Escape Game: “Merry Escape”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Merry Escape”
By: WaveA (IDAC)


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Meowzer

    Anyone doing this yet?

    1. d3m1s

      I’m stuck too. I’m looking for last star piece. I can’t understand how to use liquor with spoon and ice cream glass.

  2. Sticky

    Same here. Do u know how to open the safe behind the green snow crystal?

    1. d3m1s

      I think using code on paper that appear using orange juice and lighter

  3. Sticky

    Ahh got through and completed.. Let me knopf if u need a hint.

    1. d3m1s

      How can I open green crystal picture?

    2. Tazza

      I’m stuck! I don’t know what White Christmas refers to. I can’t read the coloured circles behind the wall hanging. I don’t know what to do with icecream bowl and spoon or how to use the red, blue and green pictures with the buttons? Help appreciated!

  4. Jenn

    Where did you get the lighter? And how did you use the ice cream glass and spoon and kahlua?

    1. Jenn

      Ok I got it. Thanks.

      1. d3m1s

        Any hint for ice cream glass and spoon?

        1. Meowzer

          Where did you guys get the ice cream glass and the lighter. I swear I’m getting nowhere.

          1. d3m1s

            Using red, green and blue lights near right couch (where it says it’s too dark to sede), You’ll find lighter

      2. d3m1s

        How can I get Kahlua from the bottle?

        1. Meowzer

          Once you found the ice cream to put in the ice cream glass, just click on the Kahlua.

          1. d3m1s

            Ice cream… let’s try to find it…

  5. Konops

    You can find the lighter by light up the three markers. Red+blue+green=white light. The lighter is in the right corner of the table between the two sofas on the ground

  6. d3m1s

    How to use the 4 ice crystal pictures? I can’t find any clue…

  7. Sticky

    White Christmas Day is 1225. Click the pictures base on the color for the number

    1. d3m1s

      Tnx! I got it with your help!

  8. Fire clam

    I only have an orange, phone and some sums 🙁

  9. divyne

    I got the door to light up by and using that found the safe behind the green picture but I can’t get it to illuminate by the couch so I can get the ligher?? I have tried R+G+R+B+G and R+B+G and R+G+R+B+B+P trying to get the white aspect of the hint on card…can anyone help with the order or special instructions on how to get the lighter??

  10. divyne

    Look further back into drawer to find spoon which will lead you to markers….I was thinking markers were the buttons

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