Doors & Rooms: Walkthrough

Doors & Rooms
By: Gameday Inc.

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Stage 1-1: Tap on the door to open it, then go through.

1-2: Unlock the lock on the bottom of the door, then open it.

1-3: Pick up the hammer. Use it to break the glass. Pick up the key from the broken glass (move the screen around to see it). Use the key to open the door.

1-4: Open the drawer and take out the egg. Dismantle it, then use the key from inside it to open the door.

1-5: Pick up the two items from the floor. Combine them, then put them in the hole in the wall. A device will roll out with a key. Take the key and use it to open the door.

1-6: Take the piece of paper off the wall. It says “2531”. Enter he code into the keypad on the wall and take the key from inside. Use the key to open the door.

1-7: Pick up the box from the floor. Dismantle it and read the note. The door opens in 30 seconds, but you now have an active bomb on you. Stuff it in the freezer and it will go off, the door will open and you can exit.




1-8: Look at the clue on the floor, then use it on the keypad to open the door:



1-9: Light up all four tiles on the ground and a chain will drop from the ceiling with a key on it.




1-10: You need to remember the symbols and numbers on each of the keys you found:





Put those numbers in the keypad to unlock the door:


2-1: Press the buttons until the full word “OPEN” is visible.

2-2: Look at the calendar on the wall, then press the red button until the door opens.


2-3: Keep pulling the lever until you get three keys to match up.


2-4: Turn off the lights to see other designs on the wall. Combine the red and blue to get numbers to open the door.




2-5: Somehow I already had the key in my inventory. Possibly a bug? Just use it to open the door.

2-6: Tap on the rectangle above the door. Tilt your phone back so you can read the numbers. Remove all the numbers from the sequence that are on the door. The numbers you have left are the ones that will open the door.




2-7: Tap the bells in this order: 7234561

2-8: Pick up coins until you find one that matches the picture on the door. Use the numbers on that coin to unlock it.



2-9: Press START, then press STOP exactly 3 seconds later.



3-1: Open the box on the floor and take the spray from inside. Use it on the license plate to see four numbers.





Use those numbers on the combination lock to unlock the back door of the ambulance. Then take the crowbar from inside.




Use the crowbar to open the front door of the ambulance. Turn the key in the ignition to see the lights on the back of the ambulance. Use those lights on the keypad by the door to unlock it.





3-2: Find the CD on the shelf. Dismantle it to get it out of the case, then put it in the computer.




The equation on the screen is telling you to find the items on the shelves and use the numbers to find the password. Use the bookshelves as a grid and you get these four numbers:





Add up the first three, then subtract the last one to get the password for the safe on the shelf. Take the key from inside and open the door.


3-3: Open the drawer and take the ID card. Take the clipboard off the desk. Examine the ID card and enter the last four digits on the bottom into the combination lock on the suitcase to unlock it. Take the USB drive.





Put the UsB drive in the projector to see a picture of a skeleton with four parts of the body highlighted. Enter those words into the larger keypad to get a piece of a spine.







Place the spine on the podium and the shadow will reveal some numbers. Enter them into the smaller keypad to unlock the door.



3-4: Pick up both pieces of the cue stick and combine them together. Pick up all 5 square chalk pieces and the piece of paper from the garbage. Then use the cue stick on the ceiling to get a coin to drop. Put that coin in the soda machine to get a can. Open the fuse box on the wall. Use the clue from the can and the five chalk pieces to match the numbers and letters to the colors. The TV will turn on. Use the piece of paper with the TV to get the code for the door.








3-5: Pick up the scalpel. Pick up the x-ray from the sink. Pull down the sheet to reveal a teddy bear. Cut open its chest with the scalpel. Put the x-ray on the wall next to the other x-ray. Look at the heart monitor. Figure out the averages for red and yellow, then enter them into the bear’s heart to get a key card. Use the key card on the keypad by the door and enter the code “PUSH” (not sure why) to open the door.











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  1. cahlin

    Completely stuck on level 2 – 6 someone plz help

    1. Rosangela

      I’m also stuck on the same level. Can anybody help me?!! Pleaseeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

  2. thekimeffect

    Is this game available for iPhone or is it android only?

    1. cahlin

      I’m pretty sure it is avaialble for iphone as well I myself have android. It was actually pretty hard to find I had to really look for it definately not very popular yet and just released on android on the 2nd

      1. thekimeffect

        Well I have other games from this developer and it wasn’t listed. Oh well, it should be out soon then. Thank you cahlin. 🙂

  3. carl

    I can’t get through 3-3 on doors&rooms, anyone have any answers on how to beat it?

  4. katy

    Can you help me with level 2-4.tnx

  5. cahlin

    For level 2-4 ur supposed to check the hint in the light and in the dark and u come up with 2735. If anyone has gotten passed 2-6 yet I’m still stuck there plz help. I’m short on coins so I can’t even just get the answer from the game. Lol

  6. katy

    cahlin tnx. i figure it out. advice for 2-6 is tilt the screen, you will see something amazing. But i dont see it.

    1. cahlin

      Yea I don’t see it either can someone plz just give me the solution I give up!!!

    2. Andre C

      The answer is 5693 (what u have to do is tilt the screen all the way forward when u are looking a the lines in the box. You will see the numbers, put in the numbers that are NOT on the door.) if u follow the directions carefully you will see it.

  7. cahlin

    Nevermind now I’m stuck on 2-10

    1. Raven

      Yes I’m stuck too what are you supposed to do with the weights? I’ve tried ‘balancing it’ (I put 4 and 4 on the left and 2,2, and 4 on the right so it’d be 8 on each side without the middle and inner right weight being heavier than the far right. I’ve also tried other variants of that but none of them work. :/)

  8. debbie

    2-6 is 5293

  9. Janice

    What about 1-8…with the skull on the wall…I’m stuck

  10. Karly

    I need help with level 2-2.

  11. Malzerodi

    Any one have the code on 3-2 the spreadsheet got me really confused

  12. ....

    Need help with 2-10.

  13. .....

    Anyone get 2-10 yet?

  14. anonymous

    does anyone have the code for the level with the skull on the wall that says Remember?

    1. Rosangela

      Remember the keys with the poker cards attached to them in the previous levels? Just go back and write the numbers down and the corrisponding seeds. That will give you the solution. Does anybody know the solution for level 3-3? Thanks

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Until this game is available on iOS, I can’t play. But if anyone wants to write a walkthrough (or partial walkthrough), I’ll add it to the post.

  15. katy

    code for level with sculls is 7239

  16. katy

    for 2-10 you have to put in from left to right 3-5-1-2-4

  17. katy

    level 3-2 code 3677

  18. katy

    in level 3-3 you pick up the chart on the table and the card from the drawer. code gor lock on the table is1485. you get usb which you put in projector then it turs on. on the big keybord you gor word brain ( starts 1st row 5th key), stomach (3rd row 1st key), liver (4th row 4th key) lunge (5th row 3rd key). You get spine that you put on dthe table by the screen… and then I’m stuck. Help

    1. stacey

      the shadow reads the number 31371 which unlocks the door

  19. debbie

    3-3 do everything Katy says and look at the shadow or spine right side u will see the # they r 31371

  20. stacey

    Anyone figure out 3-4. I know where the letters go with the colors just not the numbers with the colors. Please help???

    1. barry

      use the cue stick on the cieling to get a coin put that in the soda machine and get a soda can use that code with the chalk on the electric box, to lite the microwave and paper to get43158 to exit

  21. debbie

    3-5 can any one help me ty:)

  22. Rae

    2-7? I know it has something to do with the bells, but I cant get the sound to work!

    1. Raven

      For the one with the bells, you have to tap them in order of the lowest pitch to the highest. It goes: 1 6 5 4 3 2 7
      I hope this helps. 🙂

      1. .....

        its 7-2-3-4-5-6-1

  23. hannah

    3-5 need helppp!!

  24. Rae

    For 3-5

    pull back the sheet on the teddy bear, and cut it open with the scalpel you find on the table with the scissors on it. Pick up the x-ray from the sink in the corner and put it up on the backboard. After that, I’ve no idea.

    1. Raven

      For 3-5, I think I’ve figured out what to do: next to the bear there is a monitor that shows three rates. On the right side of the screen it states the average rate of the blue line, but the yellow and red lines’ rates are blank. You have to figure out the average of those lines’ rates and enter them into the device in the bear’s chest. Only problem is… I don’t know what the averages are, so I’m stuck. :\ If someone figures it out please tell me!

      1. wendo

        Avg on 3-5 is 90 75

    2. Sheggy

      Can’t figure out how to tie the rope on 3-6. Oye….. :(. And what is the necklace for?

      1. cahlin

        3-6 the necklace is for the blinds on the window. U need it to pull them up and u don’t need the rope till the end but its crucial to finishing the board.

  25. Maria

    Need help on level 3-7. Anybody figure out yet?

    1. Raven

      The code on the door is 697956 (the last three or four may be switched; I didn’t get a chance to memorize or write down the code completely before it kicked me out of the screen) I hope this helps.

    2. seif

      Find the piece of paper in the right cupboard
      U ll find that white cell = 3 pts black =2 wrinckled =1
      U have ro calculate the number for each patient
      Which comes aska 9 uj 6 sila 6 ruly 9 miro 7 max 5
      So final code is 697956

  26. katy

    rates in 3-5 are 90 for red and 75 for yelow.

  27. debbie

    Anyone have letter code for the door u swipe w credit card on 3-5

    1. .....

      its P U S H.

      1. Princessnluve

        Omgeez! I couldn’t figure that out! Was there a clue I missed???

  28. .....


  29. KasMc

    Use solution and cloth on red house in painting cut with knife enter pledge in laptop can’t get further

  30. KasMc

    Code is on the numerical keys on laptop get key open window an tie rope 2 radiator

    1. Sheggy

      Use the code in the laptop. (^^). Match to the numbers for lock in picture.

  31. KasMc

    3-7 get 2 bottles on shelf and 3 items inside drawer a blood sample inside the shelf on table and a note on the right shelf put 2 items on the microscope look the paper on table and use 3 bottles here anti a b and d youΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗ll see some blood changed into yellow look at both chart and paper on the table…
    Rh-0 its oj, A is ruly, B is miro, Rh-A is aska, 0 is max, AB is silla. Now look at the sheet how to calc the cells in blood. U see 12, 14 and 10. First type of cell count and multiply by 3, secound type multiply by 2 and third type by 1. So for where you see 12 is: 2×3+2×2+2×1=12. For 14=2×3+2×2+4×1. Got it? Now look into the microscope and count. All the best

    1. KasMc

      For those who want it simply 697956

  32. Emily

    Just wanted to add that the reason you tap “push” for the keypad is because you use the X-ray and mentally put it up against the 8888 above the door and you remove where the lines match up, it leaves you with PUSH

  33. Jess

    On 3-6 I can’t figure out the laptop code. I know it has to do with the window but I’m stuck. The numbers given above don’t work and I can’t see how the stuff on the window relates to numbers anyhow. Help!

    1. katy

      if you put left and right picture togehter it reas pledge

  34. Joy

    Has anyone gotten through Level 4-3? I am stuck. Please help.

    1. Nov

      Red equals 18, yellow and blue make green, and the hex bolt is for 6 [the one on the ceiling(pipe and hammer)]

  35. Nov

    4-4 hints please?

  36. Joy

    Using the binary system of numbers, the code is 8435.

  37. Joy

    Nov, have you gotten thru 4-6?

  38. Albi

    Anyone chapter 5 ( THE KINGDOM)

  39. jasim

    i am stuck with the kingdom..1st does the piano read? any one can say

  40. DayGuyYouKnow2012

    Please continue this page there a A LOT more levels and there EXTREMELY hard, at least for me they are!

  41. carles

    in 3-5, PUSH comes from the X-Ray, if you invert the 7-segment digits you get the word PUSH

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