and get lol….

    1. Immo

      Code for large safe works, but please tell me how exactly you figured out these five numbers i don’t have a clue. Thankx(sorry for my english i’m german 🙂

      1. Empty

        Hi Immo,

        36686 as follows(it took me awhile and some help) it makes sense.
        Books and bottles u find have colors and #s. As well as a paper behind the letter P on wall. In bedroom, in bedside table there’s a book,use the magnifying glass to see colored pattern.(start at top left #1 and go clockwise), see colors of 1,3,5,6,8. Match to #s u just found. U should get the above code…LOL..

  10. Empty

    OPPs. U should get flashlite……in large safe. Sorry. I’ve only slept like 4 hours after working 6 out of 7 days…

  11. Andy

    Empty, that’s brilliant. Thanks.

    1. Empty

      Hi Andy,

      I’m here just like u guys are to help each other. That’s what friends are 4. On that note, have u played an older game by IDAC, called Wandering Memories? I’m so stuck I’m ready to rip out my hair. I can’t find help . Let me know plzzz.

  12. natasha

    Really stuck here I’m first room still lever won’t open dresser and can’t get across hole in floor I have telephone wire ruler and lever please help

  13. natasha

    I now have the u bend pipe thing also and am in the second oom can’t figure out what the hell to do can’t open large safe have smashed a hole in safe on bed but thats it don’t know how to get bag out of hole I have no hook to put with telephone wire please help

  14. damian

    Color #1 I know 2,3,4,5,6,8

  15. anna

    pls help,i have a ruler,telepone wire,U tube,lever and a do i to get to the second room?

    1. mustafa

      Use utube to get box inside the wall.

  16. dzaifiya

    where did you find the wire? please help me..

    1. zizie

      Finally I found the wire! It’s under pillows

  17. ladywiz

    Found ladder what do I do now

    1. mustafa

      Fix it and escape from balcony

  18. RDS

    If anyone is there, can you please tell me how to get in the second room. I know it’s probably really simple but I’m stumped.

  19. RDS

    Never mind. Found chest inside “help” wall and got it out with u-shaped pipe.

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