Escape Game: “All Consuming Love”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “All Consuming Love”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Mal

    Has anyone managed to escape this one? I’ve been stuck for two days. Can’t figure out the code to the drawer in the second room. Help!

    1. McKinna

      I’m stuck on the drawer code too! Help! I tried all different combinations and cant figure this one out…

  2. KAYLA

    Hey, I know this thread was started a while ago, but I’m stuck! Can’t flip red switch in first room, can’t open 3 digit cabinet, and still don’t have a hose for the small piano in second room. Any hints or advice greatly welcome!

    1. chanz

      Got the bad end n I figure ill get the good one once I get the code for drawer in the second room n I’m guesing its something to do with the numbers. from the photo n letters, its all I got left … the hose is outside, use the drumtick to break the door window

  3. ak

    You have to put the drum stick and chair leg from the balcony together and tape it with the scotch tape to push the red button.
    For the last code in the room with the balcony at the desk- throughout you find letters 65 behind the calendar, 29 at the end of a letter, 4 at the end of another and 3 at the end of another. So 652943, and178 are the only numbers left so that is the code.

  4. maha

    Can you guys post a walkthrough. I read your comments but no luck.

  5. anie

    Im stuck with the safe with the levers,I manage to active both but can’t figure out the password,pls help 🙂

    1. maha

      The password is for the safe is NTKC.

      1. maha

        Hay do you now what to do next if so tell me please.

  6. anna

    never mind,i manage to escape with the good ending…

    1. maha

      Hay Anna what should I do next after I read all the text in the computer.

  7. maha

    Hay what should I do next after reading all the files in the computer.

  8. *GeMiNi*

    Look @ the 2nd file on computer n the piano keys. The letters that are not on piano is ur password to drawer

  9. Camz

    Cant find scotch tape, can someone please tell me..

  10. *GeMiNi*

    Scotch tape is in the red box with gem in the 2nd room

  11. Rui

    I take a knife and stick drum, but I can’t open the gem box, the door to the balcony.
    What to do whith 2nd piano and color books?

    1. dzaifiya

      where did you get the drumsticks and knife? I couldn’t find any.. please help me…

  12. maha

    You have to shine the red light on the gem from the robot.

  13. maha

    Hay anyone of you are playing ‘an inconcealable trick’ in am stuck at that one.

  14. adisha

    the light is not working on the box

  15. adisha

    plz help me

  16. maha

    You first have to find a drum stick then yes it on the door then go t the plant pot you will find a wire there put it on the small piano and click on the orange key which does not make a sound the look at the books above and click in the orange book and get a DC then out Irvin the pc you will get a hint how to open the box. Now you can open it.and if you want a bad ending don’t open the drawer near the guitar and for the good one open it.

  17. irishiz

    Where is the letter with the 3 on it?

    1. maha

      It’s on the glass door in the secound room you have to shine the robot’s light on it to read the second not is in the gem box

    2. maha

      It’s on the glass door in the secound room you have to shine the robot’s light on it to read the second note is in the gem box

  18. maha

    It’s on the glass door in the secound room you have to shine the robot’s light on it to read it and the second note is in the gem box

  19. dzaifiya

    please help.. where can I find the drumstick..? I’m stuck..

  20. shweta

    plz i need da guidelines from beginning til end

  21. Raquel

    Going crazy for days. Please where’s the drumstick

  22. nikki

    Where’s the pen to the computer

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