Escape Game: “Brimming With Jealousy”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Brimming With Jealousy”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. kristy

    Anyone start this yet? Cant open the safe

  2. kristy

    Can’t figure out safe or tarot card clue on the side of the bookshelf and how to use it or what the ice did by putting it in that thing

    1. natalie

      Safe puzzle cannot be solved until you have all the pieces of the headphones to listen to the TV so you know which book to start on. Use the one armed robot to open the car, then use magnet to get lighter out of TVs cabinet to melt ice. This gives the code to yellow box 🙂

      1. kristy

        Where is the cord for the headphones? I just got the conversion plug.

        1. kristy

          And I have the rusty cutter but can’t open the thing on the rug

  3. natalie

    Anyone know how to get good end?

  4. kristy

    Yellow box is 4964

  5. natalie

    To open cut on floor you need to swap the rusty blade for the new one in the pencil pot on the table. Then it will work

  6. Isabelle

    I listened to music, it says “orange book” but I can’t open the book or select the book to proceed. I need help.

  7. Jojo

    Anyone knows the combination of colors to open the box below the shelv?…

  8. Tiff

    I put the headphones together and listened to the stereo. It said orange book. But I can’t select or do anything with the orange book. What am I missing?

    1. Immo

      Orange book is starting point for book shelf riddle(look on the side of shelf) L: Tower 16 T: Chariot 7 R: Star 17. Move to the left 16, the 16th point is red book. Move to the top 7, 7th point is yellow book. Move to the right 17, 17th point is green book. I think you know what to do next. Have fun

  9. Jojo

    Thanks a lot! I am out!!!

  10. SherryBaby

    Does anyone know how to get a good ending? I’ve found all the items and have done everything I can think of 🙁 the only thing left that I could possibly use is the robot and I have clicked everywhere!! Help!!

  11. Emma

    What do you use the poles for ? I can’t worl it out.

  12. Rafael

    What do u use the pole for I need help 🙁

    1. cheryl

      Where do you find the pole

  13. SherryBaby

    Emma, they are to reach the box on the top shelf above the bookcase…I think…I can’t remember :/ lol. Still don’t know how to get a good ending or what to do with the robot if anyone is still playing.

  14. Sally

    I’m also only getting the bad end. If anyone has worked out good ending please post help.

  15. Sally

    Ok, I got it now, you just have to make sure that looking at the diary is the last thing you do before opening the door. = good end

  16. cheryl

    I dont understand what is the key use for

  17. cheryl

    Ive tried to tap on the orange book to no avail what iam doing wrong

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