Escape Game: “The Empty Cell”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Empty Cell”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Teresa

    Does anyone have any help for me on “Pirate Adventure: 2” by Nevosoft? I don’t need a walkthrough, I’m just stuck on Level 12-5 task “Repair the Figurine”. If anyone has played this game, please help me…..I play on my Kindle Fire.

  2. Lisay

    i have spoon & spray… now what? i’m stuck help please

  3. claire

    spray??? I need code for diamond safe

    1. Lisay

      spray like a bottle perfume, get behind the mirror

  4. claire

    i have perfume bottle and wrench but cant get wrench to work

    1. Lisay

      where u get wrench ?

  5. claire

    diamond safe

    1. Lisay

      please tell me code for open the diamond safe… thanks

  6. claire

    the numbers are scattered around the cell 3478 then there is a piece of paper hidden under the quilt sayin the guard doubled it so you need to do 3478 x2

    1. veila

      what the code number -_-

    2. Michael Jansen

      I don’t check this with the diamantcode please help me

  7. Lisay

    combine wrench and spoon and use to open ring

  8. claire

    how did u combine them

    1. Lisay

      good… i’m escaped 😀

  9. claire

    i worked it out lol

    1. Cait

      I’m all excited, this is the first IDAC escape game I have completed without having to use hints…I guess after a dozen or so you finally start to figure out how they work even if you aren’t brainy enough to get them from the first. I just wanted to post this because, while it is wonderful that there is a full walkthrough here (Lord knows I have had to use them plenty), this is actually one that follows their normal traits closely enough that if you stick with it, you can probably escape without much help.

  10. claire

    what do i do with nail!??

    1. veila

      where’s the nails? and magnet?

  11. claire

    whats the magnet for

  12. claire

    im out lol 🙂

  13. Lisay

    good or bad ending? do u play bride of death? i’m stuck

  14. Himanshu

    What to do after getting the handle

    plzzzzzz help

    1. Lisay

      attach the handle to the faucet and fill sprayer with water

  15. Himanshu

    where is the sprayer

  16. Himanshu

    plz give me the full walkthrough…….

  17. Himanshu

    and happy new year 2@13

  18. Mal

    I’m really stuck with this one. Only got the spoon…Everything I tap on just says there is nothing of importance here! Help please!

  19. michan

    Where can i get the magnet? How can i use the nail? I’m stuck and the only item left is rusty nail?

  20. giovanni

    Help! I got magnet,hammer,nail,filled sprayer… What i gotta do?

  21. Jane

    Is anybody here? Heeeeelp, please! I got spoon and wire, and that’s all… everywhere I tap it says “Nothing interesting”! I even can’t go to the mirror! 🙁

    1. Mal

      Straighten out the wire by sticking it into the floor crack next to the toilet. Then use it to get the key off the hook in the next room and use the key to open the barred door

  22. Josh

    Stuck towards the end (I think). Don’t know what to do with the magnet and can’t get that key inside the small hole. Hints, anyone?

  23. Chloe

    I have no idea what to do ihave the sppon thats it

  24. Roberta

    Tap on and around the bed, under the bed is a wire that you can get to get the key through the bars. Just keep tapping around, things move. It’s frustrating at times.

  25. shaheer

    This is how I finished the game….

    Escape The Empty Cell – Walkthrough

    Get spoon from under the bedsheets.
    Unscrew a wire from under the bed.
    Plug wire in the crack near the flush and straighten the wire.
    Get key with the help of wire.
    Use this key to unlock the door.
    Take hook from beside the shelf.
    Attach hook along with other hooks hanging on the wall beside the mirror.
    Turn the hooks based on diagram in the lower compartment of the table beside the flush.
    Get sprayer from behind the mirror.
    Turn auto lock off.
    See crystal symbols in various places in the cell and note down the numbers written in them.
    See the order of crystals from the black book on shelf.
    See a note from underneath the bedsheets.
    3748×2=7496 is password for crystal box.
    Get wrench, attach it with spoon and open bolts of table besides flush and hook to tie prisoners with.
    Get piece of wood with notches.
    Stick the wood in the hole on the side of the drawer to open it and retrieve handle of wash basin.
    Open tap to fill sprayer with water.
    Spray water on bricks beside bed.
    Remove the brick behind table next to flush with spoon and get a nail and a curled up note.
    Open golden box with nail and get hammer.
    Break brick next to flush with hammer and nail to get key.
    Break brick beside bed to get pendant.
    Get thread from pendant.
    Open the wooden closet with key.
    Get magnet from behind cardboard box.
    Get key from hole underneath papers on bottom-most shelf using magnet and thread.
    Use magnet to turn off security prevention system placed in the bottom drawer of wooden table and use key to escape. If u turn on the system u will die while escaping.

    Congratulations…you finished the game… 😛

    I haven’t been able to figure out one thing though…There is a symbol in the wooden cabinet behind the blue shirt…Can anyone tell me what’s that for!

  26. ish

    how can i use the spoon to the brick if after i finised removing all the bolts, it cant be used again. so unfair. do i have to repeat it again? argh!

  27. ish

    hi how did you manage to break the bricks if all ive got is a peace of rusty nail.?thanks!:)

  28. rusty

    Click Open thé Bolt with spoon

  29. kesha

    Heelllllppp how do you combine the spoon an wrench thanks yall

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