Escape Game: “End of Love”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “End of Love”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. anna

    I have a cross key and thats it. Stuck! Any hints appreciated.

  2. TazCat

    I have solved the grandfather clock puzzle, removed some wooden slats with the screwdriver, unlocked the bookcase, opened the big doors with the gears, solved the glass dome with the arrow buttons in the second room, revealed several roman numerals in different paintings (using water sprayer) and successfully turned on two of the red lights on the thing that looks a bit like a pneumatic tube. I have found a lot of clues but am lost as to what to do with most of them. Even when I know where a clue is to be used I can’t figure out what it means apparently.

    I’m feeling rather dense at the moment.

    Items I have:
    A blacklight flashlight
    A screwdriver
    A card key (used to open bookcase)
    A water sprayer
    A key (I think it was heart shaped and that I used it to unlock the black book inside the bookcase)

    1. TazCat

      I finally got the cross shaped key to drop down. It’s used to open a cabinet on the right hand side of the second room. There’s a piece of paper inside that you spray with water to reveal a clue and also a “safe” with a three digit code and a heart shaped button. Haven’t figured out the code for that yet.

  3. TazCat

    Finished and out with good ending.

  4. anna

    How did you solve the glass dome?

  5. Sam

    How do you open the bookcase please?

    1. Immo

      You need a keycard to open bookcase. It’s in second room, u have to use screwdriver on painting (right side beside cabinet)

  6. sanja

    does anyone know how to get the propeller, please???

  7. Mal

    What’s the solution to the grandfather clock puzzle? I’m hopelessly confused 🙁

  8. Maha

    An anyone tell me how does the crystal puzzle works I know the ans but stuck on how to get it worked.

    1. Maha

      Finally figure it out escaped with both endings,

  9. zsalia

    What’s the color code and what’s the code for the box with the heart on it? Can’t figure it out

    1. ayesha

      Colour code is pink-purple and green

  10. Tylee

    I’m stuck at the same place…the color puzzle and the heart box-code…I’m assuming the riddle on the wall next to the color puzzle gives the smart to the box with the heart on it, but no matter how I work it, the answer doesn’t open the box- please help, so frustrated!

    1. ayesha

      Heart safe code is 302 I can’t figure out

      how to get good ending .

  11. Tylee

    gives the answer*

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