Escape Game: “Recreation”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Recreation”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Tiff

    Ok… I have a frog with a crown, a paintbrush and bowl, a lighter, and a statue that’s hollow. I’ve used the solar panel on the train, and used the paper clip on the patio door. I’m stuck. Can anyone help? Please?

    1. metta

      Have you get the answer?

  2. Tiff

    Oh, and I have a piece of paper(?) with the square triangle. Checked the bottom of the frog, so I know where it goes. I need the other piece.

    1. Tiff

      Never mind… I’m out

  3. Tina

    I’m so far too. Can’t find anything else.

  4. Kate

    Me too!

    To the right of the armoir there is an equation you need to figure out. It’s dark down there so you need to use the lighter.
    But where does that # go?

    Has anyone found the screwdriver?

  5. Dan

    What statue that hollows?

    1. Tiff

      To the right of the armoir, down in the corner, is the statue and the equation. You have to use the flame of the lighter to see it. The answer to the equation goes in the left armoir drawer. But it didn’t work for me… I punched in a bunch of numbers, and 00 worked. Not sure why??

  6. Kate

    00 = 60 (minutes)

    1. Tiff

      Ah. Yes. Makes sense. I guess my brain was lazy with that part.

  7. Kateµö╗τòÑ2/

  8. prateek

    1) unable to find screw driver. Someone please tell that where is that bc Screw Driver is hiding.
    2) its a game created by WaveA, not by IDAC

  9. Revital

    You don’t need a screwdriver you use the coin to open the hatch ontop of the heater and find a hammer there. WaveA and Idac are the same.

  10. chen

    well.. i’m stuck with mirror and lighter. how to get the thing inside the mirror? i guess that glue to combine the statue and wings.
    any tips?

  11. Tvn604

    The coin goes into the drawer to get the other tile piece

  12. Tvn604

    After you break the eagle in the drawer you get press on paper for train tracks and code is spoilergreenredredspoiler for train

  13. citrus

    What is last password?

  14. Werrini

    Ok….the sun behind the frog is shining, as the moon behind the statue…I put the 3 objects in the right order according to the clue on the book,but nothing happened…what’s wrong?

  15. Werrini

    Oh, I got it….the sun shines behind grifon…not frog:D

    1. Werrini

      the last code is 2315….the position of the statues (231) and the first number as seen through a mirror(5), I suppose….?

      1. metta

        That’s right

  16. metta

    Fiuh, finally i get out now

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