Tesla’s Electric Mist: Walkthrough

Tesla’s Electric Mist
By: iCOOLgeeks

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Looking for the Chapter 3 Walkthrough?

Chapter 1:

1. Open the mailbox to get the front door key.

2. Read the note on the door, then use the key to open it and go in.


3. Once inside, go through to the kitchen. Get the hidden achievement and open the wooden case on the counter to get a brass key.



4. You can’t open the bathroom door yet, but you can go to the dining room.



5. In the dining room, take the pencil and use it on the notepad to get a clue. Then take the notepad. It will act as your journal, where you write down clues. Also take the lampshade from the left side.




6. Leave the room and go back to the main entrance. There’s a keypad near a locked door (the office). Use the clue from the notepad to unlock the door and enter.


7. Take the little iron key from the desk and remove the photo from the wall to reveal a safe. We’ll come back to it later. Also note the locked door and the typewriter that’s missing something.



8. Next, leave the room and go upstairs. There’s nothing to do in the right door at the moment, because you need a bulb first. Take the left door to the red bedroom. Get a hidden achievement and tape the photo of Tesla to get a clue for your notepad.




9. Now use the brass key to unlock the middle door to the library. Notice the puzzle on the table and that a book is missing. We’ll come back to this later.


10. Leave the house and turn right. There’s a fork in the road. In the center is a locked chest. Use the little iron key to open it and get a rope.




11. Go back to the fork in the road and take a right. Use the rope on the wood sticking out at the top of the barn and then climb up. Take the pliers and the nail from the dairy crate.



12. Go back to the kitchen and use the nail to open the bathroom door.



13. Make sure to get a hidden achievement by touching the mirror. Then get a clue for your notepad by tapping on the picture of flowers.



14. Go back to the office and use the pliers on the broken piece of key to open the closet. Take the roll of paper and the old brass key.



15. Place the roll of paper in the typewriter to get a clue:


16. Go back outside to the fork in the road and take a left to the chicken coop. Get the hidden achievement by tapping on the chicken sign. Then use the old brass key to open the padlock and go inside.


17. Take the light bulb from inside and then go back to the house.


18. Go upstairs and into the right bedroom. Place the bulb on the lamp and then the lampshade to get a clue.



19. Go back to the library to solve the puzzle box on the table. Use the clue from the lampshade. The first three pieces have a sun on them plus the other three symbols inside the sun on the clue ( planet, moon and star, three stars). The fourth piece is the planet with the moon and one star. Tap those four pieces to get some dice.



20. Go back to the office. Place the dice in the wall safe and change the dice to the numbers from the typewriter clue. Take the fancy key from inside.


21. Go back out and open the grandfather clock case with the fancy key. Move the pieces to match the clue from the flower painting. Then take the book from the drawer.


22. Go back to the library and place the book on the shelf. The bookshelf will move, revealing a hidden doorway. But first you need to solve the rotating tile puzzle.



23. Go through and there’s a machine with a date on it. Change the date to the one from the Tesla portrait and you’ll be transported back in time to 1899!


Continue to the Chapter 2 Walkthrough.

Looking for the Chapter 3 Walkthrough?

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  1. frank

    The 4123576 on the zylaphone doesn’t work in part two. Any ideas?

    1. donna

      the right order is, g r o y b w p, 2341576

  2. charlene mcclure

    Cannot figure out musical code on door to trading post. I have viewed it on
    you tube but the solution goes very fast. Does it play I’m a little teapot?.
    Great game would like to be able to complete it. I hope you are creating another game. Thanks

  3. Kaluisa

    What am I supposed to do with the box on the table in the library?
    Please help me!?

    1. k fly

      Having the same issue! Have you figured it out yet?

  4. Mthemordant

    You need to find the light bulb and put it in the lamp upstairs with the lamp shade. The light will cast shapes on the wall and automaticity be put in your notebook. Follow those symbols to open the box. The big symbol is on each piece

  5. Feathers

    I activated the red and blue and purple absorption boxes, but the mist is still purple and not changing colors to move to the next colored absorption box… What do I do now?

  6. Judy

    How do to open door in general store (29)? Please help me. Thank you.

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