Escape Game: “Star Sapphire”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Star Sapphire”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Empty

    This is much easier. I got done in about 30 minutes… Lol.

  2. Jenny

    Please! Need help with compass box…don’t understand frogs!

  3. anna

    The frogs hands=order to press buttons on painting. Empty can you help me out? I cant get the compass box or clock codes..

  4. kristy

    Completely stuck. Figured out frog puzzle but thats it. Only have pocket knife and cork. Help pleeeease

  5. anna

    Kristy set clock to a12:30. It wont click or anything but then open clock door. I was stuck here forever too.

    1. kristy

      Thank you!! did you get the safe code with all the symbols on the laptop?

    2. Lynn

      I have already tryed this and it didn’t work 🙁

  6. giggia

    How do you open the red jewel case? What is the note under the frog paint? Help please

    1. kristy

      For the red case, hit the red blue yellow green jewel in that order

  7. Sally

    I can someone give me a hint about the alarm code, i’ve got the clue on the backof the swipe card and the clue from the sofa. Is it linked to months of the year? Need a bit more help please!

    1. kristy

      The code for the alarm is 8114

      1. Cait

        It would be awesome if you could put how you came up with it? I found the code on the back of the card but do not understand how to get 8114 from it. I am assuming the letters stand for months.

    2. carla

      Can you help me? The code to open the big safe into the little room.

  8. natasha

    I’ve got the sommiler knife ruler and metal file but when i try to file the ruler it just says which parts should I remove really stuck guys does anyone know the code to the safe please?

  9. Kara

    Need help with the compass box..Please help!

    1. kristy

      They need to be S NE W SW. But you need to see the three clues first.. by the sink behind the bar, bottom shelf of bookcase and once you use the metal file on the ruler and use it to open the locked cabinet, you’ll find the last clue

      1. Cait

        Actually before you can open the compass box, you have to do a couple of other things if you haven’t already done them. Once you have the ruler (from the desk drawer in the second room),use it in the “slot” of the third column next to the clock. Open the door to the case set into the column, click in the pedestal the pendant necklace is on, and it will lift up to show the metal file underneath. Once you have that, use it on the ruler to create the key (from the pattern on the note behind the frog painting). This key will open the lock to the star sapphire case. That will give you the sapphire, and also the note with the directions for the compass box. THEN you can finally open the compass box.

  10. natasha

    It wont let me file the ruler yet what have I missed?

    1. kristy

      Did you get the clue under the frog painting? Once you put the star thing in the there you’ll get it

  11. natasha

    Where is the star thing? God I have missed a lot lol

  12. natasha

    Anyone know the combination to the big safe? I still have no idea about the star thing for behind the frog painting where is that?

  13. carla

    Can someone help me???? The code for the big safe

  14. Jo

    the code for safe is 4320

    1. Cait

      Again, it is really helpful if you can put how you came up with the code. I got the calendar and the club-diamond-heart memo, and the key on the computer, but do not see how they go together.

  15. Priroda

    I have a key of a ruler, but I don’t understand that they should open? What cabinet?

  16. Jenna

    Where is the ruler???? I am so lost

  17. Lynn

    How do I get the clock to work I have tryed 12:30 and I have tryed 12:00 which is what the paper is showing that I found PLEASE HELP

  18. Lynn

    I even tryed to open the door at 12:30 and 12:00

  19. Lynn

    Where do I even find the star thing at anyway?

  20. Lynn

    Never mind I finally got the clock to finally open

  21. kelcy

    Where do I get the knife and ruler? How do I get the green
    Jewel out of the bottle? How do i open the safe?
    Please please please someone help me!

  22. mari

    Can’t figure out Wat the star thing is behind the frog painting is… Please help.

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