Escape Game: “A Mischievous Wind”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “A Mischievous Wind”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. kristy

    I have an umbrella, blue block and key but I’m stuck. Help!!!

  2. Sticky

    Hi you can open up the flower box next to the jar where u got the blue bar by decoding the menu on the table.

    1. kristy

      Do you remember how to decode it?

  3. anna

    Look at it like a calendar with days of the week.

  4. Kristy

    Got it! I put the pin in the umbrella and now I’m kinda stuck again. Can I have a hint for the star, diamond, triangle, and circle puzzle with the apple, beet, and other fruit on it?

  5. Sticky

    There is a clue in the kitchen that says star is 1-B. if u refer to the color chart it’s green which correspond to cucumber. In the fridge the cucumber is +1 so u have to shift the panel for star +1 from cucumber pix which looks like tomato. Repeat for the rest.

  6. kristy

    Do you remember how to get into the kitchen?

  7. kristy

    Nevermind got into the kitchen.. still can’t figure out the sliding puzzle though or wine case password? I would assume it was TFKB but it’s not

  8. Sticky

    I can’t remember the answer but u have to shift the letters by x places. Clue is under the jar next to the stove.

  9. Sticky

    Sorry the above is for the wine password. To get the wine code u need to wear the glasses and look at the art in the first room. For the sliding puzzle. The answer is 4, 4, 2, 1. Tomato tomato brinjal and pepper.

  10. Julie

    Stuck – I do not get how to decode the menu! Any of you guys remember how?

  11. Cat

    I can’t open the wine door. I see MLOH in the picture but it doesn’t work. Help!!

  12. Calie

    Wine code is PORK.

    Where is the star rod?

  13. Maha

    Hay what’s the code for the ribbon box and where is the pin.

    1. zizie

      The code for the flower box is LOVE (see the back of menu like it’s a calender, beginning with day Sunday, and read letters mentioned at the center line of the blackboard). The pin is inside the flower box.

  14. Sarah Evans

    Hi anyone know how to open the wine door please?

  15. Sarah Evans

    Doesn’t matter I’ve just seen Calies comment which wasn’t showing before. Anyone know what i’ve got to do with the skewer? I’ve cut it with the knife but can’t figure out where to use it!

    1. zizie

      Put it in the oil jar.

  16. Stephani

    The star rod is between the fridge & wine cabinet. Use the cane to get it out.

  17. Stephani

    Finally OUT!! If anyone is stuck I can help.

  18. Maha

    Hay stephani do you remember the code for the star,diamond,triangle,circle puzzle with food on it.

    1. Maha

      Never mind read the above comment to find the code.

  19. christine

    hello can you please give the solution for the anchor quiz on the wall?

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