Escape Game: “The Ephemeral Cave”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Ephemeral Cave”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Empty

    All I’ve found to put in items is lighter. Moved the dresser to blockhole,lit candle to see hash marks on wall and hash marks on note in dresser. I’m stuck at this point…

  2. Andy

    Empty, I have completed this one. Next you can count the total no of hash marks and use the no. to open the drawer…

  3. Andy

    Oh and don’t forget to work on the bump on the ground after you have moved the set of drawers… this should be enough to get you started.

    1. Empty

      Thanks Andy,

      Ive got the girl doll,battery,rope and rods still. Do we do something with the dark opening left of the mouse one in the second room, or the rag on the table??? Thanks bunches…

    2. Empty

      Sorry, I forgot to see if u have figured the safe code in second room too. I don’t read Japenese or Chinese(or what ever it is).I spent like 30-45 minutes last nite playing with it. Couldn’t take it anymore so gave up…

  4. Empty

    Never mind I got it. But, now that Ive gotten a wrench where is it used? I thought the red like electrical box to remove the panel,NOPE.Or the big blue door NOPE… I guess I do better at 4 in the morning figuring out more than in the afternoon. I thought I had to work today so I woke up at 3am had coffee and looked at my schedule I am off with all my coffee I can’t go back to sleep. YUK!!!!! Thxs for helping…

  5. Andy

    Oh sorry I didn’t respond earlier. I had actually prepared a screen shot for you as I suspected you might not read Chinese (or Japanese). The wrench is used on the iron box. You would get a cross head screwdriver. You are almost there, but you may get bad ending a few times. I have yet to figure out precisely how to get a good ending (I’ve only got it once after getting several bad endings).

    1. Empty

      Hi Andy ,

      Thanks so much. You rock. I finally figured it out. I forgot I still had the box in my items. I tried 3 times and still get bad ending,I’ll just try a few more times. Wish IDAC had another new game or two out. They should release 2-3 at a time so we won’t be so bored. Thanks…

  6. Andy

    Empty, you’re very welcome. For the good ending, you need to shine the light into the mouse hole to get a message about the loser (forgot his name – Kaito?) wanting to dump his remains into the sea. The remains of him are actually with Saito, the person who helped him. You are supposed therefore to read the name card of this Saito from inside the carton box after reading the last note. The only problem I have is, I couldn’t get a good ending the second time even after doing all that.
    Yeah I wish they issue 2 or 3 games a time and for free!

    1. Empty

      Andy, Hi again,

      I wanted to know if u ever played an older one by IDAC called Wandering Memories? I can’t find walkthrough anywhere. It’s about where one sister disappears and her sister is locked in her apartment ,has orange sweater on couch and dirt spilled on the end table.Has like blu,yellow,green bulbs. Anything ring a bell??? Ive been at this for over a week and can’t figure what to do next. Thanks. I email Kristy a lot with us giving each other clues but this doesn’t ring a bell to her. Thanks again…

  7. Andy

    Yeah I remember that one. Please tell me what you have. I may be able to help.

    1. Empty

      Hi Andy,
      Ive used fork and rag already. I’ve got braclet(used the first time), batteries,green,blue,yllw lite bulbs. I see message on floor by table. I’m stuck. Can’t get the cord or something out of vent by bed.something about a red bulb can’t find and how do bulbs go (order in lamps).. Any help I’ll take. Thxs.

  8. Revital

    Can anyone help ? Where is a safe in the second cave ?
    I have the doll rope lighter scoop and iron box. I saw the drawing on the wall ( of boy and girl ) I can’t get the towl and the little shoes and can’t enter the black hole in the second cave. What do I do next ?

  9. Sticky

    Clean the doll by using the doll on the towel and put on the shoes. Take note of the char on the doll dress. That’s the password to the 2nd safe.

    Use the scoop or lighter (can’t remember which one) to get the drill from the hammock and charge it. Thereafter use the drill on the board next to the red door…

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